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I'd tell my 10 year old self to stick to her guns was she is 17 about college. Don't cave like you did in real life!
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There you go! Enjoy *Smile*
Hope you are doing okay? Just wanted to tell you great entry in the Halloween Contest with your poem 31st of October. It was a really great poem. Wishing you safety in NY.
Greetings to a Fellow Brainstormer. Have a great Writing Adventure! Megan

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I see you're new to WDC,
There's nought for you to fear,
I'm stopping by to say hello,
It's great to have you here!

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Working on a story about a teenage girl who lives with her alcoholic stepmother; how the stepmom goes from being very loving to a drunken monster. I'd really like it if someone would read the 1st chapter or 2 and give me some feedback.

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