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Itchybarn has one more day to just stay in that Top 10! Please FIND ONE PERSON you know who can vote for him tonight and help him get back up to maybe 4th place so we can keep him in that Top 10 by tomorrow! THANK YOU!!!!!

I voted for him the other day. I forgot to tell you. I hope you stay way up there Itchybarn
Done! *Smile*
Ooooooooh - they KICKED the cheaters that they found so far AND the "kids" who uploaded incorrect/plagiarized code! Woohoo! So your votes are absolutely counting toward keeping Itchybarn in the Top 10! If you haven't voted for him yet, please do... if you have already, spread the word to your family and tell them their vote really DOES matter here and he's watching each of them come in!!! *Smile*

Yay! As of now, he's the fourth, and in one place, they were asking for the first three for the prizes. I tried to vote but my first note still counts. So if you haven't voted yet, please do. Let's put him within the top three.
We told you we'd keep you up to date... well, this morning, Jack has fallen below Top 10 votes because miraculously OVERNIGHT, the current top ones on the leaderboard received THOUSANDS of votes. (gee, well that's interesting LOL) So of course, he's panicking and needs more votes to keep near the top 10! (He knows some will get disqualified for their "bad code" and "not following contest guidelines", but we are still trying to keep his code near the top so the judges see it and he can be in the running! Please share his mission and help us get votes for him - only 3 days left!

I voted. Good luck, Itchybarn.
I received an important notice to vote for you from "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group Please know that I have voted and posted this newsfeed note on Twitter. I hope you'll win, good luck. *Bigsmile*
I voted. Good Luck!!!
We need your help! Our son Itchybarn is in a coding contest where he had to submit his own program/algorithm, hand-coded on his own... and he needs your vote! Please head to the page below and click on the "itchybarn" code to vote for him! You'll need your email address and then you'll have to confirm it! Post back and let us know that you voted for him!


After the top 10 voted are chosen, they will pick the BEST CODE from those 10 and that kid will win cash! Please help him stay in that top 10! *Smile*


We will keep you all updated on the contest!

I got this notification in my hotmail account *Down*

Your vote for Itchybarn is submitted!

Itchybarn is currently ranked number 8.0 with 167 votes.

Share this link to help Itchybarn win The Dragon Quest:

The winner will be crowned on May 1.
I just voted for you! Good luck, I hope you win the contest.
I just voted.

Which Writing.com groups are your favorite right now? This can be for any reason, such as they inspire you with activities, encourage new members, motivate writers... any reason you love these groups! It can be YOUR OWN GROUP or someone else's! I am looking for a list of active, wonderful groups who provide purpose to you or someone else! *Smile*

Please provide links to the groups in the comments below and a quick reason why you love the groups! *Smile* Thank you!!

I'd also like to add:
"Rising Star Book Club Participants I haven't seen this up and running yet in 2021, but previously, I loved this reading activity! It challenged me to read books I might not have read. I hope it opens up again! *Wink*
I'm not currently a member because life but "WYRM will forever be a favourite!
"Roots & Wings Group - This group runs the "Roots & Wings Contest which is unique in that it encourages people to research their family history and put that research into a readable format. It also has a discussion group for non-contest matters.

"The Snail Mail Group - This is one of the most active groups I'm a part of. It's constantly in my 'recently updated' favourites list. Members send birthday cards, letters, get well soon cards, parcels and sympathy cards around the world, and even participate in circle journals where the journal is sent from person to person until it returns home full of interesting tidbits, poems, recipes, postcards, etc. One of my favourite groups.

"The Quill Awards Panel and Bank - This is the group that runs and funds "The Quill Awards. While this is a bank that is used to hold funds donated by the WDC community, it's also the people that work behind the scenes to compile nominations, create images, organise judges and host the ceremonies.

"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group - This group is always active, always positive and encouraging, and the leaders go out of their way to support and teach members who are new to the art of reviewing. The group holds themed activities every month and are very inclusive.

"30-Day Bloggers Group - This group hosts the longest-running blogging contest on WDC, and they are active, fun and inclusive. They encourage teamwork and members interacting with each other's blogs, rather than a solitary pursuit.

"The Poet's Place - This is one of the most educational groups on the site. They share information and inspiration, and the leaders are constantly striving to teach and educate others on the art of poetry, all without being the least bit snobby or patronising.

"TLC Support Group - This group is all about setting goals and getting support for reaching them. Unlike your goal-setting forum, the primary aim of this group is to provide support for one another. Members are constantly encouraging each other and cheering each other on, offering advice and tips, and commiserating when things are difficult. It's one of the most positive groups on the site.
*NoteP* I need your help! My son Itchybarn has a youtube channel that he works REALLY hard at... he's trying to get to 100 subscribers and he's only at 80 right now. Once he gets to 100, he can get a custom youtube URL... so he's got goals! Can you help us out? *Smile*

Head to youtube and SUBSCRIBE, please!
Visit it: itchybarn  *Left*

*NoteP* THANK YOU! *NoteP*
Awakened ones freeshow youtube absolutely. Las vegas YouTubeers
He now at 110 subscribers.
#114 *Bigsmile*


How do I post a request for a beta reader?


I am one step closer to White/Red Queen/King. Are you curious? Have you read Alice in Wonderland? Have you played chess? Then come on over to Wonderland. I’m one step closer to completing a month-long journey through the mind of Lewis Carroll. Again.
Wonderland 2021  (E)
This is where you will find all the Wonderland Contest items.
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