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I'm deleting a bunch of old and very old email and happened upon one from you. Miss you dear sister.If you come back if even for a small visit, drop me a note. WDC is my main email and probably always will be, but I do have a similar one at gmail.com.
This Notebook thing is new to me and I don't really understand it. So sweet and thoughtful of you to comment. I have a real love-hate relationship with this place. I haven't written one thing since leaving in a huff, so I want my writing playground back, regardless of other member's opinions. Think I'll check you out at typepad.com - Stay the one-of-a-kind that you always have been. *Heart*
I have a new blog under my name at typepad.com and an even newer one on a Christian site. Not sure whether I'll like that one long-term, as it's hard to find others that I would want to read, plus one more time consuming thing to learn. That one is at revelife.com. I now have articles at videojugpages.com. Those I've been paid for already, at least the gardening ones. And I'm trying to be more active on twitter.
Wow, long time-no see. Have you been away for almost a year? It looks like you took your blog down, or a least you have it hidden from view for now. I'm as busy as usual, unfortunately, if I'd get my work done instead of playing games, I'd be further ahead. Obviously, *Wink*

I'm sure if I really listened to my inner voice I would know where to spend my quality time sharing. As far as your blog here went, you did have readers that commented! Alas, my following only read and those stat numbers kept rising. The only comments were from Kenzie and Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville and once in a blue moon you would stop by. Have your own business, right?
Then you are excused! *Wink* I have a story of Our Lord to share with folks who don't know Him. He'll find my path & I'll follow.
I understand how you feel, Patricia, although I never did have much of a following to start with. I have several blogs elsewhere and they don't get much activity yet either, but I'm not ready to stop them yet. I probably need to do more work on them.

Eventually, I'll get there.

Once you figure out what you will be doing with a different blog, drop us a line in our notebooks on our port page. They work like virtual guestbooks.

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