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Happy 4TH! I am going to sell my Merit Badges again. I have a new one: Snow White and Kitty:
Merit Badge in Snow White and Kitty
[Click For More Info]

What a beautiful badge - it's so magical!  Thank you for all the wonderful things you do and all your hard work and creativity that make this a wonderful place to be!  Here is one for you! *^*Heart*^* HOOves
I am selling all my Merit Badges for 30,000 Points each.

My Merit Badges and Trinkets Page  (E)
Merit Badges I had commissioned and Trinkets friends helped me make. I made some as well.
#2123111 by Princess Megan Rose

I am selling my Jane Austen Ribbon for 35,000 Points.

I am also selling Bo and Sprinkles Ribbon for 35,000 Points.

If interested, send the points to me and tell me what Merit Badge you are interested in or what ribbon you want and the item you want it on.

I do accept CR. Thanks. Have a good day and week.
Is this offer still valid?
My offer to selling Merit Badges and Awardicons is always open. Thanks.
I want to thank members who donated points and bought Merit Badges and ribbons. Just a note: Downton Abbey ribbons, Elizabeth and Darcy Ribbons and Elsa and Anna Ribbons are on sale for 35,000 points. Email me if interested
Elsa and Anna's Castle   (E)
Elsa's and Anna's Castle and Paradise. A group, neat place for Elsa and Anna Fans.
#2249848 by Princess Megan Rose
Lovely group for Elsa Anna's fans.
Hi: Is Newsfeed working? I got a notification and it is supposed to be in the Newsfeed but isn't. I just hope I don't miss anything.
Mine is working.
I broke the Newsfeed yesterday, but SM fixed it within an hour or two. *Smile*
My Newsfeed is working now. Thanks for responding and your help.
I want to thank the members and friends here for sending me Anniversary Wishes, cnotes, Notebook Greetings, Merit Badges and Awardicons. It means a lot. I have learned a lot in 19 years and love it here, Always: Megan
Happy account anniversary from another May 21 account anniversary member. *Smile*
... And Many More! Thankyou for all that you do! *Star*

Congratulations Megan,
On your 19th year with WDC!

I'm locked away editing my novel in the Novel Workshop and almost missed your celebration. Happy Happy 19th WDC Anniversary to our dear Megan Rose. All the very best!
Happy 19th WDC Anniversary, Megan! Next year you won't be a teen anymore. *Laugh* Time flies when you're having fun! *HeartP*

*HeartP* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatR* *ConfettiP* *Flowerp* *ConfettiB* *CupcakeV* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatG* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *HeartP*
*BalloonB* Happy 19th WdC Anniversary, Princess Megan Rose! *BalloonB*
*HeartG* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatB* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *CupcakeB* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatP* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *HeartG*

Happy happy happy 19th WDC Anniversary!!!
Wow, 19 years of writing on WDC! Happy account anniversary. I'm delighted to have found that my favourite author here has been writing for so long because that accounts for the endlessly wonderful new stories I discover whenever I visit your port. I hope you have a lovely anniversary day and happy writing!
*BalloonP* Happy Anniversary *BalloonP*
*Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* *Confettigr* *Confettio* *Confettip* Happy 19th Account Anniversary! *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir* *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir*

Happy Account Birthday!

Best wishes, Sisco. *Heart*
Happy 19th Account Anniversary! Enjoy yourself *Cat2* *Hearty* *Sun* *Hearty* today and have a wonderful Day & Year Ahead of Writing and Reading Adventures!! *Paw* *Cakeb* *Hotair* *Balloonv* *Heartb* *Cow* *Thumbsup* *Butterfly2R* *Tulipr* *Leafr* *Pumpkin**Ball**Cat2**Heartv*
see above.

Happy 19th!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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