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Just a simple question. How long is a short story? Most stories I write are less than 1,000 words. A person told me that mine are not stories, that they are more like episodes.
Flash fiction is usually under 1,000 words.
A short story is usually between 1,000 and 7,500 words.
A novelette is usually between 7,500 and 19,000 words.

However, to be considered a story (of any length), a work of fiction must have all the required structures, which are discussed in:
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If what you're writing is more like episodes (or like a vignette or sketch or slice of life), the issue is not the length, but missing structure, such as a completed plot arc and/or a completed character arc. Such arcs determine what belongs in a story and what does not belong in a story.

Fiction that is not a story can have characters, setting, and action (aka stuff happens) but is typically missing conflict/opposition/stakes, a character arc (how the protagonist is forced to change because of what happens during the story), or a plot arc (how the protagonist solves a problem or reaches a goal, despite opposition, during the story). It may also have issues with head-hopping (no consistent point of view) which can interfere with identifying a main character/protagonist.
Word counts are pretty nebulous. Different markets have different definitions (and those in Wikipedia are not any I have seen in any professional market...). It's the way of the industry.

Now, there are two definitions of flash fiction: less than 500 words and less than 1000 words. Again, different markets.

The thing is, even if flash fiction, a story needs to have a beginning and middle and end, a protagonist and antagonising event or antagonist, an actual arc of story, a complication of some sort. Everything Northernwrites said and definitely read his link.

I had a look at your port. Both 'Delivery' and 'Jake' are vignettes, little slices of life. These are just things that happened. There is no actual story arc. These are the sort of little things that Reader's Digest publish for the feels of the audience. That is just looking at the content of the items in your port, and is not a criticism. Those sorts of things appeal to a specific audience. But they are not really stories in the fiction sense.
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