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I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Philippians 4:6-8  (E)
My interpretation.
My friends, I have been gone nearly seven years for various reasons but have now returned.

One of those reasons is that I had stopped writing. I had trouble that I allowed to affect one of the things I truly loved doing and I was wrong to quit. Having stopped writing I felt I wasn't able to properly review the writings of others.

I have found my muse again and started my scribblings once more. I pray for forgiveness from the community for my lapse.

I look forward to sharing my work once more and reviewing the works of others.

Thank you, tblaine.
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I wasn't around 7 yrs ago, but WELCOME BACK! *Hug*
Hello! I'm just reminding you about the awesome activities currently available for members of "WDC Addicts Anonymous. We'd love to see you join in! If you simply don't have time for these, feel free to just drop by the "Gift Shop Review forum and say hi anyway. *Smile*

The Addict's Challenge  (E)
A set of tasks for members of WDC Addicts Anonymous to complete in order to earn an MB
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Not more chocolate!  (E)
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#1974286 by Elle (she/her)
Hello Tblaine

Welcome to "WDC Addicts Anonymous Glad to have you in the clan! *Smile*

Jellyfish x

Hey there!

Just wanted to welcome you to "WDC Addicts Anonymous. Hope you enjoy this awesome group.

Marci Missing Everyone *Smile*
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