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Happy 5th WDC Anniversary!
*FlowerP**FlowerP**FlowerP*Happy Anniversary T J Marie *FlowerP* *FlowerP**FlowerP*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Creating Loving Eco-Systems Introduction  (E)
An outline created by AJ Miller about loving eco-systems
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Radio Show1  (E)
Outlines for Radio Show on a variety of subjects
I am leaving today to go visit Australia. I come back on May 30. All emails and reviews will be answered when I get back. Also I am currently backlogged in my email and will clear that up on my return. Thanks for your patience. Cya all in a couple of weeks *Bigsmile*
ozzie ozzie ozzie oy oy oy! *Laugh*

Might need to know that in case you're ever at a sporting event. *Wink*
Hey, wait!
Take me with you!!!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Adventures of a Meltologist:
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My newest piece of poetry
Unleashed  (13+)
An emotional experience of the dark side
#2077472 by TJ Marie
My first published poem is ready for download. Unleashed number 63 under the name Tara Johnson is in an ezine published by Sirens Call Publications. Here is the link for the free download

Free PDF Download: 182 Opportunities to publish your writing http://www.freedomwithwriting.com/writing-markets/
Vatican Library Puts 4,000 Ancient Manuscripts Available Online For Free


Another beautiful piece from Asha Moonfall - Plotting Book! 's port. I have had lots of fun reading your work and encourage others to check this talented writer out. Also I have been posting your work for The Birthday Bash Merit Badge Hunt activity. The reviews were a bonus because I love to give reviews. There is still time for anyone to participate up until September 15. I a, working towards the FSFS Merit Bage. It has been lots of fun so far.

10 Days of Spring  (E)
Entries for the 10 Days of Spring Contest
#1984765 by Asha Moonfall - Plotting Book!

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#2052460 by Not Available.
I was perusing Asha Moonfall - Plotting Book! 's port today and found an amazing piece. Her Nanowrimo novel of 2014 and her prologue was quite a teaser. Speaking of Nanowrimo is that time of year coming up soon.

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#2019725 by Not Available.
I just read Flower of the Goddess-Book 1, the prologue and it is a good teaser for Asha Moonfall - Plotting Book! new book she is working on. Great job!

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#2054550 by Not Available.
Fun WDC activity! Check it out! "Note: In Celebration of WDC's Big 15th Bir..."
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