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Hello, You have visited my port over the years--I have old reviews that prove it *Laugh*--and I don't remember visiting in kind. Today I've decided to correct that bit of oversight. I find so many technical items I need to learn from in your port that I have Fanned you. *Delight*

I will be back to read but until then TTFN and Have a great weekend.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. This Year 2014. The best gift of all was the renewing of my drivers lic. I was stressed for days over the vision test, but it was a snap. I'm legal for 5 more years. yea! lol
Happy Birthday!*Balloon4*
A very happy birthday!
Happy driving too. :D
Also had another wedding anniversary, but that lic doesn't expire I guess. lol
A blessed 55th year anniversary of joys and troubles was celebrated today...yea us!!
Congrats. If I make it that long, I'll be 90m, sheesh.
Thanks everyone--*Laugh*
Thanks! It's been fun...
I hope that is in connection with your last message or I'd have to worry over here! *Smile*
*Partyhatp* Happy WDC birthday! *Partyhatp*
Happy, happy birthday WDC! Many, many more... *CakeP*
Well, I don't know where you think you're going, Esprit. But I am not happy about it. I loved your blogs, your opinions (the more politically incorrect, the better), and you were just fun to hang out with and lament whatever seemed proper for that day. Come back soon! njames51
LOL... and a test at the same time. *Smile*
A test?! Who, what, where, when, and Why?

This scribble thing is liable to become a fun time waster for us procrastinators. *Delight*
Or a creative way to exchange ideas and spur inspiration. lol. *Bigsmile*
And the reply link works just like its supposed to, too. lol

I was testing too. *Smile*
I'm trying to remember if I sent a "Thank You" reply to SMs when I was promoted to Preferred. I was so excited and discombobulated that I might not have! Oh geesh, where did that random thought come from? Is it too late to say 'Thank You'? *Blush* *Delight*