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It'd be really cool to see some other people join

Re|Write Contest. OPEN!  (18+)
Rewrite your lousy old stories! OPEN for submissions.
#1947347 by ~ Sisco ~

Hint, hint. *Wink*
Now I'm all muddled which story to pick.
Very, very cool contest.
I've added a new (somewhat) musical entry to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Concertgoing madness
I could still use some votes! I'll be sporadically available throughout the month but will open another round of Journalistic Intentions in October. I'll be bringing out the prompts around the last week of September, so you still have time to tell me what to do. *Wink*

Have you participated or wanted to participate in "Journalistic Intentions [18+]? If so, I could use your help!

I have a few ideas for prompt categories. Once I have a category selected, I will start collecting prompts for the October round. To give you an idea of what each prompt category would entail, I have included a few brief descriptions. That said, there could be some changes to that based on any feedback I receive (or random ideas that pop into my head down the road).

*Bulletr* Photography: This would be all photography I have created. Animals, funny signs, and flowers are just some of the possible subcategories.

*Bulletr* Global Foods: This could include names of dishes, recipes, unusual ingredients (to Western diets), people devoted to preserving/reexamining culinary traditions, and articles on the origins of various meals.

*Bulletr* Inconveniences of 2020: These inconveniences would be selections from The Daily Show's Bracket of (B.S.) held in the spring of 2021.

*Bulletr* Historic Trends: This could involve clothing, beauty, or fashion trends. However, it is just as likely to include trendy scientific opinions held throughout history; trends in education; parenting practice trends; or anything else relating to changes in human behavior patterns.

In order to keep the feedback on this poll from not getting too out of hand and ensure a theme is actually chosen in a timely manner, I am not including an other option. This could change on future polls.
      Global foods
      Inconveniences of 2020
      Historic Trends

The Department of Education was originally going to be called the Department Of Primary Education aka D.O.P.E
Voted, and am so glad to see that what I voted for is leading at the moment!
I've added a new entry on my relative lack of involvement in WDC birthday activities to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "So a bit of a wash
I've added a new and very heavy entry to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Do I take the boards down now?
I've added a new entry chronicling more travels to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "In Plains Sight
I've added a new entry regarding race discussion to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Grappling with Greens, Part 1
I've added a new entry for venting spleen to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Collision Course
I've added a new merciless entry to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Atheist vs. Atheist, Part 1
I've added a new entry chronicling some semi-local travel to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Eastbound and (Air Quality) Down
I forgot to add a post about my latest journal entry. Whoops! Here it is in all its shameless link dump glory. "Updated bathroom reading list
I've added a new tactical entry to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Gotta have that intel
I've added a new entry with a, shall we say, driven focus to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "94 Problems
I've added a new and semi-luck entry to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "A bit of luck
I've added a new and surprisingly short entry to my book, "American Hot Shit:
         "Kindness as a (crappy) weapon of choice
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