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It seems as though these will never stop . . .

"Still More Books I'd Like to See

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Groan smiley

A tongue in cheek look at 'quiet quitting'

"Half-assed History Lesson


The problem with having a free-range brain isn't so much worrying about where it's gone as whether it's coming back.
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Or what it got into when you weren't paying attention.

!   !   !   Newsfeed Contest Results   !   !   !  

My first semi-occasional short poem newsfeed contest attracted a total of nine entries. I enjoyed them all and I want to thank everyone who participated by entering and/or liking a poem.

The prompt was to write a 22 syllable poem to celebrate 22 years of Writing.com. Although the average poem met my criteria, there was one entry with 21 syllables and one with 23.

Judging is a harsh word, so I’ll just say that some were 'liked' better.

Here are the merit badge winners:

Soldier_Mike Salutes Veterans!

           Ah, the hourglass!
           Timekeeper and
           lender of form
           to the
           ideal inflicted
           on women.

🌕 HuntersMoon

         swimming in moonlight
         pale sister of day
         you illuminate my dreams
         with your ashen song

Angel Wolf

         My helmet has vanished
         A stormtrooper's life
         Cute furry Ewoks
         Feeling my hairy head

Elle (she/her)

         Spring lures me to wander
         Piha's black sands and the
         green growth of the
         Waitakere Ranges.

Kåre Enga on hiatus 🇺🇦

         She stoops
         to conquer me,
         stands up to speak her truth,
         with September's sunrise and setting,

woohoo animated Congratulations to all who entered. Great job of not making it easy on Words Whirling 'Round *Laugh*
Congratulations everyone!
Thank you, it was a fun challenge. *Smile*

Final call to enter your 22-syllable Poem

(or to read and like your favorite)

Click below now!

"Note: ! ! ! Last Minute Newsfeed Birthday Contest !..."


! ! ! Last Minute Newsfeed Birthday Contest ! ! !

Write a 22 syllable poem

Any form, any topic, rating 13+ or below

Reply to this post to enter your poem
Judge (me) will be swayed by community likes
Runs 9/6 through 9/9

Winner will get an exclusive Words Whirling merit badge

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Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

Non-eligible example:


engulf the charred flesh
bite-size bits and pieces
crushed, pulped and processed
in peristaltic flow

The writer cowered
as restless words
pecked and clawed his brain.
they drove him insane.
Twenty two syllables?
How do I count?
Different pronunciations
Problems to surmount!
From across the sea,
The two of us alone.
Though now, our children
Call Australia home.

There's Still Time to Write a 22-syllable Poem

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"Note: ! ! ! Last Minute Newsfeed Birthday Contest !..."


Don't forget to add your 22-syllable poem to the mix!

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"Note: ! ! ! Last Minute Newsfeed Birthday Contest !..."

Even more books I'd like to see:

Building an Off Grid Privy by John Carpenter

Making Pounds Disappear by Penny Weiss

My Left Feet by Robert Kent Waltz

Understanding Longitude by Easton West

The Power of Millions by Megan Watts

Salty Lips & Icy Sips by Margarita Glass

see more: "Even More Books I'd Like to See
I'm extremely offended by the third one.
Robert Waltz ,

When it comes to having pun with words, I can only misquote the great Harlan Ellison:

I have no couth and thus I scream.

Feel like a science lesson?

"It's Cold in Space
Aw, man... bringing me back to high school days...
Knowing 50% and assuming that you're right because the other person knows only 30% can lead to not asking questions to understand the entire picture. Lack of critical questioning/thinking is killing humanity and the biosphere they need in order to survive.

Add in a dram, a dollop or a dumpster-load of incompetency stemming from 'power-and-wealth (or my PhD) makes me right regardless' and you have the memes of farmers laughing at city folks asking which end of the bull to milk. Because... *Rolleyes* ...people hold onto their ignorance even when faced with a different, but knowledgable, point-of-view that might reveal the underlying truth.

Do you like to think about aptly named books and authors? Titles like:

The Simplicity Paradox by Les S. Moore

If so, then check out my latest post:  "More Books I'd Like to See

🌕 HuntersMoon, you need to see this list, lol.

Does anyone know if there's a specific term for these? I haven't found one in a quick scan of the interwebs.

I found that aptronym is a term for a name that fits an occupation, such as a landscaper named Gardener or a guide named Hunter.

Could we coin a new term for these amusing books? Perhaps aptauthronym?

Let me know what you come up with. There might even be a prize for the best suggestions.

The "Car Talk" guys used to have aptly named people on their show - Mike Keister was their car cushion tester or something like that... It might just be Punny Names.

Here, thanks to my wife, we have their website, listing their huge staff: "Car Talk Staff"   (You kinda have to read them with a Boston accent *Wink* - It goes on and on.)

I found a nice surprise in my inbox today.

Quill Nominee Signature 2022

Thank you to the kind person who nominated my poem!

The Tantalus Gene  (ASR)
What do you find wanting?
#2269296 by Words Whirling 'Round

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Congratulations on your nomination!

Word of the Day:



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How do you say dry dust in Montanan? You sneeze "Achoo" and cough "Cough."


Amazon has the Dune Trilogy on sale today for $1.99!

Frank Herbert's Dune Saga Collection: Books 1-3 Kindle Edition

Are you approaching that certain age?

Here are some of my lessons learned:

"Social Insecurity

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Good info, a worthy read.
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