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Just finished creating my three short stories for this month not too long ago. I haven’t posted them to their contests yet, but I will within the next few days. Before the end of this month.

 A Private Professional  (18+)
On Korcion, only Professionals could solve crimes. No Amateur Sleuths allowed.
#2296325 by PureSciFi

 Getting Too Tall to Be a Giant Too  (18+)
They just wanted to be as tall as the other humans on Ranus. That didn’t Happen.
#2296326 by PureSciFi

 A Family of Their Own Making  (18+)
Families didn’t exist anymore. Something needed to be done. That wasn’t it.
#2296327 by PureSciFi

Happy birthday 🎂
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Happy birthday.
Double Entries

This wasn't done because I missed another blog entry. It's because I have posted the same blog entry for both of my blogs today. Why did I do that? You will have to read one of them to find out why I did that.
Normally, I wouldn’t be Shameless Plugging or asking for Please Reviews this late in the month, but since I have an extra week to post my latest Short Story I figured I might as well do it. This is my latest Short Story. If you don’t want to click it on The Shameless Plug page or the Please Review Page, you can click it below.

 Time for a Change  (18+)
A sickness has taken over the planet of Jooflin. Only Time Travel can save them now.
#2289375 by PureSciFi

Two Short Stories This Month

About an hour ago I started creating the two short stories I have written for this month. I have also done a ‘Shameful Plug’ and a ‘Please Review’ for each one of them. If you don’t want to click on one or both below you can find them on these pages.

 Mentally and Physically  (18+)
A mental or physical challenge would save this Land Mass. This year they may just do it.
#2286741 by PureSciFi

 A Different Kind of Qualimn  (18+)
A SpaceRock was headed for Qualimn. What could they do to stop it from hitting them?
#2286746 by PureSciFi

Anniversary card to WdC members.

Happy 9th WdC Anniversary
Just something special for someone special! I hope that you have an Amazing day.
May your years be filled with all your writing accomplishments and successes that you have ever dreamed of.
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Happy Birthday SciFi!
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Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Happy birthday 🎂
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