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Bars and restaurants in Ohio closed three hours ago... until further notice.
Note to self: do not visit Ohio "until further notice."
I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Can't wrap my head around it. I'm more baffled than when Donald Trump won the presidential election. Does. Not. Compute.

If I manage to weather this storm and stay in business, it will be a miracle.
Errr... does technology help in this point in time?
Yeah, they shut down the University here. Well, not shut it down, exactly, but told students to stay home and attend classes remotely, and cancelled sportsball games and such -- which amounts to the same thing in its effect on the local economy.

Hopefully this won't last long. Well, the virus, anyway. The irrational behavior of humans in large groups is as certain as death and taxes.
You've expressed it well, Brandiwyn. These are my concerns, too. I don't want to give in to fear, nor to panic, but the consequences of this event do have the potential of being far-reaching.

I don't want to speak anything, which could be interpreted as being lightweight or trivial. So, I'm typing cautiously.

Ultimately, the Lord has the final answer, since He is in the process of getting our attention, whether He actively initiated this or not. Of course, He is the Source of the direction of HIStory. Nothing happens without His Hand guiding it to its final result. (Romans 8:25-28) He is the One, Who holds everything together. (Colossians 1:17)

God has given us wisdom. I'm already fastidious about washing my hands and sneezing into my elbow when the allergies are coming on strong.

Whatever the length of this event, I am sure a great lesson will be learned. After all, nobody knew anything about germs at all, until the American Civil War when a doctor, who cared for the soldiers and their families started "connecting the dots," ordering all of his physicians and nurses to "Wash your hands between treating patients." Back then, allegedly, doctors went from autopsies to deliveries with blood on their hands.

Our local college is resorting to online classes as well. We're being cautioned to give strangers a wider berth. Level heads and cautious steps, both physical and social, will get us through this safely.

Bottom Line: The same Lord, Who warned our first parents not to eat the forbidden fruit, was honest enough to warn us, that such an action would cause death to enter the world. (Genesis 1-3) . This same Lord will help us to wisely navigate all diseases, whether COVID-19 or the flu or any other unforeseen enemy in the physical or spiritual realms.

The same Lord, Who delivered ancient Israel through 10 plagues in Egypt as well as from fierce enemies through the Red Sea, Who delivered three godly young men through the fiery furnace, unscathed, and Who has already delivered the United States, through many previous events, which could have devastated us throughout our HIStory, is the same Lord, Who can deliver, now, those, who call upon Him for help.

Again, we must pray for forgiveness from our sins, and deliverance from this enemy, which is greater than our ability to save ourselves. "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth." (Psalm 46:10)
Anyone have personal experience with schizophrenia?
I have found the best response to give during an episode is a neutral one- along the lines of "I am sorry you think/feel/believe xyz, how can I help you? How can we work through that together? The goal is to partner with them in finding a solution and deescalate the situation as best as you can. Staying calm is critical and avoid being pulled into the delusion or paranoia. Sometimes you cannot fix or change it, you can only validate they feel that way and show calm acceptance. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Everyone with SCZ is different. But whatever you do don't argue, deny, or reject what they say as it's like throwing gas on napalm. If the delusion is a dangerous one where they state they want to hurt themselves or someone else, seek help. A delusional person is 100% capable of what they say they want to do and logic is usually gone. Don't treat them like a leper, just stay calm and seek help. It takes practice and a lot of control not to react, after six years I am pretty good at it but I remember how hard it was in the beginning. Give yourself grace if you don't get it right. Important thing is to come from a place of love and care for the individual and you can't really go wrong.

Also remember, not my monkeys, not my circus. I use that to remind myself not to get sucked into the mental vortex that is schizophrenia.

Hope it helps!
Schnujo You definitely should read today's blog then - big news! :)
I've approached her several different ways. I haven't found a specific way that works all the time. One delusion is that no one in the city is really them and the whole city has been rebuilt and she was moved to the fake city. We all were raised in Europe, given surgery and spent years learning to be the person we are supposed to be. Sometimes when I say, "Doesn't it freak you out when people drive past your house several times?" She'll respond, "Oh yeah!" "And doesn't if freak you out when people call and hang up?" "Absolutely!" "Okay, so why would someone spend literally millions of dollars when they can freak you out for 50 cents in gas? And let me tell you, there is no amount of money someone could pay me to get surgery to look like this and God knows I wouldn't choose to be me if I had an option." Sometimes she'll be like, "Oh, yeah. I guess that doesn't make sense." Other times she'll be like "YOU'RE IN ON IT!!!"

Another delusion she has is that people are trying to kill her. Among other things she's allegedly been in 20+ (the number regularly increases) car wrecks in the last couple of years as certain people try to kill her. But she also regularly says she can't wait for God to decide her time on Earth is done and she can go to Heaven. So I've teased her, "You know, for someone who wants to die so badly, you sure are fighting it. You should be excited that people are always trying to kill you." Sometimes she laughs and agrees. Other times she gets mad

Sometimes I do the mature, professional thing and just acknowledge her feelings. I'm not sure there's an exact right answer, though maybe some answers are more right for certain people or certain situations than for others. I don't know. But remember that it's not their fault, remember the good parts of them (like his self-awareness that he does have problems and needs medication), have a sense of humor when you can, and be patient. Since he's so self-aware, have you tried asking him what he wants/recommends? Good luck! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

As for the ER, I'd say if there is not imminent danger to anyone or he isn't being really aggressive, the ER is probably a waste.
I dreamed that I was having trouble getting the right hoses for the experiment, and I was arguing with the shopkeepers, but then it didn't matter anymore because the volcano erupted.
Point of clarification: The volcano had nothing to do with the experiment. It just poured fiery molten lava all over the shop and its wooden mountainside surroundings immediately after I completed the transaction with one of the shopkeepers.

If you're interested, I was engulfed in lava and died because I hesitated, thinking I could save the hoses. But then I was miraculously still alive, running for my life and pondering the insignificance of petty arguments and experimental hoses, because you can't truly die in dreams that keep going chronologically, and I was rescued by a helicopter the barely took off from dry land before it, too, could be swallowed.

The hoses didn't make it.
*wooded *RollEyes*
now you have some great stuff for a novel. Gor for it. Very intriguing.
Already pre-ordered *Bigsmile*
who is dresden/?
YAY!!! I LOVE THE DRESDEN FILES!!! *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*
I"m sorry. I goofed again. I'm not trusting myself to get things right. I put my wo r d count in last night but the site registered itt for today. CCan you fix it? it was supposed to be 23:30. I want you to know how much you are appreciated.
I accepted a delivery at my place of business, Michelle Tuesday Music School. The Amazon delivery guy (ADG) fiddled with his mobile device.

ADG: What's your first name?
Me: Michelle
ADG: The EPONYMOUS Michelle?
Me: *Shock2* Uh........ yes! That's me.

I'm embarrassed at how surprised I was that an ADG knows his vocabulary words. I was just busted stereotyping. *Blush**Blush**Blush*
I had to look it up, too. lol It's basically that she's the Michelle that that the school is named after.
In other news, the best job an English major can get is driving for Amazon.
We have a rugby commentator here who keeps using impressive vocabulary. "Check out the adroit manoeuvres that South Africa are making tonight!" I can't remember the other example I picked up, but I remember wondering how many of the guys watching rugby would know what it meant! *Laugh*
Hubby: Want to go to breakfast?

Me: Nah. I have NaNo stuff to do.

Hubby: Nano stuff? That sounds really small. I have mega stuff to do and I still have time for breakfast.
Well, that was a touchĆØ moment, now wasn't it?
Indeed, BradJShaw āš“, given that he knows exactly what I meant by "NaNo." Funny boy.