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Many thanks for the kind cNotes, messages and reviews on my 11th WdC Anniversary - you all made it a lovely day. *Heart*
I'm glad it was a lovely day. You deserve it.
What a crazy year!

So my teacher training is coming to an end...

*BackpackB* ~ *Scholar* ~ *BackpackB* ~ *Scholar*

It's been amazing, it's been hell.
It's been hilarious and swell.

Putting on a show, teach them something new.
Do they learn or just ask for the loo?

Cool is not good enough, it takes a special trick,
If you get it right then the lesson is proper 'sick'.

"Tuck in that shirt, where is your tie?"
"But Sir, it's hot, you make me wanna die."

"Sir, Sir!" Oh, finally this is it. A question, a query.
Some newly understood theory.

"My mouse don't work."

*BackpackB* ~ *Scholar* ~ *BackpackB* ~ *Scholar*

Yesterday I secured a teaching job at a small school. Lots to do now to prepare for September!

Hope everything here is ticking along nicely and that life is treating you all well *Smile*
Welcome back to writing. I liked your poem it fit the occasion. I'm glad you found a job teaching. It can be rewarding no matter where or what you teach. I guess in a way I am very lucky. I get paid to stay home and write. But the minute I actually make any money with it then they take it all away until next year. Next year I turn 66 and will be officially retired. Then I can make money and all I have to worry about is taxes.
Oh when did reactions appear? Very cool.

I like 'em!
2-ish weeks ago? *Laugh*
They've always been here. Where have you been? *Pthb*
*Dragon* Apparently it's my 10 year anniversary today.

Guess that can only mean one thing

... Time to sign up for Game of Thrones !

If there's still space that means I'll be needing this again

A sig for my reviews and posts during the GoT event
Happy WdC Anniversary!
Oh golly, this is quite a surprise. Happy Anniversary and it's great to see you back here old friend. *Wink* *Whistle*
Happy anniversary, and yes, I believe I still have a space
YAY! 10 YEARS! *Smile*
*Suitcase* Interview for my first choice course tomorrow.

Success will earn me a placement in September for the twelve months of training necessary to earn my:

*Tackb* Qualified Teacher Status (QTS),
*Tackg* PGCE - Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Important week! *Horseshoe*
Good luck!!
Good luck from a fellow Brit, Smee!

Asha xxxx
Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2016 is treating you well so far.

I've been very quiet recently, and that is likely to continue for the time being.

Back in early December it was announced that my job of ten years is being made redundant in a couple of months. I've been doing a lot of planning and reflecting and I've decided to use it as an opportunity to make a career change.

This September I'll (hopefully) be starting a 12 month Teacher training course that will see me as a Secondary School (12-18 year olds) Computing teacher for the start of the 2017 term.

Very exciting and a little scary.

I had my first day's experience in school last week - my first time in a school for 16 years - very surreal.

I'll be floating in and out - and should get emails within a day or two. If I don't respond straight away, apologies.

Happy Writing all *BigSmile*
Good luck Smee!
Looks like you're rolling with the punches and taking this opportunity to try new things, learn, and really stay positive. Awesome! Hope the transition goes well and you'll be able to stop in here occasionally to keep us updated.
Good luck man! Teaching can be tough!
The email spammers have been out in force the last couple of days.

Maybe this is their version of Nano. Send out 50'000 emails to everyone in November.

Strange folk.

Ooooh 99 Community recognitions. Where will that 100th come from! *Delight*
Ohhh, I don't knooooow. *Angelic*
*SpiderLine*          Happy October everyone! *Jackolantern*          *Bats*

*WitchHat* Already the spooky and supernatural are coming out to play, and at the same time half the site seems to be gearing up for Nano with the awesome

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It's early, so be on the look out for many more exciting Halloween activities and contests!

Happy Writing *Bat2**Bat1*