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Hi, Lucky!

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Hey guys, just wanted everybody to know I'm still alive! Sorry if I've left anything unfinished and undone but it's been hella busy. I'll try and play around here a little more.

Good luck to everyone tackling a novel this month!

Talk to ya soon,
Elle Hannah ♫♥♫ Patrece~ Charlie 🌈
Missed ya, Lucky. You always make me smile! *Smile*
so glad to see you back, my friend. Hope all is well with you
Been gone so long I can't properly tag my friends *Blush*

Thanks for the warm regards, everyone! Any leads on a contest prompt I may like? I won the "Poison Apple Theater

The Nøkkensong  (18+)
A talented young girl begins catching more than fish.
#2052591 by As Luck Would Have It

It came out easy, but I'm open to different ideas. My only promise is not to take on too much right now *Smile*
I am such a bad mentor. How are things going for you? What are you working on at the moment?
"Say what you will about my show, but at least it's over!"
-Daniel Tosh
You think there's a market for professional portfolio services?

I would more or less recreate all the cover art (especially including the customer's profile picture) with a singular theme or style, paying special attention to the customer's three favorite works, which could then be highlighted with a highly stylized, high-res covers. I advise the customer in rewriting their bioblock according to their theme, then layout the rest of the port in a professional, organized manner (the customer will have to actually arrange this themselves, but will have me there to advise them through the whole thing).

Would you pay for a flashy, stylized port?
*Laugh* Well... some people might want that. There are also some not-so-tech-savvy members. The might love for someone to help them organize their portfolios and make them pretty. Who knows?

Just let people choose exactly what the want? Say...

Image set (5 cover images + profile picture): 8,000gp
Organization Package: 10,000gp
Bio Block Help: 3,000gp
Extra images (up to 5): 5,000gp

The Gold Package (all services + 5 extra images): 20,000gp

Something like this couldn't go wrong. I mean, people can pay for just what the want-- always a good idea. If no one takes you up on some of them, combine them, include them for free, or just leave them as-is. Someone will want them sometime!

Oh, and those prices are just an example.

I'm in! My port is a mess, and while I love organising, I simply don't have time for it. I'm happy with my profile picture (which is brand new) and the items that do have cover images, but I have a lot of items without cover images, and I definitely need some organising. I'd be happy to be a guinea pig for your services. *Bigsmile*
Yours would be easy! Well, to organize *Wink*. Photoshop is photoshop... If you wanted to keep all of your existing covers and your profile pic, that only leaves... 71 covers!

I'm sure I could cut you a deal... *Wink*

Shoot me an email and we'll figure out exactly what you want, I took a look and have a good idea of how to go about it.
I'm loving all the new visitors I've found since being showcased. You're all fantastic. What I love even more is winning - so if you like my port (you know you do *Wink*), stop on in and vote for me in Sanita 's "Invalid Item!

You know you want to, so vote here!

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How Lucky can a fellow be?

He can be nominated for Sanita 's Newbies in the Spotlight! competition!

Get in here and vote for yours truly!

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And, as always,

Stay Lucky *Wink*
I would, but how can I choose between four of our awesome newbies!?
It's as easy as clicking the bubble beside my name *Wink*
*Fairy* Hi there. I hope you are enjoying the WDC party! I see you are reviewing! *Thumbsup* I just joined the Dark Society as there are imps and gorgons and demons to demolish! we need help! so few of us! Are you in?
"Black Magic Birthday Review Bash

You could easily banish a few familiars. *Wink* or go for the Archdemon. I have the Leviathans on the run! *Fire*

Just wondering. Great reviews too. *Thumbsup*
Just dropped my first real blog post:

"Invalid Entry
What do you think about a story that skips around through time?

I'm thinking of starting with the beginning, call it Scene 1. Then I skip ahead to Scene 5, two years in the future. Scenes 5 and forward stay faithfully linear, except are occasionally broken up by flashbacks (scenes 2, 3, and 4).

I'm taking queues from stories like Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction," here.

Should ya, could ya, would ya?
That actually sounds fun, I imagine the two timelines directly affect each other to boot?
Well it was a romance novel (wait, let me finish! *Laugh*) and in the historical timeline they were young teens living on the street. Over the course of that timeline we witness them get to know each other, become friends, the beginning of young love and then they become separated by forces beyond their control. Obviously there's more to it than that, I'm not doing it justice!
In the present time timeline we see mostly from his perspective, where he is trying to move on with his life, but doesn't know what happened to her, then they meet up again when she returns for her mother's funeral, and they have to face each other and the consequences of decisions they made ten years earlier. The one thing I thought was particularly well done was that nothing on the historical timeline was 'accidentally' revealed by the current timeline. It's very clever.
Fantastic, I'd love to pull off something that technical!

This course with the New Horizons Academy is helping move me in that direction, though.
So this site has prompted a new and fun round of extension hunting. I ended up going with "Super Simple Highlighter" (Google Chrome) by dexterouslogic. It's fantastic for reviewing longer pieces!