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Details: "Thank Anonymous for gifts you've received with no name attached..."

Thanks Anonymous!  [ASR]
Thank Anonymous for gifts you've received with no name attached...
by Writing.Com Support

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Thank You Anonymous for paying my subscription for one year. I am so grateful that you were willing to support me in my writing. I will work hard and hope to make you proud. I have a lot to learn. My plan is to do my own illustrations and self-publish three books this year.
Thank you Thanks Anonymous for the gift points for a review.
I appreciate the gesture.

Three Word Thursday

What three words best describe pizza?

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NYC or Chicago?
Delicious, Tasty, Satisfying.
Cheesy delicious delight
The opinions we hold change our stories for better or for worse.
Does your point of view change your story?
It depends on quality of writing.
It always depends on what you mean by point of view. If you are talking about a political point of view, and that is what is implied, then I think it depends. I can't see how a political point of view can change an author's story because it is part of that author's character and therefore a function of who the author is. So, I believe what you are really asking is, "Does one's point of view change the way one reads a story?" I say this because it is always the reader's POV, which controls the read, and the author has little control over their POV. How the story is slanted by the author's perceptions or POV is almost always open to interpretation by the reader's POV. That is why the author's choice of "wording" is so important. Words are all-powerful, and an author's mastery and understanding of their meanings is all-important.
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Yes ~ interesting reads ~ both the NLs and the featured items *Reading*
Scifiwizard I believe it. So much to learn here! so..now... Read this newsletter cause it will tell you. *Wink**Wand*
Thank you, eyestar~thanks anon! ! That helped me out a lot! Now, I know!

I love this community!
What's Up? Wednesday

Inquiring minds want to know...

What's up? What's new?
How ya doin'?

Leave a comment and tell us!

Try to start a fresh beginning to a better tomorrow.
What to do, not knowing what to do.

What to do, not knowing what to do is the question. Harsh criticism can be damaging without positive feedback. What good would it do to cross-examine someone's writing, only to tear it apart with hurtful remarks.

What you can do:

1. Encourage the writer by showing how they can improve their skills in ways that would benefit them.

2. Even though you may not like what they've written, we can gently explain why we don't.

3. If there's a spelling or a grammatical error, point it out gently, but don't beat them up about it; they might not have had the proper training.

4. If a word isn't age appropriate, help them to use another word that's more appropriate for that age level.

5. When correcting someone's mistakes, and we correct them, but the reviewer thinks that we've misunderstood what they were trying to say, don't give up on them. Work with them by explaining more clearly what they need to correct.

6. When someone looks up words that help them learn their meanings, don't discourage them by saying that they shouldn't do that.

My hope is that what I've written is helpful to you.

This is what I've been up to. I've been sick, but doing better.
What's up? The sky!
What's new? I just finished a major tweak to my outline for a novel of mine.
How ya doin'? Not bad. Not bad. Trying to bide my time until Winter is over.
It is tempting to hide in one's bubble. But what to do when that bubble pops?
The news tends to focus on the dark and horrible. What kind of uplifting news would you like to read/hear more of?
More how to stuff, like how to keep the deer from eating your shrubs, tulips, hostas, and blackberry bushes. How to make the most of your smart phone features or Amazon Prime. Practical advice on keeping a budget or planning the kids college tuition, or your parents advanced nursing care. How to retire and not be a burden to anyone else when your health fails. Choosing a nursing home. How to resolve a conflict when a friend has a strongly different point of view on religion or politics.
The good news that I like read or hear is from family or friends, their personal achievements, their triumphs over adversity. Hearing from an old friend after along time or discovering something new about your family. Being there for someone when they're going through a bad patch. Not exactly good news in of itself but then you are in your way making good news possible or at least lessening the bad news when it comes.

If we're talking about in the broader traditional media, then it has to be lessons learned from the burst bubbles.
Human relationship oriented drama where a happy end expected.
Two Word Tuesday

Give us two words that best describe museums...

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Ancient artifacts
Time machines
Past ages
You may not believe it, but you are an inspiration simply by being who you are.
Who inspires you? What makes them inspirational?