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I found the poetry book that I got published in 2006:

Measure the Heart

Measure the Heart is a poetry book to fill the heart, and, she hopes, make people feel and think.

Paperback, 58 pages
Published November 13th, 2006 by America Star Books
ISBN142414860X (ISBN13: 9781424148608)
Edition Language: English

So long ago y'all. Anyhoo I found it on ~ https://www.goodreads.com/

Some day I am gonna get books published and I am so looking forward to that.
I got it bookmark, so I can read it. I like poems a lot plus Mystery/Thriller books.
Thank you so much *Heart*
Hi, Sunnie! I found your port and decided to say a quick hello. How’s it going? I like your profile pictures *Smile*
Hello there! Thank ya foe stoppin by.I'm doin alright and you? Glad ya like my prfile pictures. Have a wonderful day
"The Happiness Port Project starts today! Come and check it out *Writing*
Awesome project
Will we be allowed to make up missed days?
Sure, why not! I fixed it in the rules and guidelines too *Smile*
My "The Happiness Port Project began yesterday and I want to thank those who began with me yesterday and I look forward to others come in as well.
Happy Saturday y'all *Smile*
"Welcome To My Reality Forum Is also now open for this fine month of May 2020!
I am so in.
Beginning today this is starting!!!

"The Happiness Port Project

Remember anything that you wanna put in here is welcome *Smile*
Thank you so much ♥Pay It Forward is 19♥ for this wonderful gift:

Merit Badge in Paying It Forward
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For lifting spirits when times are tough and reaching out to the community with virtual hugs filled with *^*Heart*^*.  That is a wonderful way of paying it forward in our books!  *^*Heart*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Heart*^*

I love it *Heart*
Hiya Shadow Sunnie

I want to say, I love your port and guess what, I'm one step closer to White/Red Queen/King, so I'm excited about finishing this contest and get that crown. So I hope you are having a good day. Be safe!

your friend

Come join in here "The Happiness Port Project I plan to do this every day until it ends so come join in the fun!
Thank you. *Heart*
Psalms 37:4
Delight thyself also in the Lord;
And he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Thanks so much Lady S,needed to think on that.
Changes Things:

God and His Word:

*AsteriskB* Put God First.

*Asteriskr* Get the word in you -How?- By reading and studying the word of God!

*Asteriskg* Let go of everything that brings you down. Stop thinking about things that so easily upset you!

*Asteriskv* Pray - How?- Have a conversation with God yes talk to God and be sure to listen to what He may have to say.

*Asterisko* Work on things in your life one at a time and then move to the next thing and the next after you have completed doing the one at a time thing.

*Asteriskbr* Stop beating yourself up! God does not look at you like people do! God has the unconditional love and you can trust Him!

*Asteriskgr* Start Fresh, begin a new life, put things behind you that belong behind you!

*Asterisk* Never forget how to repent and tell God you are sorry and ask Him to help you in that area and keep going, don't stop!

*Asteriskp* Remember if you want your Heavenly Father than you have to Forgive or else your Heavenly Father will not forgive you! Yes, this is His word and His way! So make the right that you can and more on while letting God take care of the rest and believe He will!

*Coffeet* Get people around you, who encourage you, who push you to be and do better, who motivate you in God and who uplift you and then just let the rest go. Don't cut them off just place them in the next circle.

*Teabr* Okay circle like you have the close-net circle which are the closes to you. Then you have the next circle of the people that you like and they like you y'all are just friends ya know one another pretty well but not close. and then you have a 3rd circle which is where the acquaintances and others go.

*Flowery* And sometimes that inner close net circle will become low as you will place some that will go in the 2nd and 3rd circles.

*Tulipv* Never put walls up for others will be doing you the same way!

*Sun* Trust me the moment you do something that someone don't like and lemme add that you need to be careful and mindful of the those who will pretend and act like they don't have a problem with whatever you did that they don't really like ~ that is when you will see the "true colors" of a person. Not everyone is for you, remember that and lemme repeat it: Not Everyone Is For You! So be sure to guard your heart!

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