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Something I learned about different things done for the New Year in other parts of the world.

In Denmark, they smash plates for good luck and prosperity. Sounds kinda fun. Maybe if more people tried it we could avoid some of the latest cycle of craziness happening right now.

In Italy, they toss furniture out the window. (I guess to welcome the New Year).

I just found this interesting.
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"This celebration has been brought to you by the manufacturers and sellers of plates and furniture."
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Just brought this little guy home with me today. He looked pastel at first but that may have been b/c he's in shed. We'll see if he brightens up when it's over. Love the little guy since I first laid eyes on him.
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Hi Blue moon.
I can't get the link to work.
Just learned Papua New Guinea has a poisonous bird-the hooded pitohui. Has toxin in its feathers that's harmful to small animals and can cause slight tingling and numbness in humans.
Today, I learned rabbits aren't rodents.They're lagomorpha, something about an extra pair of incisors. Shrews, moles, hedgehogs are also not rodents. They belong to mammal group-eulipotyphla.
That's cool
Just wanted to share this today. Hope it brings joy to many people.


Saw this & couldn't help myself. Nature it seems has a firm grip on irony.
Yeah! Power's back on!
We are quite excited. House is still standing and we all made it out okay. That's the important thing.
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Thanks! Until I checked my email I probably wouldn't have remembered. It's nice to be able to share something like this.
Nothing too exciting right now. Just wanted to share something I thought would brighten up a lot of days.


I know there's a lot of unhappy things going on in the world. I just thought maybe I could remind folks that, despite the ugliness, and fear and hate going on in the world, there is still a lot of beauty in the world.

Just take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty and that there's much more to life than just the ugliness taking place in the world.
Later this afternoon, I was also given a letter for jury duty. So far, I've avoided it. So this will be my first time participating. I'm farther down the alphabet though and it's not till next month so I'm faintly hoping it won't affect me much. But, I'm also not too overly lucky either. So, we'll just have to see how this plays out.
I got an invite to an open house of a friend's graduation this year. I know I'm close to completing mine. Mostly comes down to math and a few electives. The electives being more enjoyable than math. I was kind of touching that she's thinking of me. It' hard to make friends, let alone keep them, so I'll try and keep the ones I do have. It sounds like she may live in my area, so hopefully it's doable. Friends support each other. I'd like to be there for such an event if at all possible.
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So apparently my school's taking part in a Tornado Drill next Wed. I go in Tues./Thurs.
Is it wrong to say I' relived not to have to go through that?
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