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Look at life like in a past one you didnt give Hitler what he needed to be a more positive guy. Love!
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Actually the man was raised with love. He made all of his choices all by himself. It was the Parkinson's that drove him up the wall.
A lion lurks through the storm of the witches wardrobe for he knows, I AM is the alchemist creating the lion, the witch, and the devil like a storm on his stove.
If I am to be a butterfly or a swan,
Shouldn't I be a cattapiller that thinks alot.
About the other side of ponds that look like oceans,
Or at least refer to the skys when thought.
I suppose I'll just keep my ugly fluid forward cattapiller motion,
With the notion securely in my mind.
When I become my best from a bug to a bird,
I'll bet your merkaba I'll know how to fly.
When a seer tells a zombie duck,
And zombie says that's just your imagination.
And now the zombie only has half a head,
He should have known I told him out of seer love,
Infj seer still loves you half head dead zombie fred.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
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When the time rolls on,
And you know it not to exist.
I fine joy in the twist,
I rolled into my experience.
Meditation with the intent,
For my pineal to produce.
An aboundance of spirit molecule,
Then it's time to reduce.
Any negative vibe,
Coming into my field.
For when the setting comes right,
An my mind tight ready to reveal.
I get ahold of my favorite strain,
Match to my own vibration balance in frequency so my plant dosent complain.
Once I feel the kick,
From a angel on my shoulder wispering with a thump.
I meditate high as I can,
With intending on a dump.
All my questions answered on organic D.M.T.,
From a self induced pychedelic BASE JUMP!!
Infj seer of souls
Hyeoka empath
Shamanic archtype
Cannibis an pineal
+ Sprituality
(Vibrational frequency of
7 Hermetic Principles
Simulated REAILITY theory
(Quantum 2 marble experiment)
Gary Lite
David Icke
Teal Sean
Delores Cannon
Victor oddo
Arron Daughtry
Elon musk
Nicola Tesla
Slowedaddys awakened ones freakshow
Leapheacuns have eggs?
It would appear I have a message,
One I may want too pass on to you.
It's one the holds a power to create,
So there a responsibility in the screening I do.
First you must see the purpose,
Of why I hold it in it's purest.
Take the test,
Be confident enough to contact me to fill you in on the rest.
It's only the small steps in your journey you take,
That make the big benfits feel like you certainly deserve it.
It's very quite. So quite my ears are ringing like cymbals. I used to tell my mom when I would go to leave the house that I was going to find my real parents.
Waking up today was a challenge. I thought do I really want to do this. Is it worth it. But I had to pee so I got up anyway
So I'm in a box. Not cardboard but close enough. Vain and in Vegas (where I was only passing through) I now reside. So odd how things work in the desert. I think the heat is harmful to the head. Such bad decisions at each open opportunity to go out of the way to do wrong. I should have never sobered up my life. Things would at least be enjoyable. I've never tried heroin. I hear its abundant in this sand box. But so are prostitutes. Never tried one of those either. I'd probably be more interested in the harletts heroin. Good god you should see this one, track marks in her neck and teat. I'm sure she is money well spent but so was a Saturday night cinema showing of the Exorcist. Hey, they both vomit green. What a ah ha. I don't know if this will surface. This splinter in my typing finger. So much needs to be said before I'm dead but it seems the only voices heard are just in my head. Hope I don't work myself into being homeless at a McDonald's. I should have stayed a addict schizoeffective alcoholic. Life had more meaning. Not always my parallel intents but do you know how often coring the greyhounds out of my skull with and ice cream scoop was insinuated to me by myself in the last nine years. Hmm. What's for breakfast.
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