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So, I finally finished "Snappy Hour. It's a doozy.
That awkward moment when you make an incomplete journal entry public. *Blush* This one's gonna be a real doozy, to boot. So sorry to the person who's viewed it so far. I promise it will be done by tomorrow!
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday, old lady!
Yeah, I am old! *shakes cane* It's my birthday, whippersnappers! Get off my lawn!
*taps microphone* Say, has anyone else completed this madlilb: "The Ultimate Wine List [13+]? If so, I'd love to read what you came up with. Whenever the Kraken and I go out to eat, we always have a great laugh at wine lists (which in turn inspired this hilarious activity).
Hi Elisa! Dang. Another casualty of my deleting all my favorites because I told myself I knew handles and usernames by heart, which I do, but then I never got to see anyone in Newsfeed *Laugh* Personal Nsf that is, of course. Anyways your port looks lonely. Let me know if you need anything! Nice to wave at ya *Smile* ~Adrie
Hooray for the second half of my New Orleans trip recap! "Party On, Big Easy Edition! Part 2
Finally finished the first part of my New Orleans recap! "Party On, Big Easy Edition! Part 1
Trucking along with my personal reading challenge: "Earth Book
I'm on the very last pages of my April book and have Atlas Shrugged on tap for May. What books on this list should I read in June and July?

* I Am Legend
* Disclosure
* Alas, Babylon
* Longitudes and Attitudes
* Strangers in Their Own Land
* Beyong America's Grasp
* The Infiltrator
* Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
* Journey to Ixltan
* Bright Sided
I Am Legend
Like *Thumbsupl* 2
Definitely I Am Legend.
Like *Thumbsupl* 1
So...I got brainy with it again. "Eighth Grade Reformer
Has anyone besides me read The Schools We Need and Why We Don't Have Them by E.D. Hirsch? I'm about halfway through the book, uncharacteristically excited about it, and kinda want to talk to someone about it.
Sure talk away I don't have the book but I am interested
The book takes the time to explore multiple attitudes that discourage rote learning. The one that stands out the most so far is American exceptionalism. This doctrine keeps people in the US from seeing how a national curriculum is a key component of higher quality education systems in Europe and Asia.
Query of the day: when reviewing, how often do you touch on the brief description? I feel that area doesn't get mentioned much in reviews even though it's the piece of writing most likely to be seen. If I ever review again, that's an area I vow to address.