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tired and ready to just give up on life...
been there Don't to it May seem like bs but it does get better
going to school, hopefully i can get to work on this story ive created. ill post it soon, promise!
thanks to everyone who has taken the time to either greet and welcome me, or read and review my work. i am forever indebted to you!
Hello, nice to see someone write about their faith like that. I love seeing people on the net who like making friends.
Just came by to drop a line. You asked me about friendship on this site so I am offering mine, Nice bio and yes I see that you have indeed written more. I will be back to read some later.And you are so right, life is good
yay, friendship totally accepted!!
i have been adding more poems if any one is interested
i love this website! its so encouraging and uplifting!
Hello: Welcome To WDC and I.N.K.E.D Come join us for friendship. Happy Writing! Megan

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life is good, smile
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/thelovelybones