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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. I'm excited to begin my adventure in this site, learning and sharing with all of you.

I began writing in Spanish, as it is my native tongue (I'm from Venezuela), but have always wanted to learn the craft of writing in my other almost-native tongue (I lived as a kid in the USA). I've read a lot of great authors in many genres, specially in Fantasy and Science-Fiction and would be honored to continue their steps and keep creating awesome worlds, intriguing plots and lovable characters.

I have yet a lot to learn, but I'm more than willing to work hard and get a little bit better each day. I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with you. :)
Hi, everyone I've just joined this wonderful site and hope to share lots of stories here.

I've shared some stuff on Facebook before but no one seems to read there anymore.

I hope that you enjoy my work and can live with my errors. I'm not perfect and need to edit more
Have a great day.
I must be totally stupid as I have searched the site over and over but am unable to introduce myself but i am going to try here. I will be brief as at this stage my patience are worn thin and I am cranky. I am an Irish male aged 62 and I write poetry and short stories. It would be great if someone would befriend me and help to guide me through the site. Thanks, Tom
Pounce, I'm here! Now what, just teasing... I will work myself around this place. It's my 2nd day and I wanted to say thank you for this great site. Of course I am home sick this week so I have a bit more time to write, but wow already I have written a few things that were locked away and so powerful. I appreciate the opportunity to set them to paper and confront and compartmentalize them. Sometimes when we confront the demons we realize they were but kittens we couldn't see for the shadows that were hiding them. Again thank you for this site.

Just writing to tell you -- remember that annual PICTURE MARKET I go to every January? It's tomorrow. I'm going with two friends. I will be wearing my WDC shirt. I think of you each time I go there. So know that I'll be thinking -- SMs would've loved this! -- tomorrow!
This week has been insane... non-stop in every way with Christmas and Phoebe's end of treatment week. But I wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU if you sent coins to our little man! OH MY GOODNESS, he is THRILLED! We have been spending all week going through every single coin, reading all the letters, talking about the elves and their backgrounds, discussing the stories and what those elves probably do for Santa, and coloring maps to show where those coins are from. Not only is this the best gift EVER, but it's turned into the best geography homeschool lesson I could have ever imagined.

We are currently working on Elf Amy and Elf Bob's set of coins. Our first set was JS McBridelf, the Reindeer Caretaker. Omgosh, did he love these names and stories. And the amazing collection you guys put together for him! What an awesome keepsake for this entire life. We are meticulously going through every coin, putting it in a coin flip, and documenting the country, year, type, value, an interesting fact about that coin, and then lovingly alphabetizing all of them. *Laugh* He is in his glory. Know that you have made a little 9-year old boy VERY happy and have sealed his belief in Christmas magic for years to come! *Heart*

Mrs. Claus also wrote a letter to him, explaining what the elves did and how amazing it was that they did that for him. And she included a "Coin Collector's Kit", which consisted of a new Coin Collector's Album, some coin flips to store them in, and a gigantic magnifying glass with lights and massive magnification levels. (And WOW! Some of those coins are so detailed and tiny - we are having a blast with this!)

So thank you again! What an awesome gift for this little guy! *Heart*
Glad Jack loved the coins, I hope the ones I sent you got there in time
I never got mine sent. *Blush* The lead in to Christmas was just a mad rush. Was so happy to see Phoebe ring that bell though. Definite warm fuzzies. *Heart*
I'm glad Jack liked the coins. A couple of people were involved in the collection I sent, and I made sure their supervisors learned of their generosity.

Happy New Year!

Omgosh, I received the first package for my secret โ€œcoins around the worldโ€ project from Santaโ€™s elf in Japan today! I have tears in my eyes reading this little story about the coins and the explanations about them! Jack is going to be amazed at this package that you are all helping me put together for him. Talk about encouraging and keeping that magic alive for a little boy! Thank you!!!! I am so excited for him to open these and read Christmas morning!!!! ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป

If you have no idea what Iโ€™m talking about, see "Note: I need your help! ..."! Smile Feel free to join in and โ€œbe a Santaโ€™s elfโ€!!! You guys are the BEST!!! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
Mine from France and England and one piece from the Bahamas are on their way to you!
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I'm happy that the coins arrived. In Japan we are not allowed to send cash by regular mail. I'm also very happy you liked the letter.
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Mine is on the way!!
*Candy1* *SantaHat* I need your help! *SantaHat* *Candy1*

My son Jack LOVES coins and he's been fascinated with them since he was a toddler. This year, he put coins from around the world on his Santa list. "Santa is the one person that flies all over the world and has access to so many coins!" he said.

I thought I'd reach out to our Writing.Com members... if you would like to make a little boy's face light up on Christmas morning, here's what you can do:

1 - Find pocket change that you can spare (from any country even the US)
2 - Tape it inside a card (or however you can send them)
3 - Write anything you'd like on it explaining how much that coin is worth or a neat fact about it
4 - Sign your name AS ONE OF SANTA'S ELVES! And maybe even include your job description as an elf! *Delight* *Delight* *Delight*
5 - Send it to Writing.Com, Attn: The StoryMistress, PO Box 22131, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002

I am going to put these together in a package from Santa himself explaining that his elves brought coins in for Jack and that he's lucky because Santa's elves come from all over the world!

Did you see he also put "chewable ice" on his list??? *Laugh* Not sure how Santa is going to get all of that ice here without it melted, but you can bet he's going to try his best!!! *Laugh* We always joke that Jack is 9 years old, but he's really a 65-year old man inside. His list this year might just prove that. *Heart*

If you're going to participate, comment here so I can get excited for him!!!! *Laugh*
Mailed today and on its way *BigSmile* Germany, Canada, England, Mexico, Peru, and Thailand.
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I'll be sending some coins too.
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Package on the way from Elf Amy and Elf Bob! *Delight* Elf Bob had fun going through his collection to find different countries.
Hello, Ron Leighman here. Just a guy wanting to get his books published by a real publisher instead of Createspace or even Feedaread. Currently, I have five that are published by Createspace. Four of them are sequels and the fifth one is actually my first horror. I kinda liked writing the horror, because it allowed me to go way beyond what can happen. Action, you have to use realism and you're expected to not have superhuman acts being done. Unless of course, you're writing for Marvel or DC comics. I have no desire to write for either. I'd like to make some new friends who have once been where I am now, get some advice how to get my foot in the right door, and who knows maybe I can even offer at least encouragement to newbies.
This photo shows a great love between these two people. A cute little child is kissing a lady at her cheek. Eyes are closed both of them are just feeling the moment.
Past Member 'normanb900'  101302962
Yes thats a good start to a stoty Id like to write.Kissing is quite personal and should be met with pleasure and passion.
Thank you so much for allowing me to become a member of your family. I say it that way, because I look to those I work with closely and share my personal things with, as a family. I love the about section on how you and your husband started this. I think it's wonderful. Again, thank you for the opportunity to join you.
i love to know more aboute u