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As The Crow Flies

Will There Be Violence?

         Violence is a word we hear a lot these days. Of course, violence has always been part of our human culture, always finding a welcoming place to be comfortable and at home. For the shared entertainment of the masses, violence is hard to beat. The Romans well understood what the people enjoyed. We seem to know as well. We seem drawn to it - and I hate to be so cliche - like a moth to the proverbial flame.
         In any case, these current times are no different. If people are not cracking each other's skulls or shooting others in the neck, we may try a more not so subtle tactic; we use the violence of words. The Bible speaks of the tongue being a fire, a world of iniquity. The Scripture says, "But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison."
         In consideration of these things, what are we to do? What will our politicians do, and how will the people respond. A trapped animal is not to be trifled with. Are the American people being slowly pushed to the brink? Is there the potential for violence, or do we consider ourselves too sophisticated for such things?
         Will there be violence? That old dragon is circling above. Pray to God above that we do not feel the dragon's firey breath.
Sadly people at least most people need to be pushed to the brink of destruction before they wakeup and se and small and feel then understand and know what is actually happening. Once awakened some will find a peaceful means to bring themselves away from the brink of destruction and others will fight in army with many others to win the battles and bring themselves away from the brink of destruction.


Discerning what is actually happening in any moment requires diligence and quick thorough searching. Knowledge is power but what knowledge? If using only one source for the needed knowledge there is great opportunity of remain poor and destitute in spirit and the ability to act appropriately. Only when seeking knowledge from varied sources can a person be filled with and know of a certainty about what is actually happening. By having a thorough and balanced picture or story of the events of what is happening then a person can determine how and what they will do for a given situation.
As The Crow Flies

What Book Would You Be?

         Fahrenheit 451 is a wonderful book. It was written by Ray Bradbury in 1951. What I find so amazing about this work is the fact that many of the things he writes about the dystopian society described in the book are happening in our very time. Just imagine that 60 plus years ago, you could almost precisely describe the events of the present.
         If you haven't gotten around to reading the book, please do so. As the saying goes, it is quite the page-turner. How can you go wrong with 200 pages?
         By the way, if you had to commit a book to memory, what book would it be?
It would be Lord of The Flies
I'm reading Fahrenheit 451 now and it is page-turning.
My next book is 1984.
James A. Michener‘s Hawaii.

I read it aboard ship in the South Pacific in 1960, right after it came out. I’ve read it 4 times and if I could memorize it I’d worry a lot less about losing my memory.
As The Crow Flies

The Moment To Begin

         As far as writing is concerned, I have concluded that there is always the perfect time to begin a particular project. I know, perfect may be a strong word, But I think you get the idea.
         I will gladly use myself as an example. I may sit around without any particular project in mind, and this may last for seems like the longest time. But then, without the slightest warning, that inner voice will say that it is time to begin. Why does it happen at that moment and not another? I have not the slightest idea. I would imagine that this is common with many writers. No more than a hunter sits in his blind the livelong day hoping that his quarry may happen by, do I find myself on the constant lookout for the next idea. I let the idea come to me, rather than searching under every rock in the hope of finding one.
I get this. I remember something forming in my mind and it was time to sleep so I tried to sleep and couldn't. Finally I caved in and started writing. {item:one line at a time and ended up writing till I was satisfied and could sleep.
Sorry last post messed up.
As The Crow Flies

Crow's Commentary

         After the recent events in our nation's capital and the resulting actions of the democratic elites, what is the next step for a people who have hitherto lived under the axioms of the Constitution? Thusfore, the talking heads have not been short on advice and prognostications. As a matter of fact, I don't believe anyone could possibly know what lies ahead. History has never failed to show us what power in the hands of one or more individuals can do. It can be a force for good or one toward the destruction of millions. Power always comes to flame from the strike of politics. We should all remember that politics is singularly about power. President Trump's second impeachment was purely a display of power and hate. Beyond those two, it had no logical purpose.
         Now, the democratic gang has the power, and they intend to use it to crush all who openly oppose them. President Joe Biden will serve his purpose as long as it suits his masters. He has assembled a cabinet right out of the Socialist who's who. Vice president Kamala Harris will stand beside Biden until she replaces him completely, but this may well have been the plan from the beginning. Biden is the oldest president ever to occupy the Oval Office. He will not last long. However, the more serious question may be how long our beautiful country will be the home of the free under the neosocialist regime?
"We Mutually Pledge To Each Other Our Lives, Our Fortunes And Our Sacred Honor"

A line from the Declaration of Independence.

And with that line The Founding Fathers created a Democratic Socialist Republic.

"The founding generation, like every one before and since, had feet of clay. These men weren’t angels, and they knew it. Yet, when they “mutually pledge[d] to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor,” they gambled all and aspired to something greater than their own narrow self-interest. The signers’ understanding of classical virtues and their deep desire to be remembered in history helped guide their conduct. In linking their reputations to the founding of the United States, these men publicly demonstrated their disinterestedness, their virtue, their deep and abiding concern with their honor, and their desire for some measure of fame."

If you are unsure if the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism please look it up!
No comment I think you have us confused with Parler.
As The Crow Flies

Do You Get Enough Attention?

         That can be a very loaded question for a great many people. However, I intend to address a singular group, that being the community of WDC.
         Have any of you out there ever gotten the idea that no one is paying any attention to what you write? Do you feel that you receive the number of reviews that you should? I would consider myself a most solitary crow within this community. I don't expect or crave a great deal of attention, but I feel that I have friends who are more than generous in giving me my fair share.
         Now, what about those who seem to get a great deal of attention? There is a reason for that. For one thing, they are involved in just about every contest that comes along. They have accrued many hundreds of community recognitions, Merit Badges galore, as well as loads of Awardicons. Their ports could hardly be more colorful with their ribbons hanging like moss from an old Spanish Oak. You may look at it all and wish that your port could look like that. Well, the truth is, the squeaky wheel really does get the grease. They are involved, and they often get rewarded for that involvement. If you put the energy into getting more involved, you will get more of that attention you desire. As for this old crow, I'm more than content to find a high perch and survey the activity below. As for those colorful ribbons, I look better in black.
As The Crow Flies

Two Poems May Be Better Than Six

         While reading a poem the other day, something occurred to me. You don't need to hold on to your seats or anything like that because this thought is probably common sense to most. The thought that came to me while reading was this: when reading poetry, don't attempt to read five or six poems at one sitting. Rather, read one or two. Of course, that will all depend on the complexity of the poems in question. As you know, some poems require more analytical thought than others. For those poems that require such, you must give yourself time to ruminate and then digest their meaning. Trying to assimilate too many ideas at once doesn't give your brain the processing time it needs. Surely you have come across poems that require more than one reading, and even after three readings, you are still trying to get into the poet's head to understand their intent. We all know that some poems are real brain-twisters. After two readings, you may have a firm grasp as to the poet's thought, but maybe not.
         In any case, it may be wise to slow down a little. For what good is it to say that you have read six poems today but understood only two of them?
As The Crow Flies, Dropping Gems

Put It Down For Posterity

         If you have been writing for a considerable length of time, you have amassed a very prominent portfolio. Exactly what are your plans for that collection? If you haven't given thought to the question, here is something to consider. Gather your work; you may systematize it if you wish. Having placed things where you want them to be, create a bound copy of your work. A great many of you possess the savvy and expertise to accomplish this. You may be thinking that you have plenty of time for such things, but time waits for no man. The years may be long, but our lives are brief, and we never know when the bell will toll for any one of us.
         Now, consider those you will leave behind, and what a wonderful gift it would be if they had such remembrances of your thoughts and passions. I have no wish to place you beneath acrid earth too soon; God will see to that in His own time. Consider, however, those who love you. Leave them more than a memory. Bequeath to them those stirrings of your heart that they would never have known otherwise.
Well written and so true. Thank you for bringing these ideas to light. I will ponder them and make ready my written words for friends and family and anyone else who may find them. Our history shows that words written long before and long after will guide and shape our future. Write well and share your insights to those who care and will carry forth ideas into the future.
As The Crow Flies, Dropping Pearls

Are You A Good Writer?

         A very loaded question to put to a community of writers. You might think that most who would put pen to paper would assess their efforts as worthy of appreciation. Some would not hesitate to say that they are good writers. I would agree, seeing that I have had the pleasure of reading many of them. It is true, of course, that not all writers are created equal. Some have bestowed upon them greater gifts. Such is the way of humans, and as I can see, animals as well. However, consider that, except for the hand of providence, some writers who are considered great would have never risen to prominence. Also, many who might have risen to some level of notoriety will never do so for some reason or another. It also must surely be said that many published writer's talents are often highly overrated. Conversely, some of the greatest writers in history were hardly recognized in their lifetime.
It can truly be said that writing is very often subjective, like so many other things.
         I will admonish you to never introduce your work by telling your readers that the work isn't very good. If you truly believe that your story or poem will not stand muster, then do not set forth until it does. If you tell me that your work is crap before I read it, why would I wish to waste my time?
         Whatever you do, believe in yourself, and always work to make your writing better. It may be that you will never become a great writer; few writers do. However, if you have the passion and are willing to put in the time, you can be a good writer.