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*Rabbit3**Teapotv**Teap**Cupcakev*It's a Tea Party! *Crazy**Cheshire* And You are Invited!*Delight*

*Rabbit**Fairy2* Here I am down the rabbit hole and presto! I now am like the white rabbit and hop around! *Rabbit2* I know you Love tea parties, so I hope I am not too late to invite you to visit me...*Clock* if you can find the real me. I have changed so many times already.*Shock2* It would be helpful to have your Janite presence as I know you can see me through all the fog here. Try to avoid the smoking caterpillar. The *Cheshire* *Cat* will show you the way to the Mad Hatter's table. I have already requested a place for you. I am just about to ask Time to give the Hatter a break so we can actually use clean dishes and not keep moving on down! I have it on the best authority that the Queen of hearts tarts are delicious. *Heart* and you can have kind of tea you like! Anything is possible in the rabbit hole.

*Tree*Here is the entrance:
Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Again!  (E)
Another Wonderland adventure full of nonsense.
#2242255 by eyestar~

*Delight*Oh and please feel free to visit other white pawns, who might also like a little cheer! After all,
We Are All going MAD here! *Crazy**Laugh*

*Pointright*eyestar down the rabbit hole or in the looking glass. *Pointleft*
Image used in Wonderland activity.

From pastor’s mind,
My world was made,
A place of rhymes and fun,
There even is a place where you
Can eat a sticky bun,
On my lawn, the croquet set
Flamingos, hedgehogs thrive
But just beware the Jabberwock
For it eats folks alive

If you want to check out more of my Wonderland writing, you can find it here:
Wonderland Writing  (13+)
A book to hold all my items written for Wonderland.
#2242651 by Choconut

My Merit Badges and Trinkets Page  (E)
Merit Badges I had commissioned and Trinkets friends helped me make. I made some as well.
#2123111 by Princess Megan Rose

A new Trinket is here available to everyone.

For the trinkets!
Thank you for the trinkets.
I should do this some day. I only have 7 trinkets but only 5 are widely available. I'm trying to share them as much as I can. So far over 500 have been collected. A goal? 20 trinkets and 2,000 collected ... some day. *Laugh*

I was thrilled to collect the white cow in the red hat because it fit my children's story: "White cow in a red hat
My Merit Badges and Trinkets Page  (E)
Merit Badges I had commissioned and Trinkets friends helped me make. I made some as well.
#2123111 by Princess Megan Rose

I am selling my Merit Badges for 40,000 points each. You can send points to me. Thank you for looking. Always:Megan
If by running afoul, you mean the one she can't give out, it's the Pink Fluffy Unicorn one, Soldier_Mike. *Laugh*
*FacePalm* Looks like I'll be making another selection...
She has another unicorn MB, if I recall. *Bigsmile*

Merry Christmas!
Love it! Thank you so much! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Thank you, Princess Megan Noel Rose
inspiring, for your information on the picture though I would choose a tiger-ADDZ
Go Bananas Raffle And Contest! - CLOSED!  (E)
Now, What Are Those Ninja Monkeys Up To?
#2240952 by Richard Is Very Thankful!

Let's go bananas for tickets.
Hope you Christmas was Merry and Bright!

Happy birthday!
Christmas image of Santa, reindeer, snowman and elves.

Thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday Greetings, Merit Badges and a Awardicon. Always:Megan
Thanks, Jeannie.

Princess Megan, I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday. You've been so kind to me over the years...But here we go




Image done by A E  Wilcox

Belated happy birthday wishes 🎁🎉🎂

Happy birthday, Megan! Wishing you everything beautiful and magical. Many happy returns! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

Your friend,