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What music do you like to listen to when you read or write?
I like to listen to nearly anything. Whatever strikes me at the time. Youtube is a great thing ;)
Romantic music seems to give me inspiration.
Not so much when I write, but when I do listen to music it's Christian or classical music. Both of which can inspire me to write ironically.
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Happy account anniversary Suzi.
Copenator out!
I got The period. '.'
I got the period/full stop also.
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Hello, Suzi17 !

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I wanted to make sure you were given a very warm welcome to Writing.Com! I hope you're settling in okay. *Smile* Have you gotten a chance to look around and check things out yet? Once you do, I know you'll find our wonderful community to be everything you've expected it to be and so much more! As testament to that, I've been here for almost 15 years! If you ever have any questions, please just ask! *Thumbsupl*

I'm glad you're with us! *Bigsmile*

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