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Come up with a great hook...
         And then leave us hanging.

We'll want to know more...
          But you're not giving it!

The birds were flying, swooping, chasing the bees and hoping they would lead them to their sweet honey pot and, not surprisingly, they did, but what they didn't expect was Whinnie the Poo, who was just pulling his head out with a "PLOP'.

Looking chagrined, "Sorry night owls, I really couldn't help myself."

The bees were mad, flaming mad. Between the birds and the bears, you will never guess where they put their stingers...

Later, the boy, Christopher, claimed to witness the whole thing. He stopped on his way to a rave party, but was not able to save any of his friends, not even...
I got some water late at night and before going back to bed, I froze and saw something moving outside the window...it was...hard to see so I got a closer look...it was too dark to see.
Kevin had been climbing up the ladder for thirty minutes. This was the part of the job he hated really, an inspection of a tower was a long process. Some, like his boss, liked to start at the bottom, check every bolt, every weld and move up. Kevin thought this might be a bit of paranoia. Kevin preferred to work from the top down.

Kevin was tired, climbing tended to be a lot of work. He stopped, securing himself to the ladder with the strap and leaned back, the safety climb device pulling on the cable that ran the length of the ladder. A look up showed him that he would be up top in a few minutes. Up here, the tower hadn't been painted in quite some time, most of the paint had either faded, or had flaked off, exposing bare metal to the elements.

After a few minutes of rest, he was ready to go again. Kevin released the strap and began the final climb. He grabbed a rung and pulled himself up. For a second, it held, and then with a snap, a weak weld gave out and the rung pulled away. Most of Kevin's weight was on that arm and he fell back, his other hand and his feet slipped off the ladder. He fell a bit until the safety climb engaged and he suddenly stopped, suspended by his climbing gear attached to the cable. Kevin hung there, his arms and legs dangling for a few seconds as he felt his heart racing. Then, as he reached out to grab the safety climb cable so he could pull himself to an upright position, he heard the first pop and he felt the cable stretch.
From one culture to another, hello!
Is it better to have translated and lost, than never to have translated at all?
It is better to have a translation, if one can't read the item in the original language.
*QuestionO* Hey Writing.Com, we'd like to know! *QuestionO*

Tell us: What are you writing this weekend?
A confession, I'm not planning on any criminal activity, but its a good idea to plan ahead, just in case.
A man finds a bison in is hotel room. Thought I'd do it as an epic poem in the style of Dante
[not really! not really an pic poem I mean...]
Some epic attempt at a world changing masterpiece intended to add to the "origin myths" we all muse about. Though it's really quite epic, most of it is still in my head. Hopefully we'll see more on this one presently . . .
Satisfied Saturday...

         Name something that you're simply happy with...

I am happy about success . It’s something I’m always doing I thank the one above
It always comes down to the same thing every single time. = My wife, My cats and my life. You notice that my life comes last to the others. As it should be.
I write.
What happens after we die? Do we face anything? Or nothing?
What gives you hope for the future?
The potential. ❤️
What happens when we die and do we face anything? = Some think we may go to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. Some believe there's nothing. Others believe in an Earthly spiritual world.

There's a slight glimmer of hope but that window is closing extremely fast and it already may be past the point of no return. Only the future will know as we all watch it unfold.
The soul lives on after the physical body dies. The soul ascends into the spiritual realm where it is under the mercy of God.
🚀   Frontier Friday...   🚀

         It's your turn to boldly go where no one has gone before.
                    Where are you going and what's one thing you encounter?

I will go timidly into the backwaters of WdC, it's a wonderful place, full of forgotten gems. I hope to find Ren. or a way to finish what I start.
I bravely go into the deepest depths of my imagination. There I encounter both angels and monsters.
I boldly stepped within the deeper depths of my muse. Deeper than I ever have accomplished. Encountering a wondrous world of thoughts and ideas; Full, partial and fragmented sentences, phrases and words that bombarded me all at once and I then realized, this was the core of my muse. *Smile*
Factual Friday

Give us an interesting fact...
Tell us something real!

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Although many people do not believe coronavirus is a disease, to me it is REAL and it is one of the most fearsome diseases that the world is now experiencing. We all have reasons for taking it as something unreal. However, with the death of so many who caught the disease, is there a proof that Covid-19 is just another passing fancy of the health industry? Why be stubborn about it? Why question it at all? WHY????
Everything that we use, work with, travel on, listen to, look at, smell and take for granted today, was invented between 1903 and 1950. Everything else are just upgrades of the originals.
Population Explosion
In spring, aphid eggs, which are laid in autumn, hatch. Practically all the eggs produce females only. These females give live births to clones which are already pregnant.
Two Word Tuesday

Give us two words that best describe light switches...

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Electricity enablers