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"I'm not really a fan of country music. I don't mean to denigrate those who do like it, it's just not my thing. And for those who are fans of country music, denigrate means 'to put down.'" - Bob Newhart
Loved Newhart when he was on "Big Bang Theory".
BrianKCompton Reviews - That's the only time I got to know him.
I survived Swiftie Camp. *Music1**Crazy**Music2*


11 weeks 'til
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#1474311 by Brandiwyn🎶
Brandiwyn🎶 - thanks!*Bigsmile*
Swift for VP? *Shock2* She'll be 35 before January 5th.
Kåre Enga in Montana - I'd vote for her. *Laugh*
Listening to Alexa's playlist 80's Workout and just realized that "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters is about an orgasm, and now I'm questioning everything from my childhood. Next you'll tell me Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" isn't about exercise.
Shh, no one tell her about Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer."
See, I've heard parts of "I'm So Excited", but I've never heard the whole thing so that's news to me. There're all kinds of songs like that, some more blatant than others, like "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard. I don't know the name, but there's a song with the line, "If I was invisible, I'd watch you in your room." I've listened to the song for years over the radio at work but never really paid attention to it. And when I finally did, my first thought was, "well that's creepy."
Since we're trundling down this troubled trail... The Chakachas' 1971 hit "Jungle Fever" made it to #8 in the U.S. - and made a then-fifteen-year-old wonder how CKLW (Windsor, Ontario) could get away with playing it. *Blush*
It does go rather nicely with this lobby.

It does go rather nicely with this lobby.
Should I be concerned? I need a translation for us non-business people.
Kåre Enga in Montana - my Opinion? I'd be worried if I had a business that had a website that you want to be near the top of a results page when someone types something like "artisan pickles near me" or "hand knit sweaters" or [insert keyword here]. This could change the way a website ranks based on what Google's algorithm deems "relevant." Especially since Google and Bing are two of the most frequently used search engines.(even if your browser is Mozilla or Safari.)
Annette - read the article. Google claims it's to penalize"spammy content". So basically stuff like "boy rescues what he thinks is a dog from the bottom of the well but you won't believe what it really was!" Or those annoying "If you see this bug, run!" Or "ten facts about Taylor Swift you need to know!" Might be considered spam. Sites, whether human or AI generated, that use this type of content will be penalized for not being "usefull". Up to and including no longer being indexed by Google. It's a bit of a grey area, especially for businesses that rely on Search Results to publicize their brand.
Huh. How long has *Pen* Helium.com *Quill* been gone? Pretty sure I had like $7 in there I never cashed out. *Laugh*
Well, it does tend to float away.
I left there in about 2011, and still had some dollars unpaid to me, too. I think they were gone by about 2014. I left with copies of my work, which are all a challenge to read, due to formatting.
Taylor Swift is a master of imagery and an amazing poet. But every time I hear her sing "if I was a man" it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. (Remember chalkboards? lol)

Sounds like someone's in a bit of a subjunctive mood.

Down The Rabbit Hole  (E)
My Aventures in Wonderland
#2313324 by Chrys O'Shea

Please join as I tumble down The Rabbit Hole.

So... What would be the ultimate upgrade, and why is this device five stars if there's one better? 🤔

5 out of 5 stars.
Riding the wave

After having used a S22 Ultra 5G for sometime, the S24 Ultra was the penultimate upgrade. Besides the same great cameras and zoom prowess, the addition of AI features to video and enhanced photos was just to hard to pass by. The flat screen and stylus make note taking a breeze. Wireless charging is still smooth and Android Auto connectivity is still reliable across my vehicles. My only gripe is for Samsung to include a micro SD card slot. 512GB seems wonderful until you have numerous 4k videos and HDR pictures taking up all your space. Finally the Snapdragon processor is wonderful and stays cool under prolonged usage. Here's to the next 7+yrs of security updates and incremental improvements to the Galaxy Ultra line.
Misusing English is literally the worst.
I would think the S24, and maybe the author assumed readers were knowledgeable about the whole line (not a great assumption, but whatever).

Given the entire review, I'd say 5-stars is dependent on what you need. The SD slot isn't make or break for everyone, especially if you're like me and don't keep photos on your phone for long, and rarely to never take video. I'd also need more info on the next-level phone to see if any of this made sense.

I'd give my current phone 4-stars, but my sisters absolutely loathe it 😂
Hi hi!

I’ve come out of hiding! For a little bit at least… *Angelic*

check out "Invalid Item to see what iKïyå§ama has put me up to in "Wonderland!!
I'm in AT&T hell. *maniacal laughter*
For maniacal laughter, press 0
For uncontrollable weeping, press 1
For language the would make a sailor blush, press 2
For any other signs of impending mental breakdown, please hold the line until an agent becomes available
You are number 429 in the queue
*Music2* Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again...*Music2*
You are number 429 in the queue
Please hold - your call is important to us...

You said hell twice.
Robert Waltz - Thank you for noticing.
Me: Do you hear that drone?
Hubby: *looks out at the sky* Drone?

This is how new tech ruins old vocabulary. 🙄😆
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As in "Bagpipe in the Sky"? Sing it!
Do you ever ponder how close the Wright brothers came to being Darwin Award winners? Instead, they didn't die, you can fly to Bermuda or Bora Bora or the Swiss Alps on holiday, the world has Google Maps and international communication at our fingertips, FedEx will get it to you from anywhere overnight, and I get to eat perfectly ripened Chilean cherries during Chile's version of August (they just call it "February").

Have the undead walking around and talking about,
When all that really happens, you know someone has invented the time machine.
Dear NYT Games,
re: Spelling Bee game

"NOVELING" is too a word! Ask anyone in November. *RollEyes*
There are a LOT of words that are not in their dictionary.
Ah, but they don't say it isn't a word, dear Brandiwyn🎶 . They very wisely say that the word isn't on their list of possible words–or in their dictionary, I don't remember exactly how they word it. They don't want to take a stand on what is or isn't a word. People have brought lawsuits (and probably started wars) over less. *Pthb*
I'd be willing to bet and "verbing" isn't in their dictionary either. *Pthb*
I just discovered that Liberty and Ellis Islands are in NEW JERSEY, not New York. *Shock2* Now I'm questioning everything I ever thought I learned all my life.
Richard ~ Shenanigans INC. - Aha. So it's Google Maps who has it wrong. Zoom in on the islands and they both fall cleanly on the west side of the dotted line.
Brandiwyn🎶 - In using Google maps (I no longer do) I came to the conclusion that Google AI (artificial intelligence has become AI(artificial ignorance).
Brandiwyn🎶 - The Islands do fall on the Jersey side, but SCOTUS decided otherwise.
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