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Happy birthday, old friend. *Angel* Miss you.
Stick- you created my sig almost 2 years ago and I still use it everyday. Your art lives on a little bit through me....thank you, sir. We miss you. Rest in peace, my friend.
Stick, I will always miss you here on WDC. I know that you are roaming around Heaven, lining up the newbies, and giving smiles to all. Say hello to my sweet friend, D. Palmer for me.
I've been away from the WDC and only just found out... *Sad*

Rest In Peace...
I know we didn't usually get along, but I wish our last exchange had been different. You were a great opponent, Lyle. Rest in peace
I just wanted to drop by to say good night! I'm going to sleep. The time now is 3:00 am. See you tomorrow, mentor. *Smile*
Goodbye my friend *Heart*
You were awesome! I liked you a lot friend!*Heart*
We will miss such a great person! *Sad*

Yours only Water_Bug
Bye Stick *Heart* I'm going to miss your wit and style.
*Frown* gonna miss you
We're gonna miss you, Sticky. You were an awesome mentor who helped and encouraged many.
We're all gonna miss you, Lyle
You rock, and we all love you very much—God bless!
*Balloonv* Happy WDC birthday! *Balloonv*