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I'm The Dark Faery *Fairy3*

Welcoming you to WDC.
Keep on writing.

from the challenge of Wonderland one step closer to white/red queen/king.

Howdy and welcome to WDC! Do you like writing challenges? I'm completing one for the Wonderland Challenge and "meeting" new writers. Do people in the South speak of spreading a little sugar? Well, here's some from me and my challenge. Tarts given to you from the Knave of Hearts.
Hello! everyone! It's my first day on here and I'm starting a book. I've wanted to do this project for so long and now I've gotten the courage to get the ball rolling. If you have time give it a read, I'm looking for as much feedback as possible to help improve this project.
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Welcome to WdC, SirZero! That's awesome that you are writing a book!

Just so you know, when you are new, you don't have any fans (friends), so very few people will see what you post on here. When people go to the Newsfeed, the default is their Personal Newsfeed. That just shows the posts of people they have already fanned or favorited (clicked the plus by their name). To see what EVERYONE has posted, you have to click the Community Newsfeed, but most folks don't.

You can start to make friends by scrolling through the community newsfeed (not sure if that's your default since you are new, but I would think so) and Like and comment on people's posts. You can also read and comment on (or even review) it's they've posted asking folks to take a look at. Interacting with others will help you make friends pretty fast and soon more and more people will see your posts. *Smile*

Welcome to WdC! I hope you have a blast here!
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