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 Is this love??  [13+]
Falling in love with someone, who isn't yours
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 The Confession  [18+]
This short story is a thriller!
He's the one that I adore. I'm lost in the arms of destiny and I won't give it up. I'm possessed by him. It's like I'm under a spell or in some dream world. I miss him every time I'm not around him. It drives me crazy. When i see him i run outta words to say.
I've Fallen hard for you baby! I don't know why. I know that it has to be everything about you. I love the way you kiss me, I love the way your touch is so gentle but at the same time its rough...I like it. Your eyes and the way you look at me; tells me everything that you want to do to me and with me.You make me smile every time i see you; and every time i think of you; it makes me want to just run up to you and kiss you for as long as we can. I'm falling in love with you!
Let dark fill the sky.

Listen to the children scream as the lights dim.

Watch the lighting fill the sky.

While lighting fill the sky, listen to the thunder, and feel it threw the walls.

Then you hear a clatter, the walls fall all around you.

It's dark now and you can't hear anything because you dead.
What do you hate most?
Life or Love,
For me it's both.
Life gets harder and love is tough.
For love, you love someone then you love another and then your confused and don't know what to do.
What do you want most?
Life or Love.
For me I still want both.
I want a long life, to be loved and to love another, but like I said you get confused with love because you love another and then someone else comes along and you think you love that one as well.
You get confused about love.
Not life...love.
I'm your shadow.

You don't know me, but I know you.

I follow you everywhere.

You can't see me because in your mind I don't exist, but you exist in mine.

In my world you are the one who has the hard life, like mine, and I have the easy life, your life.

Then one day I come out of your shadow, and become you.

You live my life now and I live yours.

You're my shadow and you don't exist.
The heart is open to all.

The heart loves all.

Then the time comes when that person breaks promises, lies, cheats, steals, well, you get the point.

The heart hates.

The heart breaks.

Sometimes forgiving but never forgetting.

Sometimes giving so much love but

Never getting love in return.

The heart slowly DIES.
If I had a wish it would be to hear you say that you love me.

If I had a second wish it would be for you to hold me and never let me go.

If I had a third wish it would be for us to be together forever.
Tears fall from my eyes again

The love i had for you slowly fades away

My heart has been taken from me

Smashed into a million pieces

The pain will stay forever

The key to my heart is lost

My tears just won't stop

The love i had for you is gone now

The pain still remains
As time passes you by, there are the ones that you thought you loved, then there are others that you could've loved.
As time passes you by, there are the ones you had a crush on, but you really didn't know they felt the same for you.
As time passes you by, you realized that you could've been happy with that person.
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