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Can a book have more then one climax? Discuss.
Only if it's a female book.
... But seriously.
I would think it could if it were long enough.
Dresden fans (and fans of faerie in general): if Mab is weakest at midsummer, ever wonder why she doesn't just go to to Argentina or New Zealand in July?
It's the only logical explanation.
can't they go incognito? If I were a fairy, I'd want to see New Zealand.
I jus want to say I TOTALLY LOVE The Dresden Files! *Bigsmile*
Anyone a fan of the Dresden Files and read Peace Talks? What's with... all the ellipses??
I love ellipses...
I love Dresden Files! But I listen to them, so I don't notice the ellipses. *Laugh* Is Peace Talks similar? I mean, with the style, not with the ellipses. *Laugh*
Never mind. I see you wrote "AND read Peace Talks." I read "OR read Peace Talks." I don't think I've gotten that far along in the series yet...obviously. *Laugh*
Emoji is the universal language, understandable by everyone in the world. So who's writing the first novel in emoji??? Anyone? Anyone?

You say they are universal, but I know I sometimes have to mouse over them to see what they stand for. *Laugh* But funny you should ask about an emoji novel. I do have a prompt for a story using emojis in "The Whatever Contest. If only I can catch up on judging. *Blush*
is it december already?
Yes it is. I've in fact wrote 41k of 50k in November. (Started super late- 7 days wasn't enough time for me.) Now I need to start with my rewrite.
It's not a real month. At least in 2020. Nothing in 2020 is real. When we wake up, we realise that it's only a dream.
We've been in the low 30s for a few nights, already. I feel like 2020 is giving me the cold shoulder. *Wink*
The good news: My small business is still hanging in there. *Music1**Guitar**Violin**Mic**Piano*
The bad news: I didn't win NaNo this year. *Quill**Laptop**Bookopen**Reading*

I wish I knew how to get my small business off the ground...

I am glad yours has survived this pandemic!

Some things are more important. While it's great to win NaNo and push yourself, there's an unhealthy line where it's easy to stress oneself out too much.

The thing is? There will always be another chance to do NaNo, too. That, and if you wrote anything valuable during the month, then it wasn't a total loss.

Hang in there, Brandi.
I have a strong love in my heart for small businesses. I know I'm greatly influenced by the fact, that my wife has one. She is surviving and actually thriving since the Pandemic totally revamped her weekly schedule. Two crews work half-week schedules. The Lord is gracious. He's been blessing her in this new normal.

I agree with the others about your NaNo success. Whatever your word count, it's more than people, who didn't start. (No offense intended, Carol St.Ann .) I am quite sure, that my level of success this year was motivated in whole or in part by the Election Debacle. One can only listen to so much bad news. The star of my book and his family live on another planet in another galaxy about three years away by space flight. You see where I'm going with this. I've spent many happy hours with these characters far away from Earth.

I'm sure that has something to do with the abundant word count. Glorious Respite! Glorious Respite!. *Smile*
Sorry to state the obvious and belabor the point, but this year is stupid.
However, you are saving parts of the world in your dragon form. Saved some newborns from human trafficking. Both worthy causes.
I usually love irony, but not at my own expense.

At 45 years old, I just received my first-ever jury summons. In 2020. While I'm working desperately to keep the 35 staff members at my small business employed in the wake of a 40% drop in typical operating revenue. Irony, you're a mean bitch.
The StoryMaster, thanks for the tip. Excusal requested via a surprisingly fancy online check-in system. Approval pending, but my request was well after banking hours, so we shall see.

Robert Waltz, RHPS is an international responsibility to which all citizens of Earth and Transylvania are held accountable. As for serving on a jury, I'm very glad for people like you and Jessica Day considering it your civic duty so that I can concentrate on my civic duty, which is providing jobs for people. I do confess to an interest in serving, mostly due to watching a lot of crime TV, and you can bet I'll watch the news and speculate as to which case I'm missing out on, but I just don't have time this year. ā˜¹ļø

2021 may be fair game, after the cash flow runs dry and I finish selling all the pianos on eBay.
Side note: I wonder how they're handling social distancing in court. Four jurors instead of twelve??