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Happy father's day, dad.
Hey, missed your birthday. Just thought I'd say hi.
I am amazed to realize that when God thought of creating you, He thought of me to be the one who would walk beside you in your last days. Happy birthday!
I miss you everyday, Stef!
Stephan, I miss you alot. *Sad* Your encouraging words always gave me hope ♥️ and made me believe that I could do anything I dreamed of. You told me if I could imagine anything, all things are possible. Just have faith in God and He will be with you.
I'm going to miss you, dad.

Thank you for teaching me to love writing, for supporting me as I followed my dream. Thank you for all the hours you spent editing, for all the encouragement and praise you gave me when no one else believed in me.

I thought we had more time together. I thought you had time to finish your stories.

But I meant what I told you a week before you died. I promised that if anything happened, I would finish your stories for you, using your notes. I didn't want it to be this way--I'd rather read them the way you would've written them. But I'll do my best to use what you gave me.

I love you.
I'm so sorry for losing your dad so soon, Kris. He's the best dad one could ever have.

I'm glad that you found his outline in his backpack. You'll still have his guidance in finishing his book.

I believe you can do it. - Connie
Prayers, Kris - you definitely had an awesome example to follow!
You will be missed. I loved being able to chat with you, always looking up to you, Stefan. So sorry about the late response - I have been offline for about 3 months.....God bless you and prayers for your family!
Dude. This sucks. Today's your 2 year anniversary here at WdC. It seems longer.

I was out all day today, and I did some zoo shopping! It's 104 here, hotter where you were, but so so smoky. I don't like wearing a mask because it gets too hot, and it makes me feel like I can't breathe. I'm glad to be home.

I regret not getting to discuss the theological points of our respective beliefs. I've never been great at putting my faith into words. I won't stop trying though, promise.

I think about you a lot. More than you'd think I would, I bet. I lost my dad when he was 60, so I feel for your kids. I began a poem for you the other night, but it looks like I'm gonna need to work at it more, cause it isn't any good. That's okay. I'm in no hurry.

Throw some sunshine down for Connie eh, she's swimming while I'm sweltering *Ha*

TTYL dude *Smirk2*
So sorry you are not here with us anymore to celebrate
No words can express how difficult it is to lose you, Stefan.

But I'm thankful to God that He allowed us to meet and share each other's lives in the last two years of your life.

You are the greatest gift of God in my life. You'll be forever in my heart.

See you in heaven, Stef.
Apparently, you are No. #15 on the Score Board for this year having completed 432 games, 1,236 points and earned 62,549 gps. And me? I'm No. #47 and completed 54 this year, earned 148 *RollEyes* and 6,944 gps. You win, man. You win! Ugh! At least I'm still on the board! Just a random thought, Stefan. You know you and your family (the stories you tell us) are the sweetest ever. *Heart*
*Cry* *Cry* *Cry*