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The year is winding down, that means resolutions and writing goals!
I've already made my resolution to finish my novel in 2019!
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I agree with jonblair.

"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war!"
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I hope I'll get a little better and less worse in the next year.
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What's your all time favorite holiday song?

Leave a comment with your answer!

OH SNAP!! Every year, I forget about this song...maybe because MTV doesn't play videos anymore. But when they did, this was definitely a favorite. Seems like I always remember it after someone asks what my favorite Christmas songs are. *Laugh*

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I don't really have only one favorite. There are so many good ones. I agree that The Kinks's " Father Christmas" is high on my list. I like anything by Trans-Siberian Orchestra or Mannheim Steamroller. I am a big Alice Cooper fan, so I get a kick out of this one.

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Christmas shoes by new song! I can't even sing along without tearing up haha
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Tell us: What are you writing this weekend?
A new short story connected to my novella.
The greatest love story ever written, and many, many, more where that came from, but, alas I have come to a temporary roadblock in my life and writings.
How would you like to hear about one hot, steamy,night in a cabin in the canadian rockies with my lover John Paul and a howling blizzard outside not to mention howling wolves.
A new short story connected to by other novella, possibly a poem or two. I might even dabble for an article.
Sizzling Saturday...

          Name something that's red hot...
          and tell us how it got that way...

*Fire*   *Fire*   *Fire*

The Sun!

The temperature in the core is around 15 million degrees Celsius and only (only, HA!) 6,000°Celsius at its surface. The chromosphere is about 10,000°C and the Corona exceeds a million degrees Celsius.

That’s hot!
Oh, yeah, how it gets that way.

The gravity at the core is intense enough to force two hydrogen atoms to fuse (combine into another element) into 1 helium atom and give off some energy. It takes 10,000 to a million years for that energy to reach the surface.
Something that is red hot would be a car, especially a Mustang I love the color red and Mustangs they go so fast. I had a Mustang once but it was black. A red Mustang would be sizzling hot you could ride it in with no worries, put the stereo up and blast the tunes,
sing along if you will. Which is what I like to do is sing and ride in my red Mustang that would be the ultimate dream for me.
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*Magnify* Suspicious Sunday *Magnify*

Who Dun It?

         Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner or Blitzen?

... And what did they do?
The snow was coming down hard, but not hard enough to hinder their flying. The team was waiting on the rooftop pawing the roof and occasionally looking up to watch the snow fall. Every reindeer was waiting patiently, except Blizen. Blitzen had managed to bring along some eggnog with no one being the wiser. After a few houses, Blitzen became more and more unsteady on her feet. When the eggnog was polished off, she began to feel dizzy and nauseated. Luckily for her, she was right next to the chimney, she turned and her stomach emptied itself of all the eggnog along with her dinner. She eats a mouthful of snow to get rid of the vile taste of eggnog vomit, when who should come out of the chimney all covered in Blitzen's vomit, but the big man himself, Santa. "Ho Ho Ho! Who has the upset stomach?" Santa asked. They all knew that he already knew, he was just giving the guilty party the opportunity to be , honest. "I did, I am sorry." said a frightened voice, barely able to be heard. "Eggnog is not made for reindeer,Blitzen, but I am sure you learned that on your own."
With a twitch of his nose, his suit was as good as new and his face was all clean, not a sign of what just happened. Santa walks up to Blitzen, reaches into his pocket, pulls out what appears to be a Christmas cookie in his hand. He pets her as she eats the cookie. Somehow it made her feel all better. They were able to continue to deliver presents to all the children.
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None of them did it. Angry that they wouldn't let him play any reindeer games, Rudolph framed them for the Cookie Catastrophe of 2018 that left Santa late on his deliveries.
That would be a most perplexed one, because they would all be guilty if they all where in it. They went and took too many of Santa`s cookies and got sick all over the place, so they could not go too far on the sleigh. Santa knew what they had done, but he wanted them to come clean. It was Comet that was the betrayer and then the other`s followed and told Santa they ate too many of his cookies. Santa put his finger to his nose and blinked three times all of a sudden the reindeer all began to feel better. They would be able to go and deliver Christmas presents just in time for Christmas day.
*QuestionR*   We want to know...   *QuestionR*

          What's your all time favorite holiday movie?

Leave a short comment and share with the group! *Wink*

The Jim Cary version of The Grinch!
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A Christmas Carol tied with Miracle on 34th Street, both early b&w versions
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My Favorite Christmas movie well there is more then one it would have to be the Santa Clauses 1, 2, and 3 I love watching them especially at Christmas.
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Hope is not the same as optimism - hope is something much deeper.
How can you help bring about "the hope of the world?"
Hope to be helpful must have an object. My hope is in Jesus Christ. Under Him, my hope is in my wife and other family members.
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Kindness and paying it forward. Right now there is a movement within my profession of nursing to stop bullying, I've pledged to be a voice for younger nurses and stop the bullying.
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Who’s “Hope?” I have trouble understanding what the “Worlds” hope is. Is it our “Leaders” (snicker, snicker) hope? The current super nationalists like Trump and Putin? Maybe the Dali Lamas? Mine, yours? I personally prefer mine because I’m a Taoist and try very hard to live my life so I do the most good and least harm to others.

I’m very careful to never damage anyone’s hopes. Without “Hope” there is no life.
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Avoiding horror cliches
Why did they run upstairs instead of out the door?
Queen Kissy Kringle I'm glad I'm not the only one who has ever thought this!
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Because if they ran out the door, they would be safe it would be less dramatic and the story would be over.
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I agree with Alanna, it’s all hype to up the suspense level for those that don’t understand that’s why it’s done.

It could be the in-laws though.
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Details: "Write the best POEM or STORY to a prompt in 24 hours or less and win 10,000 GPs!"

The Writer's Cramp  [13+]
Write the best story or poem in 24 hours or less and win 10,000 GPs!
by SoHOHOHOphy

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NEW PROMPT DUE 20 hours 40 minutes 29 seconds
After taking the Christmas stockings out of storage, you (or your character) hang the stockings on the fireplace mantle and discover there is a small, unopened gift in your stocking that you assume must be from last Christmas. Who is it from? What is it? How was it missed last year? Write the STORY or POEM.

Make sure you include your word count for stories (1000 words or less) or a line count for poems (40 lines or less) IN your forum post with the b-item link to your entry in order to be a qualified entry.
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"If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you."
          -- Les Brown

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Weekly Goals  [13+]
Motivate yourself to conquer your goals this week! Post on Monday; update us on Friday!
by The StoryMistress

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