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How can you lose something you just wrote? "NaNo Prep
I've lost what I just wrote. Sometimes it accidentally is moved to the dock for apple or a similar place for windows. Other time is winds up being not iconized but hum...can't think of the right word...It is placed behind the page of tabbed pages. Or sometimes it winds up in the trash. The computer has a lot to do with these disappearances. Other times I accidentally hit something and poof it disappears. Usually if you look around you can recover the information.
Has anyone wrote for Harlequin or another "romance novel" publisher? Or tired to send them anything? I have thought about it before and was curious if anyone has tired or had any luck.
Happy Anniversary!!!
More facepalms. *FacePalm*
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Welcome Back AND Happy 6th WDC Anniversary, tomorrow! *Bigsmile*
Good to see you back, kiddo!

Thank you sooo much *BigSmile*
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Oh boy *FacePalm*
         Facebook users, do you ever have that problem where you forgot your password but it doesn't matter cause you never have to put it in on your phone? Well I'm using a desk top and almost all of my other apps/social media accounts are linked to said facebook. So, I go to reset my password. My husband must have took my phone to upgrade it when I was sleeping and my yahoo email want to send a code to my phone *Crazy*. To make a long story shorter....I guess I'm stuck on WDC *Laugh*
Ah the joys of a writer.
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In case anyone is wondering what I've been up to the past almost 3 years.
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Hello everyone! I have been missing from writing.com for dare I say, years? Inspiration has struck hard lately and I wanted to get the creative juices flowing again before nano. Hope to see you all around!
Welcome back to the fray!
*BurstV* Happy Anniversary *BurstV*
Happy Anniversary!
*BurstR* Happy Anniversary *BurstR*