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And now Isekai Star Ultra has gotten 700 chapters. Thanks to everyone who helped on that story. And thanks to whoever gifted me the upgraded account.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thanks for everyone who helped SiF get up to 500 chapters.
And now Summoning is Fun is up to 300 chapters.
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Holy cow, good job!
And now Summoning is Fun has up to 200 chapters. Good progress.
And I got Summoning is Fun up to 101 chapters. I'm declaring that the first milestone for the story. Thanks to everyone who helped.
Someone just said that one of my stories, I think "Your Fictional Girl Harem", ought to be a sponsored item. I couldn't reply right so I'm sorry.
It was one of those messages where I can't reply to them at all. All it had was "close window" or "no more ghosties". What is this?
Sounds like you're on the scrolling messages? The ghosties show up every October and comment on our work 👻 I believe they are just generated randomly, and you can turn them off by clicking "no more ghosties."
And, no, you can't reply to them. Hope this helps!
I cannot see anything on my "items by favorite authors" page.
And I have finished moving every last chapter of Bakugan Seduction over to Pokemon and Bakugan Stories. If you have worked on that story thanks for chapters. If you feel like going back to an option you did there please go to P&B Stories since I am changing Bakugan Seduction to a different story.
Correct me if I am wrong but didn't there used to be no limit on how many interactives you can make years ago? I vaguely remember that.
I don't do interactives, but I seem to recall someone posting about a change, especially for the free membership because so many people would come, spend no money, but use resources. Maybe it changed for Basic as well. I'm not sure what your membership level is, but it's possible that you are remembering correctly. If you want to make more, check the membership benefits to see what level is best for you. *Smile*
No paid used to be 10
I had to recently bury one of my cats. I'm going to miss him. He was such a good boy.
New profile image. That's what apparently the AI of Artflow thinks I look like.
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And what do you think?
If you're in the hurricane path please be careful.
Pleased to say that my Isekai Star Ultra story now has 500 chapters. Thanks to everyone who has helped me with that story.
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500 chapters?!? WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Do you know how to post a link? I assume it's an interactive on here. It's always nice when people post links to the things they are talking about. *Smile*

I'll use my challenge as an example. Be sure you are using braces, not parentheses. Braces are just above the brackets on the keyboard. Also, after the colon, the last several things you've been working on will automatically pop up, so you might not even need the item number. But if you need the item number, it can be found below the title on the interactive's page. It is also on the item when you are in your port and haven't opened it yet. Finally, it's in the web address as well.

There are several ways to post links, but the 2 most common are below...

{item:2109126} *Right* "The Contest Challenge

{bitem:2109126} *Down*
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo Won NaNoWriMo!

Great work and again, congratulations!
Today's my birthday. I'm 24 today.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, John GoodHorse!
Ned: Are you a leap year baby?🤣😂😅
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