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Just put up a new poem I titled Shelby. It may or may not be a final draft criticism and feedback welcomed.
Another "Main-uh", hmm? ;) I grew up in Maine myself. Stumbled on your port and just thought I'd say hello before I review something. :D
Just put up a song I just wrote called "We can make it" Critics hit me with everything you got I got plenty of room for improvement so please don't be so subtle.
*Flowery* *Flowerb* *Flowerp* *Flowerr* *Flowerp* *Flowerb* *Flowery*

I see you're new to WDC,
There's nought for you to fear,
I'm stopping by to say hello,
It's great to have you here!

*Flowery* *Flowerb* *Flowerp* *Flowerr* *Flowerp* *Flowerb* *Flowery*

*Smile* Please stop by and introduce yourself at "Coffee Lounge *Smile*

Right now I am just putting up what I have already written. I will notify you all when I begin writing some new material.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/timmybon1120