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Ok, so what used to be Pony Life: The New Pony is now "The Whammy Gets The Win

So that is why I have reviews that are not about this at all
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I respect that you are willing to take down items that no longer fit you. But did you know that you can just delete the item fully so that it won't take up space in your port? That way you won't have reviews that don't match the item. lol I rarely delete items in my port, but just deleted 2 yesterday.

Go to the grey sprocket in the upper right corner and click that. There are lots of things you can do under there, including deleting your item, the last option. Click that. You'll have to verify, if I recall, but that will clear space without leaving unrelated reviews. lol Though I think the reviews will still be listed as reviews you've received, but they just won't be attached to that unrelated item. *Wink*

Welcome to WdC!
Though I have gotten 4 and 5 star reviews on it. I am taking down my "My Little Pony, pony life New Pony" down. It just don't fit my mood anymore
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It happens. I've written things that I later look at and honestly wouldn't think were written by me if they weren't actually in my port. *Laugh*

BTW, I see you're pretty new here. WELCOME!

To get more views on your stuff here, you need more fans. That's to say you need more people to have clicked your Plus button. Schnujo *Left* If no one has clicked it, you won't likely get many people seeing your Newsfeed posts. When someone clicks Newsfeed, it automatically takes them to their Personal Newsfeed. There they only see official WdC posts and the posts of people whose Plus Sign they have clicked at least once. If no one has clicked yours, not many folks are likely to read your posts on here.

To get more folks to click it, one way is to, once you are on your Personal Newsfeed (the default), click View the Community Newsfeed along the top of your Personal Newsfeed. Then scroll, Like, comment, and generally start making friends. Once people feel connected to you, they will start clicking your Plus Sign and will see your posts on the Newsfeed. *Bigsmile*

A word about how the Plus button works--Pressing it once is private and sets them as a favorite. If you clicked mine until you only saw the finger with the string, I'd never know, but you would start seeing my posts on here. If you clicked it twice until you saw the megaphone, all would be the same on your end, you would start seeing my posts, but you would have now fanned me and I'd be notified. (BTW, I send my fans 10k when they fan me and then send GPs and other goodies from time to time. But no pressure to fan me if you don't want to. *Wink*)

Whether folks click your Plus button once or twice, it's good. Just like real life authors, we need fans on here to get more readers. *Bigsmile*
Thank you all for welcoming me, as WDC is starting to feel broken in! I hope you all have a great day!
Who thinks I need a Part II to my item where they go on adventures?
Thank you so much for your reviews on my item, everyone! I have a 4.8 star average. Coming back on to WDC after at least 3 weeks.
I have had no requests for part II yet
Anybody want Part II to my story? This is Part I. "The Whammy Gets The Win I made more edits, mostly spell checks, that kinda stuff.
I've made some fixing edits on my story "The Whammy Gets The Win
I made my first item! "The Whammy Gets The Win
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