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Thank you for the lovely well wishes from you all
for my birthday today and look what I got.
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I just heard the news! It's one special gal's birthday today and I just had to send a MB to celebrate! *^*hug*^* Merit Badge in Love Monkey!!
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   Happy Birthday, Alexi!!! *^*Heartp*^* Hugs, Lilli Merit Badge in Special Appreciation
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 Happy Birthday! We appreciate everything that you do here, so you deserve a special day just for you. I hope you have a fantastic day! Warmest regards. Sisco.

I am just trying to get back in the swing of writing as have been ill and still under Dr/ Hospital.
Prayer for good health would be welcome, please. I have missed you all.
Seascape poetry

Hope you feel better soon!
Happy birthday Alexi! I hope your day is filled with joy. Feel better soon.

Happy birthday Alexi!! Hope you feel better soon!!
*Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* *Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* Happy Birthday! *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir* *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir*

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Just dropped in to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Warmest regards, Sisco. *Heart*
Happy birthday!
Seascape poetry
"40 It's Time to Forget from "New Beginnings a Journey Written by Alexi.
Hey Alexi. haven't seen you around for a while! Hope you are okay *Hearty*

Oh, Lord, Please wrap your arms around this lovely lady and have her recover. I will miss you, my friend. I will be praying for your recovery.

Remember when we walked forever along the riverbank
the day we flew kites on the hill
jet skiing on holiday
oh and remember
Ice skating on the frozen pond
the snowball fight after the blizzard
drying out next to a log fire
wrapping Christmas presents
hiding in a field of corn
cycling to the beach
and cooking fish we caught
Seascape poetry
You are reminiscing today... *Heartb* Another beautiful poem with such words...
You guessed cubby... He was the best.
To my Valentine

Your beauty is so amazing
I want you to swallow me
so I can live in your heart forever
I want to fly with you
I want to touch your soul
or just sit by you and we smile at each other
breathing the same air as you
your words are heartbeats of your love
dancing in winds of the universe
together we make life worthwhile
Is this the dream I have always dreamed
every second with you is a beautiful feeling
I will love you forever
my man

Soul poetry
Oh, Alexi, this is amazing. Wow. Such lovely words...
Thank you, cubby. *Heartp*
As I climbed the crag
on ancient steps carved by Monks from another age
the minstral tore into my face like fire
reaching the summit a squall caught my breath
then a vortex gave me a sanctuary
as if the past
was whispering...
On the way down... my spirit is full

Hello there, Alexi,
I've just popped by to say
I'm hanging out in Wonderland
where everything's okay.
I'm writing my adventures
here inside this book,
and it would be the coolest thing
if you could take a look.

Wonderland Adventures  (13+)
A book for the Wonderland activity, January/February 2021.
#2242769 by hullabaloo22
Girl on a Journey to an Island  (E)
This story unveils some secrets that have been buried for too many years.
#2243024 by Alexi