Creative fun in
the palm of your hand.
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Thanks to all all for valuable guidance and encouragement
Happy 10 WDC Anniversary!
Thanks guys/gals. Writing.com's contests are welcome 'interruptions' and cross-training to develop my writing skills. Again, thanks.
Can you please turn CN XD: End of the cartoon world into a reality? A Videogame? Thanks.
How long do you take to turn this videogame into a reality? Please, rename the game "Cartoon Crossover: End of the cartoon world". You can partner up with Viacom, Time-Warner, SEGA and Activision. How long will it take?
Visited this notebook today. *Smile*

Pray with thanksgiving and let your requests be known to God!

Hello! Is there an echo in here? No body has a bunch of fans, I think. Must be a staff thing.
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