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I've started a series of posts about my experiences with a 1953 Studebaker pickup:

"Studebaker Dreams - part 1

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Coffee Spuddle  (13+)
An all too typical morning
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Did someone say coffee?
I heard coffee mentioned … don’t throw it away, I’ll drink it cold, it’s coffee!
Well, we had an exciting afternoon today . . .

My adult son, Roy, and I were sitting out on the patio pad telling stories and watching the cats hunt for mice. Charlie caught a spirited little ‘playmate’ and he was quite the gentleman, sharing it with Sienka.

Charlie practices ‘catch and release’ hunting, so the mouse was still frisky and jumping around when Charlie suddenly dashed over to where the edge of the pad meets the greenbelt and came to a ‘point’. It was odd to see him abandon a ‘mouse in the paw’, but cats are kind of crazy.

“He must have spotted a bird,” I ventured, without paying too much attention.

“What do you see?” Roy wondered out loud, peering into the bushes.

“Holy crap, it’s a bear!” Roy shouted.

I jumped out of my chair and looked over to where Roy and Charlie were staring. It was, indeed, an adult black bear, and it was no more than 30 feet from where I was working on a crossword puzzle and Roy was sipping on a bottle of Guinness stout.


My instinctive reaction was to act all big and dangerous. I even waved my arms around, hoping to scare the bear away, or at least to frighten the cats enough to chase them back to the house.

Fortunately, I succeeded on both counts. The bear turned tail and ran back into the greenbelt. Charlie raced into the house, closely followed by Sienka, who hid under our bed. She hadn’t actually seen the bear, so she thought I was yelling at her. It took a couple of minutes to coax her out and make up.

Actually, I succeeded on three counts. Our neighbors, Matt & Jamie, were out in their yard with 12 year-old Evan and 6 year-old Desi. They heard the whole commotion, especially my fearsome roar, and Desi was crying a little bit. I had to go over and make up with her, too.

Jamie was actually kind of glad that we’d seen the bear.

“Was it really a bear?” Matt asked skeptically.

“Oh yeah, that was definitely a bear,” Roy assured him.

“I told you I saw a bear last spring!” Jamie told Matt with real satisfaction at finally being proved right.

Roy and I returned to our chairs on the patio pad, but our lazy summer vibe was sort of ruined, and we soon decided to rejoin the cats back in the house. As we headed back in, Roy pointed down at something moving through the grass.

“Look, there goes Charlie’s mouse.”

Wow. What a story. The scariest creature we get over here is a hunter spider!
Choconut ,

We live in a well-populated suburb, but only 3 or 4 miles away from a real forest. A lot of wildlife roams through the greenbelt behind our property. In the past 35 years, we've seen countless deer, several raccoons, a multitude of rabbits, a couple of coyotes, three bobcats, a few possums, and one porcupine. Hawks, eagles, owls, and pileated woodpeckers fly overhead. This was our first, and hopefully last, bear sighting.

We get possums, hedgehogs and rabbits. When I use to live in the country, we sometimes had wild pigs or deer on the farm but nowhere near humans (we tended to see evidence of them rather than the animal themselves). We have a LOT of birdlife though. And yes, we have spiders, but no poisonous ones. And no snakes.
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Here's a reminder from 24 Syllables - Closed Until Sept. 15  to practice water safety!

Last Breath

With a piteous flounder
I succumb to the sea;
no more to know sunshine,
red roses, or thee.

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New and improved!

The Animal Talent Show  (13+)
Zoological Nonsense and Beastly Puns
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With 30% more nonsense and even worse puns.

Love Cycle

souls mate
new hearts take up the beat
a thousand paths pointing out
a million hopes and dreams

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24 Syllables - Closed Until Sept. 15  (E)
Can you write a poem with only 24 Syllables?
#2162300 by Lostwordsmith
A lot of self-isolated people have wondered what to do about ‘pandemic poundage’ over the past fifteen months. I decided to give intermittent fasting a try. The results were disappointing, so I increased the frequency of my fasts and stopped eating between meals. Sadly, even this level of discipline has been ineffective. I guess I’ll have to double down and stop eating between snacks.

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My son did something crazy based on a diet some doctors we know use. They eat one meal every 18 hours. My son decided to eat a meal consisting of less than a thousand calories in that time period for two weeks. It's been three weeks and he lost 25 pounds. He was 6'6" 280 to start, on a junk food diet. Now he focuses on protein with no carbs, whatsoever. He also drinks one half gallon of water a day.
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Cottonwood Conflagration  (ASR)
It seemed like a good idea at the time . . .
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