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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
My new book just came out!!! I am so excited. It is on Amazon in ebook and paperback. I am celebrating today because on Monday I start my next project.
Oh what's the book?
The book is called, Sourdough: A Beginner's Guide for Vegans. It is my first in my Vegan in the Wilderness mini-series.
Today I am grateful that I can string words into complete sentences. I am grateful to have the courage to share them, and I am grateful to accept reviews as an opportunity to grow. Thank you WDC community.*BigSmile*
Waffling with a hot iron on destiny is one way to get scorched. Avoiding the burn, rejection, and a host of other excuses, I let procastination dictate my writing goals. Notice how my expertise in the fine art of procastination and unwarrented fear of rejection has kept my newsfeed very white? Notice my portfolio resembles my bank account with a zero balance?
Times are changing. January 2016 I returned to school. I saved for a number of years and I am now at the half-way point in my MFA program. Why, oh why did I wait for so many years? It is never too late to learn and grow.
Armed with new goals and the confidence to succeed, I am on my way to be the writer I have fantasized about.
Note to any reader: Don't wait! Learn from me!
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