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I've been teaching youth rock bands for about a decade now, and it only just occurred to me today that the Pokemon Theme Song might be a fun rock performance band piece for 6-to-10-year-olds. It got a unanimous "thumbs-up." Pretty sure that's never happened.
what is the half red and half white thingy at the end of your comment?
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It’s a Pokéball, used to catch Pokémon, LinnAnn-nano8?pink
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I can still sing the entire original Pokémon theme song, and my son is now 20!

I can 100% confirm that you rock the heck out of that, both he and my hubs are metalheads. Hubby's a drummer. It will be so awesome if you do it!!

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This may be my new favorite badge. *Hearty**Hearty**Hearty**Hearty**Hearty**Hearty**Hearty**Hearty*

Merit Badge in Positivity
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I wanted to show my appreciation for NaNo prep with a suitable badge you didn't already have.  - Sharon

Thank you, Sharon.NJ !
Oh SWEET! *Delight* I love it!!!
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It's so cheerful! I love it!
Audio clips might be neat.
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I'll add that right to the bottom of my to-do list. Wink

Sis, baritone and contralto (aka 'alto') are vocal parts for singers, too. I was crossing paths with you over it because I didn't understand what you were looking for when you said "not" singing parts.

Tenor is a man with a high-pitched voice. (Homer Simpson)
Baritone is a mid-range, average guy.
Bass is a man with a deep voice. (James Earl Jones)

Soprano is a woman with a high-pitched voice. (Fran Drescher)
Contralto is a woman with a deep voice. (Kathleen Turner)

Some contraltos speak lower than some tenors.
There's not really a female equivalent for baritone.
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Like I know what Homer Simpson sounds like. *Rolleyes*
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Words are still coming. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I steeled my will against her, which was a poetic but cliche way of saying that I called myself a chickenshit and a variety of other insulting names inside my head, all the while reminding myself that the only thing she had that I didn't have was experience. - Danicea
Gah! I got the reminder from Jeff to update my *Quill* words because the first mid-month group tallies are published tomorrow. *Calculator*

Kinda makes me want to pull an all-nighter. Right after this nap...

*Star* *Moon* *Star*

But I thought the blood looked good on you guys, Storm Machine - Go Blue Team! . *Smirk2*
Kerri, you talk a pretty game and I'm not going to doubt your word count. However, you did back out of a challenge with Storm. Just sayin...
Sure, MontyB - Blue team rocks! ! But you are talking to someone who won within the first five days of NaNo, and is having her best year yet. *Smirk2*

Things I've researched today:
- parts of a handgun
- maps of Manhattan
- boxing styles and techniques
- law enforcement / police vocabulary
- Apple Watches

#youmightbeawriter *Quill*
No.I think Monty said to stop researching. Brandi counts it part of the process.
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my research today includes both nahuatl and swahili so far...
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I think I'm more like Brandiwyn. B-ut it's easier to do it at the spot your writing than try to remember what you needed and where
Crap. I just created a new complication. *checks the roadmap for potential paths back to the outline*
I've fought with my characters—and lost!
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Yup. What a fun boat my characters decided to row away in. Good luck when I sink that ship, too.
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You know what I did when my characters started to do that crap to me?

It was the laziest way back, and it needs to be edited, but I made it into a dream scene.

Plot revisions will wait until I start revising.
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Things I've researched today:
- origin and processing of tea and where it grows wild *Leaf2G*
- etymology of the word "rule" *Crown*
- history of Ming pottery and the Ming emperors *Pot*
- denominations of euro coins and notes and the imprints in France *Coingold*

How goes your NaNoWriMo 2017? *Quill*
Good idea. thanks. I"ve wasted so much time researching.
Kerri J Miller-Ready To Revise, did you make your goal yesterday?
Neon Dragon's taking control, but they're the best and most valuable! Only the best for my antagonist.
MontyB - Blue team rocks!, what Storm said. I subscribed to the whole "turn your editor off" philosophy the first few NaNos. But after I proved I could win pretty much every time, I've started to tweak the process to my own liking. I can edit as I go and still win, and I can research as I go and still win. Since I suck at editing after the fact, it works for me.
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Yes, 👑 Brandiwyn♪ - Blue Team! , I did.

I now have 33k words on my project.
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Congrats on finishing prep! *Ribbonb*
750words.com has a new notification:

"Woah. Brandiwyn, you just passed the minimum daily word quota for NaNoWriMo. Keep going!"
I'm still casting roles in my new blockbuster show, Periodic: The Musical.

The following roles have already been cast:
1. (H) Hydrogen = HydrogenMumsy NaNoing
2. (He)Helium = Neon Dragon's taking control
5. (B) Boron = Turtle ~ KanyáthƐko:wa:h
6. (C) Carbon = Kerri J Miller-Ready To Revise
8. (O) Oxygen = Storm Machine - Go Blue Team!
11. (Na) Sodium = HydrogenMumsy NaNoing's Goldilocks
18. (Ar) Argon = CanImagine
26. (Fe) Iron = Robert Waltz
33. (As) Arsenic = GeminiGem
54. (Xe) Xenon = Professor Q: NaNo Time!

Chorus Roles:
Pipette = JS McBride

Auditions are still going on. Step up to the mic and wow me! *Mic*
Oh... the irony!
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With that kind of reasoning, how could I possibly say no. *HappyCry*
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Okay, so I'm an old lady who is way beyond the times. What is this about?