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The 1st fell on a Thursday. That's bad.
The 1st of March fell on a Thursday. That's really bad.

Don't talk to me. I'm really cranky and busy trying to meet all my deadlines.
I need more time than that! Oh dear. My time is up. Seriously, I missed you.
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Heart Elycia! I've missed you too.
so when things calm down explain why the first on a Thurs is bad and especially why Thurs. on March first is bad.
Literally none of the toilets in my life work properly. I'm choosing to tell myself, "They don't make toilets like they used to," and avoid asking myself the question that's the obvious elephant in the room, "What do they all have in common?"

I'm sure it has something to do with how they're all water-efficient now, right???
So since the 'new' toilets make us have to flush twice, they aren't so efficient are they? Go to a reclamation site and see if you can find an old one and install it. The wax ring is disgusting so wear gloves. *Laugh*
I'm in the construction industry, working as a structural engineer. The water efficient toilets have dropped from 5 gallons a flush. They are now less than 1 gallon. What did they think would happen? We do conserve water though. On the bad side, we used to have one or two stopped up toilets a year in the house. Now it's once a week.
Sure ... let's go with that ... *Laugh*
Impromptu contest: best clickbait title wins. Go!
Pull in contestants with this one weird trick!
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What (insert wdc member name here)'s writing looks like today will make your jaw drop!
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Can I take a nap and somehow have that count as a contest entry?
Who's going to remind me that I signed up for this?

I Write in 2018  (E)
Write and review once a week for all of 2018
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I will remind you you. Every week.
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Because you're awesome like that. Heart
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We're not talking about that yet Brandiwyn♪ . I still have five days of disassociation about the matter *Laugh*
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A conversation at the music school today:

Teacher: How old are you, Shreyas?
Shreyas: I'm five and a half.
Teacher: When will you be six?
Shreyas: On my birthday!
Too true! *Laugh*
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Well DUH! *Rolleyes* What a silly question . . .
Now I want to learn Arabic so I can look up sheet music for this title. Also because I'm addicted to languages.

Here's a transcription for intermediate piano, if anyone is interested. It's the short version (about the first 22 measures.)

Raafat El Haggan Symphony for Intermediate Piano  
I don't normally do this... but can anyone tell me what the heck Miley is wearing on The Voice?
Oh my stars...is that...is that an Easter chick costume? Please please please let that outfit not become the hot fashion trend for 2018.

And yes, I was watching MNF. Not a fan of either team but figured it was gonna be a brutal game (and it was). And as soon as Cinci jumped out to that big lead I had a strong feeling the Steelers were gonna come back.
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she looked a lot like a cupcake, frosted in the color of yellow not quite gold.
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A huge giant pom pom. A ball. Think she has a thing for balls. (No, I don't mean that) You remember, she has a song called 'The Wrecking Ball' right? So she has it in pink, yellow... I think she's hiding more in her closet. Same design, different colours...
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Somebody needs to tell my employees they're not allowed to be sick during Prep / NaNo / Advent / Year End Business Closing Stuff.
Especially since 'Tis the Season for sickness as well. *Laugh*
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Now, if I am sick during NaNo and can use it as an excuse to write . . . *Think*
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I was sick once I think. No, I don't recommend it. You'll be in bed and feeling guilty cause you're too sick to write. I guess you have to put in more time, Mich then compromise your writing time? So annoying right?
I've been teaching youth rock bands for about a decade now, and it only just occurred to me today that the Pokemon Theme Song might be a fun rock performance band piece for 6-to-10-year-olds. It got a unanimous "thumbs-up." Pretty sure that's never happened.
It’s a Pokéball, used to catch Pokémon, LinnAnn-nano8The Irish R Here
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I can still sing the entire original Pokémon theme song, and my son is now 20!

I can 100% confirm that you rock the heck out of that, both he and my hubs are metalheads. Hubby's a drummer. It will be so awesome if you do it!!

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If Metallica can do it, why not your 6-10 year olds? *Laugh*

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Fewer than five hundred words to go. Will I win? I ought to, since I'm obviously a pro, based on my proper usage of "fewer" vs. "less" to describe my pending word count.

*waits for disaster to interfere with Day 30*
Disaster scheduled for 9:34am Pacific Time
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