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An article everyone should read

Kyivan-Rus -
Why the invasion of Ukraine matters to us all and our freedom everywhere


The article seems to be behind a paywall. So.... here is an excerpt

Students of Russian and Ukrainian literature could have seen Putin coming
Russian Slavophile ideology continues to confront Westernization.

By Debra Romanick Baldwin

1:30 AM on Mar 6, 2022

Many people might be watching the horrific news from Ukraine and wondering: Why? Why would Putin gratuitously invade an independent country and its capital Kyiv in the face of a united world condemning his actions — actions that, even if he is militarily successful, will result in the ruin of his economy, the strengthening of the opposition within his own country, and the universal condemnation by all decent countries and people of the world? No one believes his claim that Russia, a nuclear power, is actually threatened by Ukraine, a peaceful country that openly and deliberately gave up its own nuclear arms for peace.

Here is where reading 19th-century literature and grasping one historical fact can offer insights that political commentary and news coverage alone cannot.

There is a paradox at the center of this region’s long and complicated history: the principality of Kyiv, or “Kyivan Rus’,” was a separate state founded in the 10th century, well before the creation of the Grand Duchy of Moscow in 1283. Yet it was Moscow that later appropriated the name, changing “Rus” into “Russia,” and expanding across Eurasia to create the Russian Empire. The Russian Empire took the city of Kyiv by force in the late 17th century.

Kyiv, one of the largest and most cultured cities in 10th century Europe, was also the cradle of Christianity in the region when its Grand Prince Vladimir I converted in 988. It holds a unique importance for the Eastern Christian Churches — Ukrainian Catholic, Ukrainian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and others.

That fact is important when we turn to a 19th-century writer to help make sense of Putin’s seemingly irrational war: Fyodor Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky was a leading proponent, or as some called him, the prophet, of the Russian Slavophile movement. The Slavophiles were Russian nationalists hostile to “Europeanism,” as Dostoevsky referred to it, seeking instead to strengthen Russian…
See link for full article or refer to publication The Dallas Morning News
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Although I think history helps understand conflicts like the Catholic/Calvinists in Ireland and Catholic/Orthodox in Croatia/Serbia it all comes down to splitters wanting a fight (or being left alone) while lumpers want to unite (or subjugate). Brexit/EU and US/NATO splits (attempted under the previous US president) comes to mind. Few people rarely want war, but they'll sure support it!

*CountryIN* and *CountryPK* have stated their neutrality and with all due respect this IS another European War. And very much a Christian War (The Ukrainian Orthodox split from the Russian Patriarchy in 2019) that in some ways does not involve those of us who are not Christian.

The War in Ukraine though does upend stability and although isolationists (like here in Montana) oppose any involvement the globalization of knowledge (google), social media (facebook etc), markets, travel, cellphones (eyewitness updates) does not allow anyone anywhere to remain unaffected (untouched) by current events.

At risk: the right to a national identity. In the US this applies to Hawai'i and Puerto Rico, in Spain to Catalonia, in the Balkans to Kosovo, in Morroco to the Sahrawi, in Asia to Taiwan. These conflicts are uneffected (not settled).

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If you’ve puzzled with how to help people in desperate need in Ukraine, then here’s a way…
I know these people, they are trustworthy; they run (up until the invasion at least) the best guided tours of the Chornobyl and Pripyat areas in Northern Ukraine.

Here’s the link. Please share the Facebook link if you would like to.

A very brave Russian man- who lives in Ukraine

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I am so sorry all this is happening. I hope you are safe.
Please share to anyone you know in the media. I don’t know where or how else to pass this on.

I feel compelled to share this international plea.

I stand with Ukraine.

My novel The Influence Gene edited by Winnie is on this very theme of force versus choice, with the frontier set in Ukraine, and Chornobyl.

Even now Chernobyl is being over run by the invaders.

How can we help?

This type of aggression should not happen in these times. I am crying with rage and helplessness.
We were warned but it's still a shock. There could be a full-scale war by tomorrow and the US involved by March 2nd.

Personally I think Pres. Biden should do a virtual State-of-the-Union on March 1st to avoid any violence. All countries need to be wary of hometown efforts to overthrow their governments.

I know I'm sounding negative but the world is a box of tinder and the spark has just been lit.
News of Chernobyl power plant captured by Russia.
These people don’t care who they endanger.
People say well, that’s Ukraine, not our concern.
It’s freedom at stake, all of our freedom.

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Happy 15th WDC Anniversary!!!
Trigger warning!

Another child pays the ultimate price for the folly of man.


I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The boy who cried SNAKE!
Read with caution.

There is a dilemma, a burden of which writers are perhaps the only solution; how to pass on crucial knowledge, experience, warning, and memories of something vital and gigantic to distant generations to come?

And a secondary issue; how to know if we are over protecting our children, and where the line exists that should or should not be crossed?

How can a warning be given without teaching? And how can something be kept relevant in the minds of future children whereby their protection is assured?

How to protect by allowing attack?

And how to do these things without needless fear or panic? But what if controlled, limited fear is necessary?

I’m referring of course to Chernobyl and other catastrophic time bombs that will affect / harm people for many thousands of years.

International debate of worried people happening right now.


And As a side issue, who knew that restriction of access to radioactive zones would be required to prevent youth deliberately self harming?
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