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My Amazon books were downloaded roughly one hundred times in January. Was a great morale boost!
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Just purchased a year old pro-form treadmill in excellent condition from a private party for $200; set it up and it works great! mp3 compatible with multiple preset workouts, or set your own workout.
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Upon entering a Federal Building last week, I promptly set off the alarm and had to basically be stripped searched. When they let me come into the building I had to wait in a line for 45 minutes just to get on an elevator and go to the Social Security Office. Once there I had to wait over three hours only to find out I had to go to the Department of Vital Statistics in another building abut three miles away from where I was. I successfully did not hurt anyone or myself during this process.
Realistic mystery characters
Would they really do that?
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What are you reading this weekend?


For research on my WIP, I am reading Lantern Slides: The Diaries and Letters of Violet Bonham Carter, 1904-1914. I am also rereading Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves by Jesse Bering (published in the UK as A Very Human Ending: How Suicide Haunts Our Species) and Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book by Walker Percy. These two latter titles (especially the Bering book on suicide) also are useful for research on my WIP, but indirectly so.
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Always Look on the Brightside of Life by Eric Idle
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Rereading The Wynterblue Confabulations I had writing in
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Details: "The SENIOR FORUM is open from 02/10/19 until 03/10/19... Awardicons and Gift Points too! Entry must be poetry that rhymes - old or new, up to you! PROMPT: VETERANS "

A Special Place for Seniors and visitors! CHECK OUT OUR CONTESTS!
by Monty

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The prompt has been changed to Veteran or present day soldier or Pride in Country.
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Three Word Thursday

What three words best describe romance?

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music, wine, candlelight
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nature's little trick
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Bliss, confusion, reality
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Incorrect assumptions about respect can result in review replies that decrease the writer's potential audience.
What makes a WRITER'S REPLY to the reviewer negative or positive? Why?

I remember a review of one of my stories (but not here) on a forum where the guy
told me I had completely botched and that the story "was everything and nothing" at
the same time.

I replied I was sorry my story wasn't of his liking and asked if he could show me where
and how I could improve. I received no answer. I then sent him an MP asking again,
and he replied I had completely misunderstood his review and that its savagery was
supposed to be an "encouragment."

That day I realized how a good review should always be like showing people where to put a
nail in the right position and to help them to hammer it properly to build the house, instead
of just smashing their fingers leaving them clueless and in pain.

That's why I think a writer should always and foremost ask where and how to put the nail.

If the other is able to reply, then it's a constructive criticism, otherwise it's just a
way to boost their own ego.

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When replying to a review you’ve received: always thank the reviewer. No matter what, above all else, if you agree or disagree with the review, if the rating was different than you expected, always thank them for the time they took to read your words.
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I had a review where the person was upset that I took a different turn than they wanted and I believe they stopped following me.
I thanked them for their feedback but told them I can't please everyone.
Then I get ones that told me my chapter is too short they like long ones. I didn't comment back because I wasn't sorry for the length of my chapter.
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Focusing in the expansive world of the Internet
How do you maintain focus?
The way I maintain focus is by doing one project at a time. When finished, I go on to the next one.
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Maintaining an even more strict focus by blocking everything else out and eliminating the useless noise of distractions.
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I work/write at night when everyone else is in bed, and play music through my headphones. I've found the combination to be quite successful.
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Details: "FEBRUARY PROMPT --> You Get an Exclusive Interview with Cupid. "

The Dialogue 500  [18+]
Dialogues of 500 words or less.
by W.D.Wilcox

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After dealing with Cupid (aka Hannah the Mountain Climber) for the last two weeks - I'll pass. 😂 🤣
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Love in the Realms of Fantasy
How can we stretch our imagination to encompass love?
Open your heart
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Does that make it imaginary love?

Read Philip Jose Farmer, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein, etc, they covered love in many aspects from human/human, alien/alien and human/alien in many different stories. I read so many of their stories growing up I think it gave me a very adult concept of what love is at a very early age.

The idea that ANYONE can tell me, or more often their female children, who to love is an abhorrent idea. My grand father had 2 marriages of my mothers annulled in the mid 30’s when she was 20 and 22. He was a domineering buttwipe at times. Right now I’m glad he did because I wouldn’t be here otherwise, but if I’d never been born I wouldn’t have an opinion about it.

For me “Love” is what I think it is and each of us has the right to decide for ourselves.
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How do I submit to the fantasy/sci fi newsletter?
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Blemishes on the beauty of a person one loves are like grace notes adding something to a piece of music.- W. Graham
What is your definition of love?
For me, love is my wife still putting up with me as we approach our 50th anniversary on March 1st.*HeartV*
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Love is to feel another not only in your Heart, but also in your Soul. It is given freely without conditions and cannot be diminished by a person's mistakes or missteps.
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