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So... anyone got some suggestions on what characters I might write about?
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Me! Me! Pick your villain first!
         Villains are always more interesting. You can paint them in bold strokes, raising the tension of your story and adding to the satisfaction of the climax.
         Once you have your villain, you also refine your choice of heroes. A thief gets a cop. A demon gets a priest. A gremlin gets an aircraft mechanic. Heroes are boring.
         So your cop is suspended, your priest is defrocked or your aircraft mechanic is afraid to fly.
         Wanna have some real fun? Your cop is a white slaver. The thief sees the image of his little sister in one of his girls. Or ... Well, you get the idea(s). Don't you?

The chapter you made was fantastic! You nailed it perfectly! Thank you for adding a new chapter! I appreciate your support!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/triplefour