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Did you know that wdc's own L.L. Zern currently has a YA novel about a futuristic society that currently has 89% 5 star average from 63 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating at Goodreads?

Sample the first few pages and you WILL BE HOOKED!

Amazon's Price: $ 4.43
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I just bought the Kindle version and can't wait. *Smile*
Wow! The thunder was so loud this morning it sounded like the sky cracked open. Then the rains came.
The moisture in the air
has fluffed up my hair
Don't know if that's good or its bad

What gives me great cheer
is the weekend is here
And that makes me more happy than sad

And this great site is something to celebrate!
Ah, figg! I just lost a review I was writing and I'm not sure how. Must have clicked the mouse the wrong way but I couldn't get it back.
That's a tad frustrating.

Thank you northernwrites ! So helpful!
I guess I'm so absorbed in what I'm doing, I'm not realizing how much coffee I've been drinking. Every time I pick up my mug, it's empty!

Who's been drinking my coffee?
Isn't it awful when you are reading a purchased book for fun and it has so many errors you feel like you need to review it instead of just relaxing with it?!
Yeeeeeessss *Sad*
I DON'T KNOW ABOUT MANY, BUT I JUST RECENTLY NOTICED IN A BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK THAT CAPTION WAS UPSIDE DOWN. THAT MADE ME SMILE A BIT. Sometimes errors happen that get overlooked. That's why it's important to have more than one person review it.
The weather was so perfect, I couldn't help myself and went out for one last run this month.
Goal of 50 miles in April. *CheckB*+
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Way to go. Great way to celebrate your goal.
I had a goal to run 50 miles in April and completed 52.78!

Here comes May!
Running is the BEST!! When is your first marathon! *Acorn*
I'm working my endurance up slowing since running IS the best. Not sure about a full but training for another half is always in the back of my mind.
I am going to have to drag myself over hump-day.

Does this seem like the longest week ever for anyone else?
Not for me! *Bigsmile*
No fair, Geoff! Maybe I should schedule myself some vacation time.
Yes you should!! *Facepalm*
Good Morning, everyone. I got a speeding ticket on the way to work. It makes me want to go straight back home but I don't want to risk another.
Thanks to Anonymous. I was gifted a costumicon with a *Smile*
This is my first venture into using 'Notebook' in wdc. I couldn't find any resources to explain how exactly it is used, which has me a little confused.
So here is a question: How is this portion of the portfolio best utilized?
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It is a bit like sharing your status on Facebook. You can tell folks what you are doing, what you have written lately, promote contests and other folks stuff, share links, share jokes...

or ask a question! *Wink*
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