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Mr. Richards,
I agree with your understanding that a person’s preference of reading material tells a great deal about a person. From the difference between books to hold and feel, compared to ebooks, the different subjects, (genres) and authors.
On a different note, what is your understanding of the term pagan?
Peace. Sjg
Scribble for you
I've added a new item to my portfolio but it's not finished yet:
 Captain, oh Captain...Where'd You Go?  (13+)
Ret. Captain Ben Rodgers is lost in space. Will he ever make it home?
The ham is in the oven garden that way, you know saddled up along the way. Even if the dogs bark all sundown a cuckoo glock does wrong. But I say there might be sinister serenades shattering reality a byte much. Oh and do forget the cheese salad forked again it really isn't scene as a provocative entity or coagulation. And whilst your digestion agitated the flounder lost at sea you may bounce a daisy upon the cow's utter....again.
They're all just fucking fucked fuckers.....no need to invade your neighbors
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