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A survey of superpowers
(Part 1)
Bloodcurdle: The ability to control a living being by ingesting their blood
Phasing: an ability that allows the user to shift their body through objects
Phsycometry: the ability to access an object or person's memories through touch
(can apply to a place as well)
Reality warping: the ability to change reality as the user sees fit
Telepathy: the ability to transport the user or an object from place to place by bending the space time continuum
Gravitational pull: The ability to affect the way gravity effects someone or something
Awesome! That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. Are these going in a story of yours?
Yep! It's actually apart of a couple of superhero trilogies I'm writing.
We should do project together, cross over style could be fun

A form of magical currency in Peregrin
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You should also post a link to your item so folks can read it. *Smile* I love the teasers, though. *Wink* Good PR! *Laugh*
dwarvish for

a dwarven village
dwarfish for

Elvish for
A strong magic
dwarfish for
Oi, you idiot
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