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Happy 5th WDC anniversary!
Well, it seems like an age since I was last writing poems and stories on here, I'm hoping to get back and join up with you all. My writing journey as continued to grow (slowly) and with some moderate types of success, I have a little book (Spot to Spot) in the museum and tourist offices in Wrexham (UK) and one of my poems made a surprise outing on the TV programme 'Countryfile'. So it as been a little exciting in these unprecedented times of confusion.

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Happy birthday!
WOW, first time of logging on this year and I have over 90 emails to peruse, so what have I missed.*Shock2*
Today I have launched an audacious bid to send my window of poetry around the world, please feel free to visit my blog and then follow the links and share or comment to were the window as reached, hopefully, I can keep track to the strange and wonderful places this poetry pane will visit.
Morning Guys and Gals, a fellow writer and friend posted and asked a question on Facebook about poetry, a question with many long answers and not many short ones, what would your answers be?

His question was- "Hi folks quick question to all my perfectly poetic pals: When writing poetry do you have to include much grammar or do you just go with your gut"
Generally, you go with your gut. Some people don't even like commas at the ends of each line, unless a line has a period at its end. They feel that commas just cause interrupts in the flow of the poem.
To me, personally, I include punctuation in most of my poems except if the poem is a prose poem or a story poem, unless punctuation is needed as it often may be, to make the message or story clear..
Hope you understand what I am saying. It's certainly not meant to be ambiguous.

Gut. How I want to make the reader breathe and pause and sing-song through the piece. Unless, as One Scribe said,the type of poem calls for structured punctuation to make it coherent, or the structured poem requires it to be the type of poem it is.

And a lot of times, I don't put any in. I'm forever playing with punctuation, put a comma in, take it out, put it back in, read it again, take it out...*Laugh*
Well put, JS. Thank you.
Hi, I thought that i would join in, in all this trickery in trinkets, so here is my first attempt.

(Trinkets require an Upgrade to display.)
Very nice. Thanks.
Collected. Thanks.
Awesome trinket, thank you..... *Heart*
Hi there! I am sorry to take up your time but I saw that you write horror stories and I wanted to let you know that there is an amazing contest

Sinister Stories Contest  (13+)
A horror contest for everyone! Can you write a terrifying tale? February Special Round!
#1556724 by Jeff

There are amazing prizes and all the participants receive 500 GPs just for entering. There are three prompts and all you have to do is write a story on any one of them! *Bigsmile* I do hope to see you there.

Thank you!

"Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful day
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"A day without laughter, is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin.
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*Laugh* Oh I loved your Scooby dialogue! You might like to play at "Queen of Comedy Challenge *Wink*
*MugG* I raise my mug to you for all your hard work this month on your novel writing project. Thank you for sharing your stories, keep writing! *Mug* Cheers!