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Proposed Book

I am currently writing a book which is a sort of "how-to" writing book. It is not a basic one, but one that is based on things I have seen through years of reading works by people who are not big-name authors, most not even published. The book itself is for university; it is my third (and final) major assignment, and if I do well and money ceases to be an issue, could possibly be my gateway to post-graduate study. But, no matter if I can afford to continue at university or not, I would like it to be of some use to some people.

It covers most aspects of writing I have noticed people have needed some help with and will clock in at around 40k words. Maybe 30k. Depends on the tightness of my editing and what I decide to include.

So, my question here is: what would people think of me posting it once it is finished and I have handed it up? It is based on my years of experience, which has resulted in a growing number of successes in the traditional publishing field. I cover most things in it I have been asked about here at WdC, on Twitter, and by my university peers, plus things I have got wrong in the past and what I heave learnt through years of attending workshops and study. Now if it is only going to get half a dozen views, then I won't bother because it will take me a bit to work out how to put the chapters and sub-chapters into a form that will make it easy to read and not a dense slab of writing. But if it is something people think could be a help to a larger number of people here at WdC, then I would be willing to give it a go.

So I am not just asking if people think this would be a positive (though I am asking that; if people think it would be no good at all, then tell me and I will take that on board as well), but I would really like some feedback as to where I should go with this one.

Thanks in advance, everyone.
Steven, if you can muster the patience and fortitude to pull it off, I think it could be of great value. As Blimprider noted, some may say it's all been done before. Steven King and others are not the last words in how to write. I've read some of the things King has said about the writing process. I was not particularly impressed. He seemed to waste an inordinate amount of time using curse words. I guess some writers think that makes them sound with it or something. Let me say that I am not impressed.
I wish you would do it. I would be more than happy to hear what you have learned along the way.
So it's to be a book about rewriting rather than writing, in a problem solving format? Would it have a genre(s) slant or be more general application?

Posting it here would be a nice gesture, but ... you have conditions.

As you already know from personal reviewing experience, there are many people who post writing here who would need help to write better, but they don't always rarely think so or want to. To them, rewriting is a four-letter word and/or too much work. That hasn't changed.

The members who read and use such books and who do rewrite comprise a much smaller percentage of the active WDC community. Maybe a few dozen people? Of those, some have a collector's attitude about writing books, and others have settled (for whatever reason) on a personal bible, whether it features current best practices or not. ... Maybe a ratio of 2:1 for that. That puts the estimate of the potential audience from here around a couple dozen if the book appeals to all of them.

Then, too, if you specifically want it to be used and helpful, the format will matter. Posting material here works okay for reading, but you can't highlight it or stickynote it or bookmark your place, or bookmark a lot of pertinent spots. It's not designed for studying. That's something you can do with either a paper book or an e-book. Which is why writers who blog a book can offer a book version and still have it sell.

And there's this: If people have to pay for something, they tend to value it more than what they're offered for free.

If your project/assignment will be checked by an editor and have oversight from one or more English professors before you turn in a final version, it could be well-positioned for publishing of one sort or another.

If you decided to go that route, instead of posting the whole thing here, post a Static item with a sample chapter that showcases what's on offer, the table of contents, and a link to where the book is available. Let those here who are interested go to it. That allows you to promote it through other communities as well. Which would be more likely to get you the numbers you're looking for.
Good points there, Northernwrites.

I didn't know some of that. Thank you for sharing that info.
Question for those few people who bother to read these things:

Would you consider self-publishing by putting out audio versions of your stories?
So, it would be just a podcast style thing, not an actual physical/Kindle book?
What do y'all think?

(All advice gratefully accepted...)
I think I would consider it, but that leaves a whole great big market I wouldn't be reaching if I didn't include both a kindle/physical book in addition to an audiobook. I really like audiobooks, although I haven't listened to one in quite some time.
I agree. If you don't do a physical/ kindle book you are shutting yourself out of a big audience.
I'd probably do the actual kindle audiobook thing but it is very nitpicky and time consuming.
While I am no longer as active on WdC (those in the know understand why), there are some people on here I do like and enjoy interacting with, so I would like to announce that I have signed a multi-book contract with a publisher out of California. They're newish and small, but it will be good to know I have regular books coming out over the next 18 months, starting Jan, 2022. And they are paying a nice percentage of sales as well. Thanks for your time.

That's awesome news, Steven!!!

Woo Hoo! That's great news! Congratulations!

Congratulations, that's great!

Thank-you everyone for the good wishes following my latest news. It was much appreciated, and reminded me what I actually like about WdC - the people you gather around you who support and encourage with no thought for how it will better themselves. While I have been having issues with the site and people involved, those of you who have been there with me - you're all the best.
Not sure who'll see/read this, but I need a break for a little while. It might be a few days, it might be a week... it might be more. Who knows? Catch you all in a bit.
To the anonymous member who sent me a Secret Squirrel GP gift...

Thank-you! Much appreciated!
I tried to IM, but you have that shut off. There are many mentally ill people here and t hey get offended, and do offend others. But they don't see it. If they block you, don't worry about it. I pray for them.
Just because I am really quite proud of this one...

The latest edition of Martian Wave magazine is out.

I would like to point you in the direction of the sales site and make note of who the featured author is for this month!


It's my second piece accepted by them, but now I think I've made it and I can retire happy. *BigSmile*
Where are those buttons?
Quick reminder - for those with a book they want to try to get published: the #PitMad event is on over the course of March 4 8am-8pm Eastern (US time) on March 4 over at Twitter.

I hope I'm allowed to let people know about this on WdC, but we have a lot of writers, and you never know your luck! (I sold a novella through a PitMad event in 2020.)

All genres, all ages (even picture books); there are limits to how often you can pitch, and hashtags you need to use, plus your pitch (plus hashtags) has to fit in one single tweet.
Following on from "Note: Okay, having received a couple of communication-th..." , I have now added some poems, short stories and a novella to my port if anyone wants to peruse it. No pressure.
Okay, having received a couple of communication-things from people, I do realise that my portfolio is pretty bare at the moment. So... is there anything people would like me to post? I have:
* Horror stories of varying lengths
* Fantasy stories of varying lengths (pulp, s&s variety in the main)
* Books (I can post chapters or the whole thing)
* Comedy poems
* Serious poems
* Essays (comedy & serious)
* Some scripts
* Various attempts at other genre as well (scifi, Western, Romance, erotica, contemporary drama, maybe some others)

The normal caveat that if a story is published it will be removed still holds, but if I get an idea of what people are looking for, I shall endeavour to supply.

I could use some laughs ... so comedy poems sound great. *Smile*
Quick note. I've been asked about pieces disappearing from my portfolio when I have lots of space. Well, once a piece is sold, I feel I cannot leave it here as if some-one has given me money for something, it is unfair that it remains free and risks cutting into their profits.

So I am sorry if this makes people unhappy in any way, but I am trying to make a living as a writer, and I need to look after those who actually pay me.

Wow, I sound nasty here. I don't mean to. But I am sorry if anyone is annoyed at this decision.
I don't leave the stories I've published available to read for free. That makes absolutely no sense.
Do you mean long stories? Or do you sell short stories? I have no idea how that works.
To everyone who wished me a happy birthday, a good day, etc. - thank-you. It was much appreciated. And I spent the day with my son, our first full day together since my divorce. It was really good.

Thanks everyone for the good vibes. *BigSmile*
Happy Belated birthday if I didn't say it before. Sounds like a good day. I love spending times with my sons.
I never get to see one though. :*(
Ah. After viewing other posts about your birthday I realise I'm probably a month late, so maybe I forgot whatever I did then.

Hi Steven
I read on the Newsfeed you wrote a horror/ western. Is it in your portfolio? I'd like to read it.
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