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Congratulations on your Season Tickets win!
Thanks so much! I'm excited!
Happy Birthday!
Welcome back! I wondered why I hadn't seen hide not hair of you.
Trying to stay afloat in a sea of chaos :) But I always find my way back to shore, so here I am! ... I'm concerned about Hannah though, {username:sisrandez}, she's not responding to any of my emails and it doesn't appear she's been online at all... Have you heard from her lately?
Okay now I'm EXTRA-worried because there system isn't recognizing her username ??
Happy anniversary, congratulations on ten years with WdC
Thank you! I appreciate that :)
Happy Anniversary!!!

Thank you so much! *Heart*
Happy Birthday to you. Have a wonderful and blessed day!
Thank you so much Shelley! *Smile*
Happy Birthday!
Thank you!!
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 9TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, DARK HUNTRESS! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*

(Better late than never, right?)
Haha yes! Thanks Angus! Ya know, I always liked a little belated well-wishing - it helps draw out a special occasion, instead of getting it all in one day I get to enjoy thinking about something happy for multiple days when a belated message reminds me of it *Smile* So Thank You! *Heartv*
Happy Anniversary!
Thanks! I can't believe it's been 9 years since I originally joined! To be fair though, it wasn't continuous, I took a LONG hiatus. It's been so awesome to be back though - I'll never leave again! :)
see above.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Laura!
Welcome back, too!
I wish you much success in the years ahead!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Thank you Lilli - that means so much to me and I'm so happy to have come back to such an amazing community, reconnecting with old friends. And to have met new friends like you! *Heartv*
It was a bit of a jolt to see my old piece "Creating Dynamic Characters [E] featured in the Drama Newsletter today, under the heading "Are Your Characters Genuine?"! It was something I wrote so long ago but still very much believe in and try to follow in my work on a daily basis; seeing it posted there was a nice reminder that despite how I sometimes feel about myself as a writer, I do know what I'm doing. It made me feel proud, and I'm choosing to embrace that today instead of telling myself I don't deserve the small recognition *Heartv*

Happy Thursday my friends! (and thanks Hannah β™«β™₯β™« for forwarding that newsletter to me to make sure I read it lol You're the best!)
Congratulations! I haven't read that one, but I am sure that you deserve it! All of your stuff that I have read has been very good. I'll have to check it out.
Thank you Fred, I appreciate the compliment :)