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A rhythmically intoxicating style creates compelling characters. THE CAIN DEBATES
Amazon.com. The Cain Debates
The Devil offers you a deal that your life would be long, filled with reward and lust. All it wants is your soul, which the Beast promises to cherish in It's warm embrace for eternity.

The Devil only reveals itself to a soul that is already lost. This story is about it's first mistake.

STORY #23 (116,023 words) answers the question; evolution vs. creation. The reader will be satisfied no matter which side holds his or her faith.
My friend he is 95 years old With a crystal clear mind just published His first book

Sicilian Escapade Check it out on Amazon special pricing for Writing.com members

When World War Two demaned its full portion of pain. The front line soldiers were not alone in the distraction of the pursuit of happiness. Also the the small shop owner, the children without the basics and the young women who's hearts seems empty try to survive the back alleys and streets of war torn Italy The authors stylish way with words leads the reader with wit and a kindness through a nightmare running wild . Only hope stood between it and the end of the world
My Ashley just got married Saturday to a good man.
Can you remember where you were and what you were doing when the world ended?
My oldest child has just started law school. I have been writing her some lawyer jokes

If Jesus was a lawyer when he raised Lazarus from the dead he would have sued himself for malpractice.

When he faced Pontius Pilate justice he would have beat the rap
Actually don't you think he could have called the legions of angels at his disposal? The point was he laid down his life willingly. Pilate wanted to dismiss him but had a lack of backbone so went with what was the popular thing to do. Is there a lesson for us all there? The popular thing isn't always the right thing!
A lawyer made the decision not to take anymore capital cases when he started getting Christmas Cards from the electric company
My kids are just beautiful extensions of my wife and me.
Obama told us before the election that he will fundamentally change America. He is a man of his word.

Citizens are you happy now?
Only change I can see has NOT been for the better. In fact, I do believe he can no longer blame is predecessor for the mess we are in.
Just thinking of old times...I miss seeing ya 'round. *Cool*
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/timerollin