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Camp NaNo news: Mrs. MontyB and I are "meeting" at 7:30 WDC every day in June to write together for an hour. Anyone like to join us? EDIT: I think I mean July?

Monty, now there's no getting out of it. *Smirk*
No problem, Monty. It's what I do. *Cary*
You should, meduf ! You know I'm good for the competition. *Laugh*
Oops... I meant to remove the note I just wrote since I could not edit it and I deleted my one where I said I should join you.

My 2nd attempt was to say: June or July. I know Camp is in July. Trying to decide if I have a story to work the details out in before it starts.
Hahahaha my reception manager is trying to convince me to switch to Keurig in our Polaris school (Gahanna converted awhile ago.) Would her arguments convince you??

Not a bad case. *Laugh*
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I'm sold. And, Costco sells their brand of K cups for about $30 for 120 cups. Not a bad price. Plus you can get other varieties as well in the $30-$45 range for around 100 cups. Plus, she does have a point...old, stale coffee in a coffee pot stains the pot and is super gross. That is so not the impression the best music school in Columbus wants to give. Wink
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Poll: Raise your hand if you've read at least one full-length novel so far this year.
Elle *cough*overacheiver*cough* *Smirk2*

I've read plenty... more than usual for me even with a busy schedule.
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I've read about 10 so far this year.
I love to read, of course, but when I am in reading mode it squelches my writing muse. Weird, huh? When I am in writing mode, I don't read as much or at all. I wish it wasn't like that.
Hilarious remake of the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" video.

Did you see there is a lot of these Literal songs. Too funny! Thanks for sharing.
There are a lot of literal song videos, yes...but this one is by far the best!
I've seen this before. I love the part with the angel being inappropriate. *Laugh* This is definitely the best of the literal music videos.
Sometimes I feel like the world's least favorite person.

Then I remember Sean Spicer and feel better.
some days you are my favorite person.
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French is dumb inefficient. What are all these extra letters for? Whole sections of words are silent, so why bother writing them? And why is it so hard to pronounce the non-silent parts?

*takes out her own inadequacies on an innocent and perfectly viable language*
Esperanto was created as the perfect language. Easy to spell, to pronounce, etc. It hasn't caught on, and as it gains native speakers it also gains idiosyncrasies inherent in all languages. #aliveisinefficient
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I flunked French. I only got a passing grade by promising the professor that I would stay out of her classroom. Forever. She probably explained the reasons for the spelling, extra letters, and all that gobbledegook to me, but I didn't care then and care even less now
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Oui, je sais que le francais est tres difficile. Mais il est une tres belle langue!

(pardon the absence of accents...American keyboard!)
Happy Easter! Which jelly bean is your favorite?

We're not talking vomit-and-buttered-popcorn every-flavor beans. Which traditional jelly bean is your favorite?
      Anything but black
      Love them all!
You know you can't steal what is freely given, right? I don't want Jelly beans unless they're the every flavor buttered popcorn ones. Wink So you may have any and all of mine.
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My one grandfather loved the black ones so when I was a kid, I would save all of them for him. This was fine until my mom discovered my hoard one year because I forgot to take them to him.
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Nope. *shudders*
Am I the only novel writer who gets frustrated, intimidated and overwhelmed, not by the writing itself, but of the logistics of writing lengthier works? Things like formatting, storing, retrieving and reading my own longer original works in part or entirety take way too long and feel like an utter waste of time. *Rolleyes*
only when it comes to battle scenes. sigh
I feel the same way about what I'm writing right now. I have done 5 chapters and they have to be written in past tense. Sometimes I feel like I could write but it doesn't come out the way I wanted too. But then again, nobody is perfect.
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How are you doing on it now my lovely dragon?
Large-screen tablet recommendations, with pros and cons. Go.
I present to you: Bacon Buttermilk Pancake flavored English muffins.


You're welcome.
Did you see that it is limited for 6 weeks only? Just long enough to get you addicted.
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Help me choose my Spring Break activities. Hubby still has to work, so I have the week mostly to myself!

[Linked Poll's access is restricted.]
Come to CA. Bigsmile Unless it's the week Bob and I will be in France . . . in which case you can come hang with Daren and the kiddies! *Laugh*
I thought Daren was leaving? And, France???
PS: Spring Break is THIS week, currently. It's a little late for a trip to Cali, which is not a "day trip" in any case!! *Rolling* I would love to, tho, since I've never been that far west.