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Hey if people want to do like a red vs blue, soul eater, full metal alchemist, Naruto, or yugioh collab then message me back
Heard it really don't give a s*** for it
Ah, okay. So, shall we do the collab, then?
On what
I could use peoples help on my latest story sonic body part swap
okay. By the way, ever heard watch much anime, M.K?
I watch anime all the time
I started a new story so can you guys come and help, thanks
Hey guys. Sorry if I was quiet for the past months, but I have actual stories on another site so yeah, see ya!
Just look me up on fanfiction.net
Just look me up on fanfiction.net
Hey i'm almost done with chapter 2 of my crossover here is the story
Hey i am making a vanguard story if anyone wants to be apart of it hurry up in the next 10 minutes
what's vanguard?
Look it up
Is it anime?
I reached over 1,000 chapters
Hooray! In what?
my bad its
yo i'm doing a livestream come to this link
yo anyone wanna do a kamen rider collab?
It's my 1 year anniversary here
is that good or bad?
I am going to the E.R for the chest pains i have been having for the past 6 months. I've tried nexiom and its not helping. So i'm gonna find out whats wrong so wish me luck
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Good luck!
hey check out and add to my latest story
check my portfolio for it
merry christmas everybody
Happy hooligan-days!
Hey, MK, want to write together?
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