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Two Word Tuesday

Give us two words that best describe closed doors...

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Secret session.
Safe borders.
secrets kept
What is Book-Club Reading and what are its elements?
In what ways, can the experience of belonging to a book club enhance your writing?
It can introduce you to an author, with a style you haven't read before. New ways of writing are always a treasure to find.
One of the enhancements belonging to a book club is: a member's work is discussed, dissected, reviewed, resulting in a member's piece of writing getting published... Just imagine: maybe a written work is practically published in a matter of months, not years....what an enhancement...

To expand what you are reading. Even though I didn't really like what my Book Club was reading, I was able to look at the books from a writer's standpoint and see that, I guess, anything goes really. The three books that I did read broke several rules on POV and timeline flow. Still, the other members of the club did not seem as confused as I was about it.

I think if you can find a Book Club where you feel comfortable, it could be a great experience. Just because this experience for me was bad, does not mean I wouldn't try again nor should it turn you away from the experience.
Two Word Tuesday

Give us your best two word caption for this photo...

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oi oi
Shady Bunny.
misbehaved pupil
Two Word Tuesday

Give us your best two word caption for this photo...

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Sunshine is just around the corner.
Vanishing City.
Sandstorm masquerade
Three Word Thursday

What three words best describe hypothetical situations?

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Possibilities and impossibilities
Probabilities and improbabilities
Einstein's brain food
A look at the classics to find the common thread.
Is there a Romance/Love trope that you seem to favor (reading and/or writing)?
When the love interests have to have each other’s lives.
Everyone else: *heated discussion of enemies to lovers trope and how they (dis)like it
Me: Oddly enough, this kinda how my relationship with my husband got started, so....
I like enemies to lovers not everyone has a good start 😂
Making the tough decisions
Do you prefer writing long or short pieces? How about reading and judging?
I think it would be a good practice to do short and/or long pieces.
I really love long pieces but I started writing short stories and I'm having fun with them. I can read long or short pieces it doesn't matter.
Short and long despite that long works give me trouble. I can read either and I love to critique and be critiqued
Flashback Friday

Tell us about something
from your past...

I've had at least two apartment fires in my life where I lost everything.

With my writing, it was an opportunity to clean out and refresh and get rid of what hadn't stayed in my mind. I didn't look at it that way at first...but when I sat down to write again I realized that it wasn't just a blank page I was looking at.... it was a clean slate.

When I was a teenager, I drove a truck on the pasture and burned rubber.
We had traditions that I still do with my kids like making a simple punch only for the holidays.
Hiding clues for your readers
What is important?
The little clues that matter...
Leaving a clue for your reader in itself isn't important unless the clue itself is planned. The Unplanned Clue isn't so much important in a story concept. Rather the unplanned Clue is the idea of leaving an open hole in your story. So that as the writer
When you write yourself into a corner. Which all writers eventually do at some point. You can use the Clues as an emergency escape exit to pull everything within the confines of your writing neatly together. In such a flawless way that it can't be denied that you planned it that way from the start. That's why a good writer leaves clues.
details are important to me. Little things bug me.
Saturday Sentence...

         Give us a sentence that's exactly seven words.


What would I have done without writing.com?
Seven words.
pizza is a universal meal for anyone.
Facing our mortality is something we all have to do.
Do you believe your soul lives forever?
I think I shall reserve my comment on this question...
Humans are a tripartite being. Spirit, soul, and body. Without the soul the body is just a hunk of meat. Without the spirit of life it is dead meat.
The soul is also tripartite, intellect, will, and emotions. In the present scheme of things, the soul is temporal and ceases to function when the body dies unless there is another life source to extend the soul's function.
Ist Cor. 15 reads sort of like this:
So in Adam all die, in Christ all shall be made alive. Anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus shall be saved. Book of Acts.
If a person dies without God, the spirit of life goes back to God who gave it, and the soul perishes. The choice is life or death.
I want it to but it might be more work than I bargain for.
Short, shorter, micro fiction!
Can you tell a whole story in just a few words?
Happily ever after doesn't mean forever, just time.
Yes definitely
Suzy went to the sea shour.
a brief inquiry into why folks like Horror/Scary.
Why do you like, read or write horror?
I love to read horror because I love the supernatural. More often than not, horror writers give you a story that you believe might just happen on the street where you live. at least, that's the kind I like to read.....
I don’t really life has had it own horrors for me so I really don’t write about it unless it’s about the horrors of my life
To get the blood pumping and not to feel too safe which could give you a false sense of security. The world outside isn't always a happy place.
Believe it or not, math is found in each day of our lives: business, art, nature, cooking, and more.
What's your favorite representation of math in nature?
Never thought about it really maybe the rainbow,not really sure? Maybe the number of fruits on a fruit and all the things you can make with them that’s an interesting question.
Poetry and math? Oohh...
*QuestionO* Hey Writing.Com, we'd like to know! *QuestionO*

What are you reading this weekend?


Back to my editing....
On Juneteenth
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