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I watched a book review the other day. It was a horrendous book. I would be doing you a disservice if I told you which one it was.

Among the many issues the book had, one of the biggest ones was the fact that the main character was literally omnipotent. There were no stakes, no suspense, no excitement whatsoever because the protagonist could simply wish away the issue.

It got me thinking though, I wonder if it is even possible to execute such an idea properly. There have been plenty of omnipotent side characters or even antagonists before, but I have never read a story with an omnipotent protagonist. With an omnipotent protagonist, would conflict even be possible? It seems to be against the basics of storytelling. How can you have a story where nothing goes wrong?
Hi! What an interesting question!

Perhaps the conflict arises because the omnipotent protagonist has some internal struggle. Maybe they are conflicted about using or not using their power. Or they used it wrong and saw people get hurt. Maybe they realize their issues are not the same as everyone else’s and they have a moral dilemma about whether or not to use their powers for their own benefit or for the benefit of humanity? Can they manipulate time and space as well? If not, everything that has happened already cannot be changed, so the omnipotent protagonist can have regret or consequences for their actions. You might even explore the idea of fate and destiny - What would an omnipotent character feel if the future is already written?
I had a terrible headache yesterday and it inspired me to write a short story about it. Thankfully the headache is gone today. Oh boy, it is much more difficult to write a story with a headache than I thought!
I had an idea written down in my notes, it was literally just "infinite wolf steaks". No clue when or why I wrote it down but making something of it was fun, if not a bit challenging. Still, I wonder what I initially had in mind.
I'm glad you figured out something for it. It's an interesting prompt.
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