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Details: "A Monthly Poetry Contest which aims to bring out the best poem from your port. It is a very simple contest to enter."

Test Your Poetry  [E]
A "NO PROMPT" monthly poetry contest.
by Perry Ride

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Thanks for the tip. I just posted my entry for the new month.

What a great contest!
Two Word Tuesday

Give us your best two word caption for this photo...

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Vintage keyboard.
vintage ways
(I'm going to ignore the fact the hands belong to a female or some-one who identifies as female... picture this with chunky, stubby fingers with hair on the knuckles)

Me - 1985
Energizing a Blah Middle with Gripping Action and Emotion
What are your strategies for adding drama and emotion to the middle of your fictional story or novel?
Pull something out of the hundreds of ideas in one's head...that should bring the middle of one's story filled with drama and emotion...
None since I don't write fictional stories or novels. Hell I don't even write stories/novels.
Base it on the reality I see in people around me.
Two Word Tuesday

Give us two words that best describe sheep...

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Babes friends.
Led - lead
Best roasted
Wanted Wednesday

Howdy Pardners!

We've got trouble! Something just happened and
we need YOU to fill out this here "Wanted" posted.

Best be thorough... We need the bad guy's name,
why we want 'em and what reward we're offerin'.

Hop to it!
Every moment this poster aint hung,
errr, I mean posted,
the town's in danger!


Wanted: Jake Allen

For breaking into his bedroom

Reward: a new window
dead or alive Savage Slayer Savant for 73 murders reward a metric tone of silver
wanted dead or alive Savage Slayer Savant
for 73 murders
reward a metric tone of silver
What reminds us in each month?
The Rule of the 12 months season.
It seems the older I get, the faster time goes. Is it already September? The best reminder for me is if it's going to be someone's birthday and facebook lets me know *Geek*, otherwise, it's just another day of another month in another year
September has always seemed like a beginning to me. Probably all the years in school did this. So, as a time of renewal for me, I clean. And, decorate for my favorite seasons...Halloween and Christmas!!
September begins the transition from summer to fall.
Never watch a magic trick twice. It will ruin it.
Have you ever watched a magic trick from the wrong angle?
I saw Criss Angel years back. I guess it was just the position I was sitting but I saw am opague chord when he was "levitating"
No, I haven't and I am glad. Even in my sixties, I appreciate the magic behind the tricks.
I tried that once and almost got arrested. *Rolling*
Upending tropes to help create unique work
What's the most unique story/book you've read?
Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy
Gods of Shade and Shadow - Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Dr. Seuss~~Cat in The Hat.
The English Sapphic poetry form
Have you ever attempted an English Sapphic poem? Not sure what it is? Then, take a peek at this newsletter to learn how.
Once or twice... *BigSmile*

Hidden Treasures  (E)
She waits for those who will see. (Form: Sapphic Ode)
#1960450 by 🌓 HuntersMoon
Nope haven't tried it but will look into it.
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Tell us: What are you writing this weekend?
Try to get your brother Ivermectin, TheBusmanPoet . If they say no, keep pressing them on it because there are Covid doctors giving it to hospitalized people who have been vaccinated. Also, Hydroxychloroquine (not the fishtank cleaner spelled similarly) helps Ivermectin work better when they are used together.
I write during the week and take weekends off to be with my family.
SEO-related content articles that keeps taking me off my creative pursuits but it pays the bills so on we go LOL
*Lightning2* Suddenly Sunday *Lightning2*

Finish this sentence:

         The moon was shining and all hope seemed lost, when suddenly...
The moon was shining and all hope seemed lost, when suddenly he stopped. A strange silence fell over the shimmering forest. The tinkling of bells drifted through the air, an ethereal tune playing somewhere in the trees. He was unable to move, not his arms, not his legs. Only his eyes were able to dart back and forth, scan the foliage. And then she walked into view.Tall and regal with black hair that danced with starlight. Her black, glittering orbs of eyes sparkled, her dark green robes flowed around her. The garments reached out to touch his arms, hands and face.

"Hello, my love," her faraway voice said. "You belong to me now..."
The moon was shining and all hope seemed lost, when suddenly... Pineapples. (Man, i'm bad at this)
...I turned around and there he was, clad in darkness and bathed in glorious moonlight. The garments I'm wearing didn't seem to make any difference with his eyes feasting on me--I felt his hunger and I'm powerless.
Everyone at WdC is a volunteer, and any volunteer is at risk for taking too much on.
What was your most rewarding volunteer experience?
Rescuing wildlife and domestic animals.
Taking seniors, who can't drive, to Dr appts or shopping. This was before I was a senior myself. I had such a wonderful time listening to all of their incredible life stories. Give us senior a moment to talk and will do it *Wink* .
Being a mom and grandmother to my nonbiological family. I love being a grandma and since I have a special needs son, it probably wasn't going to happen the regular route. That's okay. And, my adopted son is an amazing man! His strength is amazing! I love these kids, I need these kids and I don't know what I would do without them ❤

Hey Google - some passive research can end up in your stories.
How did something odd end up in your story?
Sometimes when I'm sleepy, it's odd that I would write down a name for a character, not knowing how I came up with it.
It was meant to be in the story...
In one of my stories, my main character has three "children": an alien (no not from the movie; a little green or grey guy), a dwarf T-Rex who talks, and a grizzly bear who talks. Now how did I come up with that? There was an alien, a talking T-Rex and a talking grizzly bear in an old computer game I had. So I thought why make the story a typical vampire hunter story, let's give our female lead some interesting companions! And there you are!
Three Word Thursday

In just three words, give us your best caption for this picture...

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Meadow Grazing Sheep.
poorly trained shepherd
Baaaaasking in field
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