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Happy Birthday to you. Have a wonderful and blessed day!
Thank you so much Shelley! *Smile*
Happy Birthday!
Thank you!!
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 9TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, DARK HUNTRESS! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*

(Better late than never, right?)
Haha yes! Thanks Angus! Ya know, I always liked a little belated well-wishing - it helps draw out a special occasion, instead of getting it all in one day I get to enjoy thinking about something happy for multiple days when a belated message reminds me of it *Smile* So Thank You! *Heartv*
Happy Anniversary!
Thanks! I can't believe it's been 9 years since I originally joined! To be fair though, it wasn't continuous, I took a LONG hiatus. It's been so awesome to be back though - I'll never leave again! :)
see above.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Laura!
Welcome back, too!
I wish you much success in the years ahead!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Thank you Lilli - that means so much to me and I'm so happy to have come back to such an amazing community, reconnecting with old friends. And to have met new friends like you! *Heartv*
It was a bit of a jolt to see my old piece "Creating Dynamic Characters [E] featured in the Drama Newsletter today, under the heading "Are Your Characters Genuine?"! It was something I wrote so long ago but still very much believe in and try to follow in my work on a daily basis; seeing it posted there was a nice reminder that despite how I sometimes feel about myself as a writer, I do know what I'm doing. It made me feel proud, and I'm choosing to embrace that today instead of telling myself I don't deserve the small recognition *Heartv*

Happy Thursday my friends! (and thanks Hannah ♫♥♫ for forwarding that newsletter to me to make sure I read it lol You're the best!)
Congratulations! I haven't read that one, but I am sure that you deserve it! All of your stuff that I have read has been very good. I'll have to check it out.
Thank you Fred, I appreciate the compliment :)
You're welcome!
Happy Hump Day to all my WdC brothers, sisters, and non-binaries!

I am in no way formally affiliated with this contest, but I think it's a great contest for our community here and especially since it's Pride Month let's get a plethora of awesome LGBTQ+ stories submitted before the month is out! I am working on a short story to enter, and I would love to see many other great entries alongside mine to showcase the openness, inclusion, and solidarity that this great online community is all about! *Smile* *Peace*
*RainbowL**RainbowR* *HeartP* *HeartO* *HeartG* *HeartT* *HeartB* *HeartV* *HeartGr* *RainbowL**RainbowR*

The LGBT Writing Contest - CLOSED  (18+)
Bi-monthly contest (with great prizes) for LGBT characters.
#1980539 by Osirantinous
Linn Browning I understand that struggle - it's never easy getting characters to do what you want! Sometimes they just have a mind of their own ;) Good luck with your story, I look forward to reading it! P.S. - you can do it!
Thanks for the plug, TheHuntress is Finding Herself !!!!

This contest has great prizes that I'd really like to hand out rather than continue to hoard *BigSmile*
You're very welcome Osirantinous *BigSmile* It's a great contest and I would love to see lots of participation and winners! But either way, I'll be submitting my own entry before the weekend is out *HeartV*
Thank you so much for the gift points and raffle ticket as graduation gifts. So very nice of you! Best wishes, Baloney Bill.
You are quite welcome :) You earned it! And welcome to the PDG! So happy to have you joining us!
Just to say thank you for all your support.
Cheers Sue
I appreciate the note Sue, thank you! You have done such a wonderful job these past weeks, I'm very glad you joined our group and I hope it's been a rewarding experience for you so far :)
I'm so excited and proud to have won 1st Place with my piece "Time's Lament [ASR] for Lilli's "Rising to the Challenge! [13+]! It was a pleasure to participate! And now I'm beginning to notice that all my poetry tends to turn out a bit... dark-side lol