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Lelouch....Welcome to Writing.com. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I am. I find that my writing has taken on a new energy and everyone here is encouraging and helpful.....Espero
I feel a little weird lately. Usually I write for fun, and still do. But these days I dunno...I really want my name to get out there. I'm looking at numbers of people who follow me on DA or something and start wondering how I can get that number up. Dunno what's gotten into me but...I kinda like it.
Be sure to do the same.
Pictures usually help make things stand out. If you have a picture advertising your story in the literature section I'm sure you'll get more views (As most stories don't have a cover picture ><)

Good luck buddy!
Here's a curious question since I got so many Dark Souls related responses. How many of you guys are going into Dark Souls II? If it's PS3 perhaps we could game together hmm?
I'm still stuck on Demon Souls.
Since all my friends are updating. Gaming hardcore as well. Dark Souls II tomorrow and with it the end of my social life. Still try to find time for writing though
Sounds fun to me. If not we can always friend regardless
Here's my PSN name: bow_chica_wowwow
No money + No time = No Dark Souls 2 for me D: It looks awesome though!

Also, long time no see (Probably my fault) xD
Hmm...Any ideas for places I should consider adding to? Mainly thinking about my interactives but I can hear others out

Though if you want something on HERE, write on this: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1939283-Your-Life-Bigger-The-Sequel...

And because I'm such a nice guy, I'll give you a prompt:

The day continued on as usual at the living amusement park, its patrons seemingly unphased by the display of power the mysterious titaness had wielded only hours earlier. In fact, images of the customer service snafu quickly became a limited edition souvenir at the gift shops located away from Max's usual resting grounds - it wasn't a surprise that they sold out in a matter of minutes, and at $50 per commemorative image at that! Unfortunately, like all amusement parks, closing time soon came as the sun began to set on another profitable day, the blue-haired bombshell sighing as she sensed the yellow star's rays to longer gracefully tanning her tattoo-laden pale skin as before.

"Closing time, everyone," Max whispered, acting as the 'park's' own announcement mechanism. "Thanks for coming by today. Hope to see you all back here again tomorrow!"

A collective sigh escaped from the combined masses scattered across her 100 mile form, disappointed that the world's greatest theme park had once again shut down for the day. Despite their sadness...
Joyeux Noel pour tout mes amis!
Same to you.
Tes histoires sont super! Continue comme ├ža!
Fours years ago today I joined Writing.com. That day I wrote my first add ever for one of Gtsdude's interactives...It was shit. But that was the start and now, four years later, I'm still here. Met a lot of people, some good some bad. Written a lot...a lot...Even made a ton of good friends in the GTS community. All that started here. No telling what'll happen in the future but I'm still having fun so I won't be going anywhere. Thanks to everyone for their help and enjoying what I do.
A pleasure.
What!? It was amazing you peice of shit! Don't downgrade yourself!
Finished Muv Luv the other day; hands down the best piece of fiction I've ever seen. Counting anime, manga, books, movies, plays, everything. It's a visual novel series. Find them. Read them.
Um...ah...Well damn. In the last few days my interactive has received somewhere around 30 adds. I'm kind of in awe
Congrats :)
Lucky you! Haha! Gratz.
I'm not sure how to thank them lol. I couldn't hope to do that many adds anytime soon and I'm kinda broke for GP lol
Well what do you know. I'm 19 now. Woo.