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I've added a new entry to my book, "My Journal #2:
         "June 24-Book Rewrite
I've added a new entry to my book, "My Journal #2:
         "Ariel is Gone

Wishing you the best of everything.
Today and always!
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Thank you Lillie
Thank you so much
Happy birthday Write 2 Publish 2020 .
That is a cool picture. Is that your book? Amazingly cool. Have a wonderful birthday even in lock down. Write something about you and either a real or make believe fantasy or something about what you'd like for a birthday! *Smile*

No it’s one I copied from the internet
Fellow writers I’m struggling with character voice. If there’s a good newsletter or post about creating different character voice in a novel please post a link. I had one review that said my characters seem to sound alike This is the rough draft. As I move into the first rewrite what can I do to make sure my male detectives don’t sound alike? Is it action? Words usage? I could use some help.
Another way is to think what are the character traits they are to display in the story.
A miser will speak differently in a dialog than a generous person. Each interaction is not solely factual information, but a revelation of how each character feels about the fact.
These are all Midwest characters. Now they live in Mzn so I can add a “you betcha” but you can’t throw too many of those in one novel. What other ways are there to show voice? Another writer has his character constantly pulling on the hair at the nape of his neck. It became an irritating action as I read. I couldn’t figure out why he did it.
You might find something helpful by checking out
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It has several articles on the subject as well as some fun fill in the blank type profiles for your characters.
Here we are, Monday and still the world is in a panic. I and my husband have been laid off due to the over reaction to the flu. Friday we were told that since our jobs didn't have anything to do with sales or shipping, we would be on temporary lay off with no date in the future to look forward to.
The only good thing is, I now have time to start downsizing my garage. I'm seriously going to go through boxes and either sell what I can or pitch it. Who's going to buy a huge set of china, bits and pieces of decorative tableware or totes full of Christmas decorations?
Another good thing is I will be busy rewriting the memoir I was hired to do. (very difficult) I also need to write the last few chapters of my own work in progress. I pray this panic will end soon and we'll go back to being sane, rational people.
Sorry to hear about your job. What kind of china set do you have? I love that kind of stuff. Not that I can get it shipped here, obviously, but I'm being nosy. *Laugh*
My thoughts are with you. It's not an easy time but it looks like you're coping.
PS: Just read Elle's note. I have friends here who'd love that china, and another friend who does Christmas parties for the economically deprived kids -- she'd grab those decorations! *Ha*
Has anyone read the March issue of Writer's Digest? I was especially interested in Jessica Strawser's article on Character. Some things she wrote resonated with me. She put a new twist on how to look at character and change. I will be using it when I rewrite my novel. Quite the eye opener.
A love poem

They strolled down the lane together,
the sky was studded with stars.
They reached the gate in silence
as he lifted down the bars.
She neither smiled nor thanked him
because she knew not how.
He was just a farmer's boy,
and she was a jersey cow.
*Cow* *Cow*

This made me chuckle. I really liked this poem.
This isn't my poem. The author is unknown. My mother used to tell us this poem, I've repeated it for years.
It may have been in our CHILDCRAFT story books
Well, I'm glad you shared it! *Heart*

Thank you!
I've added a new entry to my book, "My Journal #2:
         "Death is Coming
I've added a new entry to my book, "My Journal #2:
         "Am I Old?