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Not entirely random find of the day: https://law.marquette.edu/facultyblog/2014/07/commonly-confused-words-a-couple-a...

It's fascinating how regional differences can affect the connotations of words.
Ooo, this is cool!
It took a long time to get my thoughts together on this, but I did it! "Time to crash through your messages of unity tackles races thanks to an unexpected trigger: messages of unity.
I am somehow still alive and trying to make sense of what has happened to my city. This is a grieving process that is difficult but one I find cannot afford to stay in the shadows all the time. "The Grief of Minneapolis
I am working on a journal entry about my ongoing grief, but I wanted to share something I've learned about grief that's gotten a surprising amount of pushback.

"Love can be too much, and saying "I love you" can break a person's spirit (a weird thing I've learned in the grieving process). A neutral "I'm here" or a reminder that we can grieve and not always have to be discussing things may be more helpful."

For me, it's similar to treating a burn. Cool water will heal the damage, but ice cold water can shock your cardiovascular system and potentially make things worse. So be careful with love. It's not the same for us all.
My passion can burn. I'm Lava! But at a distance ... emotionally/physically ... I can warm a person's feet.

For me the trick is knowing the proper amount of heat and distance.
Recovery is a multifaceted thing. Here is facet one: "Communication Burden.
I should mention that there's still room to join the fun at "Journalistic Intentions [18+]. The Fill in the Blank quotes are pretty fun to play around with, if I do say so myself. *Bigsmile*
Only 8 blogs to write! There were about 20 people who participated in May's 30DBC and that's 30 blogs in 30 days. Most did more than 8. So, as of today, I'm up to 4 out of 8 for JI and I have 11 prompts left to choose from for the 4 more blogs I'll write before July 4th.

In other words there's plenty of time for someone to join and write 8 blogs.

Thought of the day:

If you ever say, "I'm not _____, but...." there's a really good reason you won't be taken seriously. It has to do with how "but" is defined. In particular, there is this definition: "on the contrary; yet". Using "but" can effectively negate sympathy or truthfulness thanks to this definition.

Happy birthday and please stay strong, if not for yourself then for the rest of us. YOU GOT THIS!
So...I've updated my journal about everything that's happened over the last few days. However, since my journal has a high content rating, I feel it's also worth providing an update here. There have been more protests and more instigators using the protests to cover up their violence. Neighbors have set up various systems to defend themselves since our responders are stretched pretty thin. Even my relatively quiet neighborhood is not immune. My neighborhood has a wide economic diversity and a variety of businesses. We have generally been spared, but one business was vandalized. I also live on a fairly busy street, and activity after curfew was high on Saturday and Sunday nights. It was rattling. I even called 911 after seeing some people set off singal flares in the middle of the road (among other activities). My adrenaline has been in high gear off and on for almost 72 hours. I am exhausted.

It's been incredibly sad as well as agitating. The businesses have been boarded up, with many of the boards pleading for justice and/or serving as tributes to George Floyd. Even chain businesses have used their plywood to chant #ICan'tBreathe. There is a somber love in all of this, as well as a sense of defiance as we press further for answers. Tensions are still high, though. I know I'm still rather vigilant against any agitators be they local or out of state, liberal or conservative. I am hoping, though, that documentation of these agitators will help discourage them. There's still a lot of fighting needed on many fronts. We're going to make it happen.
I've been very concerned that the issues of racism and brutality would be deflected by violence as many people would rather confront the violence with more violence (as certain political leaders drool with their law&order fangs) than deal with underlying inconvenient Truths. Because I believe we are all One I take these affronts on humanity personally. That said, until people can actually sit at each other's tables, share a meal and chat as friends, we haven't even begun to address the poison that is killing us all.
Love your forum, a place to vent.
Thank you.
Hope you had a Happy Birthday!
Tackling the question of how to reconcile my birthday with everything else that's been happening as of late: