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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Here is a new short story, 1k word limit. All feedback appreciated. *Smile*
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Happy birthday Jimbo. *Grasshopper**CupcakeY*
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Thank you!
In case you missed it:

The Newsletter  (E)
The FSFS Newsletter is written by FSFS members covering everything Fantasy and Sci-Fi
#2019469 by David the Dark one!

Good stuff in there (Including an article from moi). *Smile*
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Even though I'm not a member anymore, I'll read it for the fun stuffies! Being an epileptic means my time on a computer is limited in case of fits!

Asha xxx
My heart has been broken. *Cry*

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Great! Is it sad that I can relate most of that to my favorite computer games? LOL!
Well done :)
Thank you! A computer game is a story, so I think it counts.
Having "Invalid Item nominated for a Quill Award took me by surprise. It really came out of the blue. Having this story actually win a Quill Award has me completely floored. I am honored and humbled and I thank all of you very much.
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Congratulations on your win!
I have made a decision and, because of that decision, I will not be as active this year as I have been in the past. I'm usually good for a contest or two each month, plus I've taken many workshops. I feel as though I have almost reached the pinnacle of what I can do and it's not enough. I seem to struggle too hard at the basics. If I am to realize my dream of publishing one day I need to fix that.

I went to college for a year but my heart wasn't into it and I wasn't a very good student. Frankly, I was bored. I got an EMT certification and never looked back. That was many years and several babies ago. Those babies are grown now and I staring at 50 coming down the road pretty soon. I've decided to become a student once again.

Starting this summer I will be hitting the books hard, seeking a degree in English. Right now I'm boning up on my algebra. Some of it is coming back to me but most is a re-learning experience. Unlike 30 years ago, I am now an eager student and excited about continuing my education.

What this all means is I will have limited time to construct stories and poems. All my writing projects have been put on hold. The next four or five years will be busy to say the least since I will also be working full time. I will still maintain my account here and will be jumping in when I can.

I think this is the longest update I have ever written.


Well done on a positive decision for improving your life and hope you will have much success this time round. It's never to late.
Go get your dream Jimbo.
~Alexi~ *Bird**Heart*
Yeah for you! I am 70 and I took a college course from the Institute of Children's Society in Pa. After over two years, maybe more I got my college degree with six credits. I was beside myself with happiness. You go for it. When you get older you really get into your studies. It means so much more to you.

God Bless,

Lynda with a Y
One more thing, you keep us updated and WDC proud.
This piece was nominated for a quill award. Please give it a read and tell me what you think. My intention is to publish it, so any and all feedback is appreciated. *Smile*

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Somehow, I have made the Quills nomination list. I do not know who is responsible but you have humbled me. I am sincerely thankful. *Blush*
I've been away dealing with the holidays and relatives and I plan to be back soon. I was surprised when I checked my account today to learn I one the first ever "Fantasy and Science Fiction Society's "Thrice Prompted contest with this little piece:

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I am so delighted. *Bigsmile*
A huge thank you to williampadgett for decorating my port!!!

Something new. *Smile*

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Merit Badge in CSFS
[Click For More Info]

Winner of The Great Hall of Contest by  [Link To Item #coffee]  with  [Link To Item #2013960]
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Farewell to thee, friend CSFS. It's been fun and challenging. I'm definitely looking forward to the new FSFS group.

Wait... Now what do we have here?
"Thrice Prompted

Congratulations, Jim! *Delight*
I've taken a break from my novel writing to honor the last round of the "Invalid Item. As many know, the "The Coffee Shop for the Fantasy Society is soon to close it's doors to make room for a strip mall. (j/k)

This is my entry: (feel free to review)

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I'm excited to see what we can make the new *AlienGr*-FSFS-*Dragon* group into.
Looking forward to reading your entry. I've not actually publicly announced the CSFS closure outside of the group. Not that it's a secret, more that I forgot!
HA! I'm used to being the last one to know anything.
A friend of mine showed this too me. I'm not sure yet if I will enter it, but I want to put it out there to the group:

Saving Endangered Species Int'l Playwriting Prize

You write a 10-Minute play about an endangered species and submit it. They even have a "How-To" on writing it with format examples.

From the website:

*StarP* 8-10 plays will be selected for a Staged Reading at a California theatre, with an award of $100usd for each play. Multiple playwrights/Translators on a single play will divide the award equally (unless they request a different division). The audiences’ “ticket” will be a donation to a specified non-profit Wildlife Conservancy. There is No Entry Fee.

*StarP* Entries must be received by midnight November 30, 2015. Winners and Finalists will be announced by May 31, 2016 via e-mail and on the SES website. One submission per playwright. Plays must be in English, or have been translated into English. SES does not offer critiques

Go for it! *Smile* Heck I might even give it a whirl.
What have you got to lose, Jim? Good luck! *Smile*
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