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Just called in to say I hope today is special. Two years on WDC. *Phone* *Whistle* ))))))) *Cool*
On behalf of "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group Happy one year account anniversary!

~Captain Nixie
Hi Solivagus! I read you bio and a couple of your poems. I just wanted to pop in and say hi because the seat next to you isn't taken. *Smile* I'm like that too. I'm very shy and love my solitude. I'd rather be sitting under a tree reading the LOTR than at a party. Feel free to wander around my port if you'd like. I'm going to keep meandering through yours.
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You know you have been seriously missing my writing, so here you go.

When I called the police, today.  

Cayce and I Went Out Tonight.  

My review for House of Cards: A Netflix Original Series  
I reached out to a famous drag queen for some advice, and she answered.


Is this annoying to you? I can't copy things I write over there, onto this site. But I still want to share. Up to you.
ruwth it is your fault. you had me look into bubblews and i never came back til now.

i've made 300 bucks there. so.. I don't think its a scam.

but I missed the community here.

made a lot of life changes. need to balance generating content here and there. i think the content should be there, and the community should be here.
Sol, I saw your "Is Bubblews A Scam?" article. Did you see mine? I think we have both reached the same conclusion: It is legit.

I know I am not the only one who has missed you around here.

Bubblews still hasn't answered my queries about rules but I think now they are responding to folks like you who are generating content.

I can't believe all my wonderings in Scroll resulted in bucks for you. LOL

Just remember you have sold them the right to display your "bubbles" FOREVER and relinquished the right to remove them from their site. You can put them elsewhere. Their rights are non-exclusive -- but since you are generating an income for yourself there it doesn't make much sense to post anything other than links elsehere.

Nothing beats Writing.Com for community though. You are right about that. And this is the best place I know to get the feedback and support to improve our writing skills. *Smile*

Write On!
If they want rights to display my rambles forever they can feel free. Forever is a lot longer than I'd want to keep my own thoughts around.

A fun battle cry for house cleaning.

My three articles for tonight. Hope to get back into the swing of things here.

Review of House of Cards:

Couponing Help:

Goodnight Divas:
One of the reasons why I haven't been around.

I Fired My Boss:

So I had to sell out for a while.
wow, quite the update; but how did you 'sell out'? wouldn't selling out be staying corporate? now what?
Now, that's something!
I bet you'll do great being creative and writing, because IMHO you're already a very good writer, all around.
Best of luck with everything. *Smile*
*Smile**Hand2* Have you come to join the Revolution? *Starr*
Hey Drew! Welcome back! Was wondering where you were. You missed a couple of rounds of the campfire and some Symposium Topics. Oh well, you're here now. Better get started, then. Go do a review for someone ... *Smirk* *Laugh* And don't forget to answer the review I did for you ... preferably with some GPs attached, as I'm pretty broke. *No* *Dollar*
Hey! I was just wondering today where the heck you've been!
Haven't seen you around for a few days. Hope all is well.
Addendum: "No." = Yes, I get that you listed your poem called "Seven" seven times. Yes, I thought it was clever to do that; it made me smile. No, I didn't want to say so directly; I wanted to make a joke. But I didn't want to do this at your expense, but with you, so we both could laugh. Does this mean you can also do this to me? I refer you to my original post on this thread for that answer. *Bigsmile*

Nice iambic pulse in the poem. *Smile*
PatrickB I understood that No = Yes :)

And mARi♥BusyWithWork - Patrick hit it on the head. I was just being redundant redundant redundant redundant redundant redundant redundant.

Get it?
Oh, okay. lol
My comment was actually about the content of the poem. *Smile*
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Holy crap I wrote some fiction.
Nothing says Christmas like seventy degree weather and an empty house.
Oh, that sucks. So sorry. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are known for snow and hosted the winter olympics in 2002. I can't imagine Christmas without snow. But, I know many of you are used to it. No wonder you're scrooge. *Smile* But hey, I love a quiet house when I write, so use it to your advantage baby. Merry Christmas anyway!
Then catch this writing snowball from our hearts to yours. *Treepine*We are all with you in thought. ho! ho! ho! Merry Christmas and when the snowball melts it reveals a huggy. *Treepine*
Alexi Mason *Heart*
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