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Happy Holidays
and Merry Christmas
My birthday is coming soon. So I can't vote. Please vote today!!! Make it a birthday present or don't.JUST GO VOTE IT IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK!!!!!! Find your voting location here:

And find who's running here: https://ballotpedia.org/
Thanks everyone for the reviews on The Human Condition Part 1!! I'll be posting the second part soon!
There is this girl. Let's say her name is Sarah. Now at first Sarah was nice. She laughed along with me on the first day of track as I ran more laps than I was supposed to. Then, she started being rude to my friends. I didn't ever notice till now. But she is rude. One day, about half a year later, I was playing piano in the Music Studio(Pachelbel). Her and her groupies were sitting in the lounge(we aren't aloud to close the door during the day in case of fire) and I guess she got irritated but she got up and closed the door. When I opened it and told them we aren't aloud to play piano she sent one of her friends to close it. My friend got mad and said that I was a good piano player(I've been playing since i was 17 and I'm 18 now) and she got mad and said that I was not even close to a good piano player. And as my friend went up to get a drink me and my other friend conversed over the events that had just happened. We literally thought she was a nice girl. Then when my friend came back, she told us that they were talking about us. Sarah had said that I was scary and weird looking and that she wished I didn't ride her bus. And that my other friend was just her boyfriends lover girl. She called my other friend tooth pick(Ya bootiful boo!!).This upset us. But skip a year, on our trip back from CWC(Central Wyoming College) we stopped at Pizza Hut and got pizza(Duh) Sarah kept saying me and my friend and the really nice new kid were pigs. We had only eaten 3 pizzas and had different plates(we arent allowed to use the same plate as the first time.) It was hurtful. But the thing is, in between both years she has manipulated me, talked about me and my friends behind our backs, called us crap, and says we are gross all in the between years. I just wanted to know if I should report her for bullying or something. Like she can't handle herself. She literally can not treat you with kindness unless you are popular like her.
singers/Bands you should listen to:
Jon Bellion
Highly Suspect
George Ezra
Twenty One Pilots
I'm such a retard. I misplaced my birth certificate and CANT find it and that means I can't get my drivers license and I have to have it by the 11th of next week because I'm supposed to be getting on a greyhound(I'm going to see AJR in Denver). I've been crying for hours because even if i choose to drive I still need license and that takes two weeks plus the 4-7 weeks for my birth certificate. Can anyone smart give me ideas? I've been planning to go see them ever since I fell in love with their music.
Yesterday during drumline, I jumped over the bars outside of the field, got my foot caught and fell flat on face in front of the music director. #myluck #FML
Um, how are the drums, though. *Laugh*
Feels like something I would have done.
Question: do people laugh or get awkwardly silent? I think silent is worse.
Same. He just looked at me and asked if i was ok. I would rather have him laugh at me.personally
Anyone know BASTILLE? If so, follow me, I always follow back. Also, does anyone know any good stories about the lyrics from this band? I always enjoy those
Do you mean something like this? Bastille  
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