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 The Great Novel Review Exchange  (E)
Raise your hand if you're interested in a novel review exchange activity.
#2285924 by Brandiwyn🎶
1. Click the link.
2. Answer the questions.

Your 💡💡💡 are welcome.

 The Great Novel Review Exchange  (E)
Raise your hand if you're interested in a novel review exchange activity.
#2285924 by Brandiwyn🎶
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If only I could finish one! *Facepalm*
Congrats to all NaNo participants, regardless of your word count. It's more than zero, and that's worth celebrating.

Happy Edit Month!
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Oh edit month... I really need to wake up and fix stuff. Like my edmo forum
This is the reason I can never get anything done. 😂🐕

(If it's not obvious, this is my lap. And my closed laptop, not on my lap.)

They're so cute! *Smile*
🌻 pwheeler Joy to the world - yes, they're aware. 😂
My Gracie has panic attacks when she can't take over my lap. Literal ones, like requiring medication.
This is what it looks like when an author vacations in paradise during NaNoWriMo.

Well, my plane didn't go down in the Everglades, and I didn't get eaten by an alligator, so I guess I have to finish my novel now. #noexcuses *Beach**Plane**Snow4*
That's definitely a novel concept. I'm glad you're home safe.
you're too good for the alligators. glad you are safe at home, and here.
Excuses, excuses... I'm still in Thailand trying to cope with the reality that I'm in Thailand. No alligators but "paradise" is seldom without "surprises".
Internet is annoyingly unreliable here in paradise.

Back Sunday. Unless my plane goes down in the Florida Everglades and I get eaten by an alligator. In which case, please publish my NaNo project posthumously. It's ready. 😁

Meanwhile, please see Storm Machine for all things Sprint related.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. 🦃
Maybe they expect you to be out oplaying golf or surfing? Have you gone scuba diving?
Happy Thanksgiving if you meet the ex please remember they make great purses
I'm in "Paradise" too. I miss the snow. I grew up in Buffalo. *no sarcasm*

Internet... on my phone now that I have a sim card. At coffee houses and elsewhere; but, I was spoiled back in Montana.

Little is going as planned = new plans.

"...if a publisher maintains control over every reading event, who’s allowed to read it, when are they allowed to read it, if they’re allowed to read it, and be able to prevent anybody, or particular regions, from being able to see something, we are in George Orwell world."

In case anyone is wondering, 120,000 words is the document size where Google Docs starts crashing.
Yep, 🌻 pwheeler Joy to the world , that's exactly what I did. *Bigsmile*
I just threw together a google doc to get my wordcount corrected. Thanks for the warning.
Dude! Careful there, Phyllis, but no worries for me. *Wink*
Thank you, Anonymous. Hope you don't mind if I pay it forward and donate it to "October Novel Prep Challenge. *Heart*
This last scene did not land where I expected it to. Ornery characters are leading me astray again. Why don't they ever just do what they're told?

*hits the outline to evaluate options*
I just finished "Eclipse", a Thai TV series. In episode 11, Kan (Neo) was supposed to give Thua (Louis) a hug... but he improvised and gave him a kiss instead. The look on Louis's face was genuine shock and delight. It advanced the relationship a bit but worked well with the script. Genuine is better than scripted. If your characters want to go some place... let them lead the way. They may know best. As editor you can always delete the scene (but the character will always know the "truth').
Come to my port I added to my Nov folder it may help. Worldbuilding mabey there is something that can help in it
Let 'em, let 'em. It's interesting what they do when you let 'em! *Smile*
I edited. *Pencil**Blush*

Naughty! Kidding. I hope you kept the words to count for November.
Robert Waltz , you're missing the point. I'm only doing it because I'm not supposed to.
Snowball Angel On the Rise , I have an overly complicated system of typing in one place that's easy to access from any device, moving the text to another place for NaNo credit, and also moving it a working manuscript where editing can and does take place. *Thumbsup*
LOVING the threaded forum posts view, The StoryMaster ! *HeartO**HeartO**HeartO*
I didn't change anything in my settings... I don't mean the grouped threads, I mean the format with the most recent reply showing to the right. Is that new? I could be going crazy. Wouldn't be the first time. *Laugh*

Brandiwyn🎶, I am so curious about this. Would you please post a screenshot so this old lady can understand what you are talking about... I would really appreciate it!

I may have called it the wrong thing, I meant this "newest reply" embedded box.

Why is a "bat out of Hell" the gold standard of speedy departures? Are bats especially averse to Hell? I would have thought, with their affiliation with vampires, that they'd be fairly at home in Hell. And I've never exactly seen a bat breaking any air speed records, regardless of destination. *Bats*
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good one
Person: How do you perform so well?

Musician: Practice.

Person: It must be an innate gift.

Musician: It’s practice.

Person: I can never understand why some people have talent like this. It's magical and a mystery.

Musician: Practice.

(Also applies to writing. *Quill*)
Writing is a practice.
I'm going back to work on last years nano and get it finished
I watch videos of Dimash. His talent explodes off the screen. But... those in the profession know that he has practiced since he was a child (Kazakhstan). He didn't sing from C2 to D8 as a child. He worked his instrument and honed his talent.

He opened up a live contest in China at age 22 (now 28) with this song sung in French:

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