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We've seen Heathers: The Musical
We've seen Mean Girls: The Musical

I think this world is finally ready for Revenge of the Geek Gal: The Musical
Yo, happy birthday kiddo!
🎂 🎉
No clue how old you are, but details! You're a year older and that's what counts!
*has an idea for a new interactive*

*realizes i have to pay for that now*
I agree. Sucks.
Now let's be honest, there was an oversaturation of interactives that went nowhere; so there is some good to be said about a pay wall blocking 12 year olds from flooding this site with yet more anime garbage. Hopefully this will promote more quality over quantity.
Happy Saint Patty's Day everyone, be glad earth has green on it so a giga macro won't pinch it.
What about?
For what, abandoning everyone and becoming a total lurker? At least have the stones to answer people.
I think I'm going to pretty much abandon wdc. I can never find any muse at all to continue. I've had wonderful times on here with all of the gts writing and such, and I've met great people, but it's just not doing anything for me anymore. I'll still keep the account up, and probably visit from time to time, but the way things are now has seriously put me off. If you would like to contact me, I have a tumblr and skype I regularly frequent.
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"I can't fap here anymore to do anything" is basically what you've just said. Wow...Well, whatever. There's nothing really more to say than that.
Just pretend I've been tiny and have not been able to get to my computer.
I've reached a point where I just want to READ good extreme scale gts, not where I want to write it. Ah well.
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Get off your lazy butt and stop being apathetic. Read my old stuff on dA or here, then message me.

WTF happened
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Updates and a couple of days of wrecking the UI before it started to work again.
Sorry for the hiatus. Probably still gonna be inactive.
*wants to write*

*doesn't know what to write*

hmu w requests? (Restricted to my interactives or friends interactives I guess)
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Continue off any of the chapters in the Female Growth Story interactive. There's awesome ones in there.
Hey, if you could check out my new interactive that'd be swell: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1932665-Small-Self
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Toying with adding something but want to make sure I do the interactive justice with a substantial and well-written chapter. Have this problem a lot.
eyy, check out the new ficlet i pumped out in a week: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2032584-Rated-M-For-Mom
Also, would anybody be willing to do trade/collab adds? I write something fer you, you write a lil somethin' for me?
I may? I've never done it before though. Could you elaborate?
Sounds interesting.
Interest peaked...
I'll be repurposing old interactives I've lost interest in.
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