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I've posted the prologue of the first book in my kingdom of assyra series CRESCENT!
Hi, Taj Edwards! Welcome to WdC.

Congratulations on posting your prologue! It sometimes helps to get more views if you include a link to the work. Use this linking method {bitem:XXXXX}, changing the X's to your item number.

In your case, it would be {bitem:2209673} which comes as:

 Crescent  (13+)
Family is everything, so what will you do with our enemy set on destroying it.
#2209673 by Taj Edwards

You can edit your own post to include the link, if you'd like.

You can also set your bioblock and biography to help other members get to know you and your style better.

For more help with linking, portfolio stuff, and getting started head over here:

WDC Video Help Desk  (E)
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#2141673 by Cinn

Again, welcome to WdC!
Welcome, Taj Edwards! Compared to Jayne's welcome, mine looks pathetic. lol But good job posting your prologue! Good luck with the rest of the work! And again, WELCOME!

Thanks for all that info, Jayne! You rock!
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