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Keeping your sense of humor while on the road
What are your travel essentials?
Backpack. Not checking anything.
An anti-diarrheal medication.
If by car, the open less traveled road; by bus or train?, I need a couple of books; by cycling, I need padded shorts; By sea, I need Dramamine; by air? not a chance! I'll be staying home. (claustrophobic)
Three Word Thursday

In just three words, give us your best caption for this picture...

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Space aliens there.
A tangled mess.
I got virtigo!

48-HOUR CHALLENGE: Media Prompt
Deadline: 6:00pm WdC time Friday, December 8th, 2023!
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Need a prompt to get your writing going? Then take a break from whatever you're doing and jump in on our little challenge. Doing something different can often help inspire something new in you! *Bigsmile*

1) Listen to this song, All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

2) Then take some time to write something related to this: an outline for a story, a blog entry, a poem, a 500-word story, whatever you wish... just write whatever this song inspires you to write.

3) Then come back here and link to whatever you just wrote using an item ID {item:1234567} or blog entry {entry:1234567}. We'll award you 1,000 Gift Points and a merit badge just for participating!

Fine Print: We're not putting a minimum word count on this activity... just using the honor system here and hoping it inspires you to write something new. You will not get feedback from us on your submission, this is just a participation prompt for YOU! *Smile*

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Thanks for the challenge! *Smile*

"What I don't want for Christmas

Still plenty of time to earn your badge for this month's Media Prompt...

48-HOUR CHALLENGE: Media Prompt
Deadline: 6:00pm WdC time Friday, December 8th, 2023!
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*CoffeeGr* Random Writing Fact:

Camping, with its focus on outdoor adventure and exploration, can provide a rich source of inspiration for writers. From the rugged landscapes of the wilderness to the simplicity and beauty of life in nature, camping can inspire works of fiction and non-fiction that explore the themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the human relationship to the natural world. Additionally, the challenges and rewards of camping can provide valuable lessons for writers, teaching them to be self-sufficient, adaptable, and resilient in the face of adversity. Whether writing about their own experiences or creating fictional worlds of outdoor adventure, writers can use the themes and settings of camping to create works that are both exciting and thought-provoking.

Source: Writer's Digest

Well, I have always loved going to the mountains because I can get the inspiration to write something down. Every time, I have gone to the mountains, I can smell the pine trees and wood burning from the fireplaces. It has been a long time since I went up to Big Bear and when I went up there, I could see the city below. I have to write a mystery book surrounding the mountains.
Nope. No. Uh uh. No way. Ain't happenin'. You can't make me. Thanks, but no thanks. Better you than me. I'm busy that weekend. I'd rather poke a sharp stick in my eye. I have plans to be self-sufficient, adaptable, and resilient else where.
Me: hikes regularly
My brain: inspiration is for squares.
A creepy internet legend
What’s wrong with that kid’s eyes?
Black eyes... Reminds me of Blade Runner zombies.
They have aniridia.
I saw an older feller with black eyes in a gas station last Sunday who just stood by the door and stared at people; it was kind of creeping me out.
Three Word Thursday

What three words best describe a winter wonderland?

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Not here yet!
Wet July days
No such thing
Wishful Wednesday

Go ahead...

Make a wish.


Okay, it's done. I'll let you know what I wished for if it comes to pass...
I wish to have helped one person in someway with my book.
I wish to be able to figure out a way of maintaining motivation.
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Two Word Tuesday

Give us two words that best describe wondrous magic...

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Christmas Day
True Love (even in Harry Potter it's the most potent magic of all)
Jesus' Birth
Merry Christmas!
Two Word Tuesday

Give us your best two word caption for this photo...

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Professor Dog

         Have mercy . . .
Do what?
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An overview of tools that writers use.
Aside from paper and pen or computer, what is one tool you just can't write without?
my mind and imagination
My mind fuels my imagination.
Not all monsters are created equal. Some elicit sympathy but how’s it accomplished?
Have you ever felt sympathy for a monster? Which one(s)?
I'm working on a story from the point of view of the nameless monsters who get slaughtered by fantasy heroes without a second thought.
The only time I allow a monster to survive in any form is to allow it to appear in the sequel. Then I take it out, because evil cannot be allowed victory.
King Kong
Some thoughts on the task of picking names for characters, objects, or locations.
How do you pick a name for a character or location?
I use generators, name lists for certain time periods, or names I already know. Picking depends on the character and what name fits them. For location, I use real names if it fits the story, or I may even take a real location and alter the spelling to fit my needs.
It varies. Sometimes I use real names of people and places. Sometimes, I make them up. I have a copy of the Character Naming Sourcebook, which is a resource for not just names but characteristics. And if I want a quick fix, I'll use one of the online character name generators.
It's like a feeling that feels natural to the tongue.
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