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Anyone here play Cards Against Humanity?
Or Apples to Apples?
Or any of those other social card games that make you laugh?

The StoryMaster and I were missing this activity (and all the laugher it brings) during the lockdown this year and so he created Quimsy.com so that we could play with friends online! *Smile* Make sure you check it out and share it with your friends!

Please like us on facebook at https://fb.com/quimsycom
and head to https://www.quimsy.com to play! *Smile*

@Fivesixer - itโ€™s a web site so any decide with a web browser can use it. That includes full size computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, android tablets, android phones, etc etc. anything with a browser! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I"ve been trying two days to get wdc to even come up,l and none of the groups on the right are showing so can't post goals.others have had this problem too
Wait a minute...SM CREATED THIS?!? Do we not keep you busy enough?!? *Laugh* Plus, you have a family business you help run as well, right?

Okay, I know I'd joked about you guys being vampires in the past because you are up at all hours of the night (taking care of us on WdC *Bigsmile*), but seriously, this is too much! No actual human could do all you do! *Think* You'd better pull back to a more normal level of productivity before one of those secret government organizations discovers you. *Worry*

Pro Tip: To appear "normal" during quarantine, sit on the couch watching TV and eating chips and pizza for 14 hours/day. If you haven't gotten fatter, increased your cholesterol, and lost brain cells by the end of all this, you aren't fitting in. *Wink*

*Vamp*?   *AlienGr*?   *Monster6*?


Seriously, I'm beyond impressed and really appreciate and respect everything you all do, especially for us!

*Heart* *Hug1**hug**Hug2* *Heart*
Just a quick note for anyone waiting on a physical merit badge... they are coming! The coronavirus lockdown kinda threw us for a loop, in that, I normally have a helper/employee that comes in to our office to help me hand-make and assemble each of those. When this quarantine happened, we basically just stood still for a bit to see how long she wouldn't be able to come. It's a LOT of supplies and so much easier when we are here at the office working on things. But since the lockdown hasn't been lifted here in PA, we are readjusting our plans, revamping our workspace, and moving right along. Your merit badges will go out in the mail in the next two weeks! Just wanted to let you know! There are 80 badges heading out very soon!! *Smile*
*FlowerY* *Egg2* *FlowerT* *Egg3* *FlipFlops3*

Tell us... what fun Writing.Com activities are you hosting this weekend?

I am looking for community-wide events with a
spring, colorful, or Easter theme and in which
everyone can participate and join in the fun!

Comment here with a link so I can check it out! *Smile*!

*FlowerY* *Egg2* *FlowerT* *Egg3* *FlipFlops3*
I have it on good authority there are five Easter Bunnies that have been working diligently and they will throw a massive Easter Goodie Hunt, Starting Friday, April 10th going thru Sunday, April 12th. There are OVER 100 goodies going to be up for grabs and everyone on WDC is welcome to participate in the hunt! It is FREE!!
Sorry, I forgot to add the link.

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A new contest sponsored by Bikerider 10 years! and Lilli โ˜•

Just the Facts!  (E)
A prompt-driven short story competition!
#2215710 by Lilli โ˜•

Try your hand at something new. Be a sleuth and write a story based on the provided facts.

These facts are your prompt and each must be included in your story.

A man enters a jewelry store and asks to see the engagement rings.

The proprietor puts a velvet tray of diamond rings on the counter.

The suspect removes several rings and examines them, then places them back on the tray.

After the man leaves, the proprietor notices one very expensive diamond engagement ring is missing.

Things to consider for your story:

Did the suspect take the ring, or was it misplaced?
If he stole the ring, does he try to sell it or is does he want to ask his girlfriend to marry him
but he doesn't have the money to buy a ring?
Or does he have another motive?

Genre for this round:
Crime Fiction and/or Romance
(author's choice)

I wanted to share the skin I'm using today... it's been very soothing and relaxing for me. Thought maybe some of you might enjoy that, too. A reminder for all of you that spend a lot of time here, switch things up and try new skins! It really does help with creativity/mood uplifts! *Smile*

#100200 • Nature: Pretty Flowers
Actions:  Try Use

That's the one I'm using today and it's just very pleasant on my brain. With the backdrop of a rainy, grey day outside my windows, this is just what I need! *Smile*

To learn more about skins, read: "Skins & Themes.
Thank you for the great suggestion!!! I needed a change! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
I haven't changed mine in ages, since I like to have my background match my skin. *Laugh* But this is the one I have right now:
#100058 • Design: Purple Elegance
Actions:  Try Use
I love it!!! Thank you for the suggestion!! I needed a change coming back. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring postcard, by the way. It did not go unnoticed even if it took me a bit to get on here to say it!
Hi there

I want to say, I love your port and guess what, I'm one step closer to White/Red Queen/King, so I'm excited about finishing this contest and get that crown. So I hope you are having a good day. Be safe!

*Sun* *Home* STAY AT HOME WEEKEND! *Home* *Sun*

I'm ready to hand out a few new "Stay at Home" merit badges...
who's ready to receive one?

All you have to do is SOCIALIZE... at home! *Delight*
1) Click on "Read & Review" in the left navigation and read and PUBLIC review whatever item comes up. (Work hard on that review... no lame, "great job"-type one liners. *Wink*)
2) Post an update on the community newsfeed with your plans for the weekend.
3) Find two other newsfeed posts from two different members and comment on them with some thoughts they might find interesting! *Smile*

When you have COMPLETED all three tasks above, come back here and:
1) Link the item you read and reviewed using the {item:1234567} tag.
2) Link the newsfeed post you made using the {note:12344567} tag.
3) Tell me what you are looking forward to most this weekend! *Smile*

And then I will reward you a merit badge over the weekend! Think of this as a new way to socialize and maybe make some new friends. Let's find the positives to this "stay at home" time! *Smile*
I wish I could but my tendonitis is acting up... to much spring cleaning. Then I tripped on the vacuum cord and fell down. OUCH!!!!
1.) Review of "My Capistrano Cappuccino"

2.) "Note: The Boy!" and "Note: If anyone wants to know what I&#..."

3.) I'm doing these: "Note: Oof, forgot it was supposed to ..."
Good job, everyone! Merit badges have been awarded up to this point! *Smile*
For anyone waiting on their custom Merit Badges from me, I will be tackling all of those THIS WEEK! I appreciate your patience and will be cranking out lots of them in the next few days! *Smile* If you are interested in your own custom merit badge, visit: "Commission a Merit Badge!

Stay safe, folks! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
WOOHOO!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! *Bigsmile*
I'm so tempted to commission one for my WDCity item... Hmmm...
Hope my Merit Badge will be done soon. I need something to look forward to with things being as they are.
Hi, The StoryMistress

I'm just stopping by your notebook on my way through Wonderland. I've eaten my fill of cake and drank more tea than I ever thought possible. I've grown big, shrunk down, followed a rabbit, met a hare. Now, I don't really know which way is up *Pthb*

What I do know is I have to say this: one step closer to White/Red Queen/King.
In case you're just roaming around
and trying to figure out what you want to do next,
I just rewarded members with over...

*CoinGold* *CoinGold* *CoinGold* 175,000 Gift Points *CoinGold* *CoinGold* *CoinGold*

...just for posting their goals and updating us about them!

Earn Gift Points by posting your own!
"Weekly Goals

*Target2* *Target* *Target2* *Target* *Target2* *Target*