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I feel so out of the loop. I missed the notification about book item size increases for journals. *Pthb*
I just posted in a blog that was full... Success! Which means I can re-open it and decide how to make my blogs work for my writing. 'Porthole' will still be my main blog at the moment but 'Enga mellom fjella' and 'L'aura del campo' need to be re-purposed.
I didn't notice either. Thanks for alerting us!
I also had no idea. *Laugh* Thanks for the information!
Want some of my work on your wall? You should check out "The Snail Mail Auction [13+]. *Wink*
I actually started this last night but finished it this morning. It's a short entry (for once). "The 61st Birthday That Wasn't
In case you missed it, I did get my yearly recap posted: "Stik's Year in Review, Part 17
*BurstBR**BurstBR**BurstBR**BurstBR**BurstBR* And with that, the Turd of the Year has been announced! "Turd-le Power *BurstBR**BurstBR**BurstBR**BurstBR**BurstBR*
It's a day late (and almost 9k words in length), but it's here! My new story has finally been posted!

 Something Like a Countdown  [18+]
Just how far under the radar can love really fly?
by Elisa the Snowman Stik

Aside from the second half of the final scene, my story is complete in the handwritten rough draft! No onto typing this bad boy out. So far, I have 1500 words typed out of something looking to be in the 7k-8k range. This Christmas Eve deadline may or may not happen. Christmas Day? That I should be able to manage. *Snowman**Snowman**Snowman**Snowman*
Congratulations! You got this! *Wink*
I think I get more done when I'm writing by hand. It hinders my ability to edit as I go along, so I'm not slowed down by constant second-guessing.
Interesting perspective/insight, John~Ashen. Plus, it supposedly accesses a different part of your brain to hand write things, so you get that benefit, but the benefit of accessing the typing part later when you input. That makes your stuff twice as good as mine, right? *Laugh*
After a week, I've managed to add around 2000 words to my story! Granted, I'm two thirds of the ways through the 12 days, so there's still some work ahead. With Christmas Eve not that far away, it's crunch time! *SnowMan*
YOU CAN DO IT! I have faith in you! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Story update: between Thanksgiving and the lovely system integration at work, I'm 3000+ words into my story (which has a 12 days of Christmas plot line of sorts). Snowmen *SnowMan*, white chocolate, weird capitalization, and awkward half confessions have all made an appearance so far at the halfway mark. I already know I need to beef up the beginning of the story. *lolsob*
In scary news, I'm writing a new story! *Shock2* I am hoping to get it posted by Christmas Eve, which is mighty ambitious given how crazy work is about to get. Still, I'm about 1300 words in. If I had to guess, I'm one tenth of the way done! *Laugh* *Cry*
Pretend it's NaNo and write the rest in a week! Joking take your time you'll get there.
So here's the entry I mentioned in "Note: Hey Writing.Com, we'd l...": "That gut kick. You may need to read other entries related to The Analyst for this to make much sense.
It doesn't happen very much, but I will not hesitate to report review spammers. Yesterday was the first time in a long while that I did so.